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Anil   Chopra
Finance Expert

Mr. Anil Chopra, Group CEO & Director, Bajaj Capital, a leading player in the financial planning and investment advisory business! He joined the company in 1984 and has been instrumental in expanding its network from 6 to 125 branches, from 60 to 4000 highly talented human resources.

Bhushan   Jadhav
Fitness Trainer

Fitness in today's life is extremely important for everyone. You need a proper training to stay fit the right way and enjoy a good health. Bhushan Jadhav is a Personal Fitness Trainer, Kettle Bell Certified Trainer(EKFA), Martial Artist(PRATYUSH academy of Martial Arts) and a Transformation Specialist from Physique Elite. He has also worked as a club manager for Balance Workout Personalized Studio & Snap Fitness 24 – 7. His total experience in the fitness industry is of 9 years and has undergone a Basic Army Training from Bhonsala Military School, Nasik. Bhushan Jadhav has also won a Bronze Medal in Horse Riding during his Basic Army Training.

Mind Healing, Yoga, Reiki

Himani is the founder of Himani Happiness Hub. Himani’s vision is to have a world filled with inspiration, motivation and happiness. She has conducted over 650 national and international seminars on Mind Power & Healing.

Payal   Agarrwal
Restaurateur, Entrepreneur, Educationist and Cooking Enthusiast

A total Foodie at heart, a restaurateur by profession and a cooking enthusiast! Payal Agarwal a passionate restaurateur who loves to experiment with food and play with the kitchen ingredients.

Stop   Acid Attack
Social Activist

Acid attacks are a shame, a sin that is very easily forgotten in a country like India with no judicial law created to punish the offenders. One attack and the life, looks and confidence of a person are easily shattered like a house of glass shattered by a stone.

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The Best Places For The Pre-Wedding Shooting in Mumbai!!
Pre-wedding shoot in mumbai

Wedding is a complicated process with lots of traditions and peculiarities. However, one custom that came from the West is spreading among young couples with fascinating speed. We are talking, of course, about pre-wedding photo shooting.

Team Women Planet
Mighty May? What does Your May Horoscope Say?
Horoscope May 2017
From the Expert

Its May and the sun is shining brightly on us! But are your horoscopes equally bright and shinning on your fate? Well, learn about your good days, bad days, your ups and downs, and what you should be aware off in this month! Aries This month you are going to be bitten by a burning

Inspiring Women – Meet Reni Thomas

……About Women who Aspire and Inspire This article aims to bring forward the life event stories of those individuals, whose stories and interviews keep the potential to inspire its readers. Meet Reni Thomas. She is like any ordinary woman living among us. However, it is only once you come to know her, will you find

Guest Writer, WomenPlanet
“Someone actually told me her mom-in-law slept with them on their wedding night”
amr 146

Her debut novel Exit Interview published by Rupa Publications which was called “unputdownable” by readers and reviewers alike was about challenging social perceptions and now the same thread runs through her second book Museum of Memories

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Replacing negative thoughts through your Body, Emotions & Language
positivewoman (1)
From the Expert

Are you aware of what your body is communicating with others before you even utter a word? I am not talking about body language as such, because body language assumes that it is something that we need to learn, like how you would learn French or Japanese. However, body communication is primal. We didn’t learn

Life Coach, Author
Dear Bahu – You are the Key to A Happy Family!

Marriage opens door to many new relations, relations that are for life and relations that needs to be cherished and pampered with all your love and respect but at the same time it doesn’t mention that you need to lose your previous bonds. Mothers are the most sensitives ones before and after the wedding at

Journalist at Womenplanet
Bag It All – Book Review

When you read a book, you look for something that inspires you or fascinates you to the core. Books that talk about the real life stories of people, their struggles, their failures and their triumphs have been my choice for one reason, they help you see even the faintest light in a dark room. ‘Bag

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Staying Beautiful Naturally By Going Soapless
From the Expert

The first step to a healthy skin is based on the type of cleanser we use, Have you been hearing that soaps aren’t good for your skin !!!! and you wonder why !!! Let me explain The natural PH level of skin is between 4.5 -5.5 On the PH scale of 0-14,0 is highly acidic,7

Anti-Aging Expert
Fashion Trends for 2017 Summer Staples
stripes-summer-trend (1)

Hello summer! The season of clear skies, long days and a lot of sun; bringing along sun-kissed beachcations, exotic trips and parties galore! But as the temperature keeps soaring, we need to give our wardrobe a little makeover to beat the heat. Besides your usual switch from denims to summer dresses, there’s a lot more

Guest Writer
A Mothers Role In Her Child’s Education
From the Expert

Valued Educators Mothers play the most fundamental role of an educator in a child’s early life. They continue to be the heart of the child’s education right from their childhood to their growing up years. Mothers Impart and Determine Valued Life Tools for their Children Education is all-inclusive of learning how to respond to situations

Vietnam – Your Ultimate Travel Destination!

Hoa Binh is a province located in the Northwest of Vietnam, about 60 km from Hanoi, bordering Phu Tho, Ha Nam, Ninh Binh, Son La and Thanh Hoa. This land is considered the cradle of Muong culture with a myriad of strange things not yet discovered. With the advantage of being near Hanoi and having

Blogger, Writer, Digital Marketing Expert
Superfoods for SuperBrides – A Complete Food guide!
From the Expert

Bridal Platter There is no running away from the fact that every bride dreams of looking her best on her wedding day with a well-toned and sculpted body, radiant skin and a perfect figure. Planning the wedding revolves around fixing on the venue, finalizing the guest list, the umpteen dress trail sessions and the catering,

Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Exercise Physiologist and Founder -
Safeguarding Children’s Digital Health Records
From the Expert

The current patient treatment delivery system calls for a great scope of change and improvisation in today’s time of ever-changing digital scenario. The new-age method of digitization meant for converting challenges into opportunities thereby leading to better avenues for patients and doctors alike. Contemporary mode of carrying out activities is causing working professionals to adapt

Dating in Your 30s: What Changes and Why

If you didn’t get married and/or started a family and you are in your 30s now, the society might proclaim you being too old to dive into dating and relationships, which has nothing to do with reality. People all over the world start and end relationships after getting retired and it’s absolutely okay. If you

Blogger, Writer, Digital Marketing Expert
15 Signs About Him Proves He Is Your Mr. Right!
39621796 - closeup portrait, young couple in blue shirt, head to head, eyes closed in love smitten, isolated outdoors outside background. happy moments, positive emotions

Love is beautiful, benevolent, a blossom and blind! We all have heard many such adjectives to define love, which is complicated in the modern world. As people are getting more practical these days, it is difficult for one to choose the Right partner for life. Yes, you may spend some unforgettable memories with your boyfriend

Journalist at Womenplanet
Dear Bride-To-Be – Don’t Overdo With Your Jewellery!
platinum jewelery

The tikka, bandi, platinum necklace, bangles and kamarband, all hold too much importance in an indian wedding. But, there stands a fine line of difference between wearing just the perfect amount of jewellery and being overly covered with bridal jewellery.

Jewelove, Founder
Elephantiasis – Everything You Need To Know!

Our body is a huge machine with different functioning systems built inside it. One such system is the lymphatic system that is made up of a huge network of nodes and vessels within the body. The basic function of this network of nodes and vessels is to make sure that any kind of tissue fluid

Team Women Planet
Healthy Food Choices for Pregnant Women
From the Expert

Congratulations would be mom & the family. Pregnancy………one of the most beautiful phase in woman’s life where a “A mother’s joy begins when new life is starting inside, when a tiny heartbeat is heard for very first time and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone”. It’s not the only physiological change

Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Exercise Physiologist and Founder -