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Babita   Jaishankar
Image Makeover Professional

I am an accomplished fashion and image consultant and also a certified skin & colour analyst. I have pursued management training from IIM-B and gained formal training in fashion designing as well. Visit my website for more information.

Gopi   Sisodiya

Gopi Sisodiya is a professional lawyer and will help you to deal with things legally. Gopi also has experience of broadcast journalism with NDTV. She also likes to capture life with her camera.

Nitin   Tandon
Chef, Food Stylist, Entrepreneur

A world class food stylist, Nitin Tandon is by par, one of the top Master Chefs in India. He is also a successful entrepreneur & owns a chain of restaurants.

Short Film Community and Cine Cafe

Shamiana Cine Café is home to beautiful international and national short films that also offers you delicious eateries for your tastebuds.

Tripti   Chitkara
Tarot Card Expert

Get future predictions and tips for a happy and healthy life from our new Tarot Card Expert, Tripti Chitkara. She has immense knowledge about Western Astrology & Numerology which she uses for giving you an accurate prediction.

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Basic Skin Care Rules That Make You Look Good
From the Expert

Few people know what the body’s largest organ is skin, and fewer know how to take care of it. Some basic skin care rules can go a long way in making you look and feel healthy and good.

Cosmetic Dermatologist & Laser Expert
Yoga Benefits – Physical and Mental Advantages

Yoga for Health..Yoga for Mind..and Yoga for Life! Here are some of the proved benefits & advantages of Yoga. Know & inculcate them into your life for a healthier you.

Team Women Planet
Skin Lightening Treatment – A Long Loved Therapy of Bollywood Divas

Picture perfect beautiful skin! We love to look fair and spend insane amount of money only to look more beautiful, fair skinned. Here are a few Bollywood divas who have undergone skin lightening treatments to look fairer.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Cream Style Corn Espresso

Make this delicious continental recipe – Cream Style Corn Espresso, a smart way to serve cream style sweet corn.

Freelance Writer
Making a Lasting Impression on a Job Interview

Know the Do’s and Don’ts of a job interview dress code. Read through some important clothing tips for a lasting impression on your soon to be Bosses!

Guest Writer
Militant Group Orders Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq

Declaration of Shame! A militant group named Islamic State has ordered women and girls living in and around the city of Mosul, Iraq to forcibly undergo Female Genital Mutilation.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Safety Tips For an Unsafe World

Women safety is one of the most important concerns of the country today. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to be safe during the everyday awkward situations faced.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Kick – Review

Salman Rules the theater once again!! Kick is surely a money minting, paisa vasool & seeti-maar entertainer film you will enjoy with your family and friends.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Be Monsoon Ready With Cool Makeup Tips

Monsoon is here, & it is pouring everywhere in the country. Amidst the refreshing rains and cool winds, applying the right makeup for a refreshing look throughout the day is important.

Senior Writer
Daily Practices That Reduce Your Back Pain

It is better to treat a back pain when it starts. It may be due to sudden turn or lifting any heavy stuff. Here are some daily practices that may vanish the pain slowly with time.

Team Women Planet
Selfies!!! Quick Tips To Make Your Selfie Interesting

Making a selfie these days is very simple and easy. Here are quick ideas on how you can make your Selfies interesting than others.

Guest Writer, Women Planet
Get a Perfect Back to Complement That Daring Dress

Acne, patches & dryness snatch away the chance of wearing those backless gowns and dresses from you. Follow some tips for a beautiful back always & get ready to flaunt it!

Senior Writer
Monsoons – Rains, Romance And Fun

Monsoon has finally arrived!! The rains has a resonance when they come down it is a sound we need to hear. Here are some reasons why we love the rains.

Senior Writer
Past Life Regression Therapy Holistic Journey
From the Expert

It works on the premise that the cause of an individual’s physical or psychological ailments is a manifestation from a trauma experienced in past life.

Counseling Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist
The Goodness of White for Babies

White cotton fabric is the first choice for new-borns. The reason is white gives bundle of convenience, comfort level and climate friendly for the babies.

Guest Writer
Act of Shame: Sales Girl Molested And Beaten in Kolkata

Working in a top clothing brand showroom, a young salesgirl in Kolkata was eventually molested and beaten by a guy. Hundreds of shoppers watched the entire incident without trying to save the girl.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Vegetarian Chili

This recipe is a great way to get kids to eat fiber-rich foods. Vegetarian Chili is incredibly delicious and super easy to make.

Freelance Writer
Which Tooth Paste To Use??
From the Expert

Creating Dental Awareness is our mission. Be a part of the free check up and keep your and your children’s dental health up to the mark.

Dental Care
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