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Vidushi   Sharma Bahl
Chef de Pâtisserie|Gourmand​​ from Le Cordon Blue, London

Trained by the best chefs of the world, Vidushi has developed her skills in the niche of French technical pastry and makes delicacies like complex gateaux, entremets, &macarons. Combining unique flavours and experimenting with different techniques & produce, her work holds its own in front of the usual, but that’s not all! After her training at Cordon Bleu, Vidushi has designed and created her own atelier where she perfects her art and takes bespoke orders.

Malti   Bhojwani
Life Coach, Author

Malti is a professional coach, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. She brings her years of experience to scores of individuals, teams in corporations & entrepreneurs all over the world.

Gagan   Sharma
Wine Professional, Mixologist

India’s very few wine professionals, Gagan Sharma, a sommelier and also a certified mixologist. He has been certified from the court of Master Sommeliers, UK, a certificate that is regarded as the pioneer of wine education across the globe.

Mr Mehrab   Irani
Financial Expert

Mehrab Irani, the General Manager, Investments, at Tata Investment Corporation, Mumbai. He has a total of 14 years of experience in investment research, portfolio management, investment banking, dealing and global research on US and European financial services sector and credit markets.

Mind Healing, Yoga, Reiki

Himani is the founder of Himani Happiness Hub. Himani’s vision is to have a world filled with inspiration, motivation and happiness. She has conducted over 650 national and international seminars on Mind Power & Healing.

Trishna   Sheth
Life Coach, Life Skill Trainer

Trishna Sheth is that Young and Motivated individual who carries the force to bring about a change, with a pure intent to guide individuals towards the Path of Happiness. Guiding and empowering people, transforming lives and directing individuals towards success has always been her passion. A feminist, she aims to uplift women’s life, helping them find their individuality and purpose of their life.

Ganesha   Speaks

Ganesha Speaks is India’s #1 Astrology portal. Ganesha Speaks predicts the daily horoscope. We also take personal questions related to career, marriage, business and finance.

Parminder Kaur   Sharma
Parenting Expert, Author and Blogger

Mrs. Parminder Kaur Sharma is a writer, blogger and a Banker.
Being an Engineer by qualification gives her the advantage of seeing everything with an analytical perspective. She offers practical solutions to the issues being faced by our society today, through her writing. It’s her this positive attitude along with her passion about relationships and parenting that led her to pen down a self help and parenting book ‘From Monkeying to Parenting’.
She is working in a public sector bank for more than a decade and has also studied Child Psychology and Developmental Psychology. She has been an active participant in various workshops and seminars motivating the society to help them lead a life full of happiness and bliss. She shares her perspective and useful tips of her parenting journey through her blog Https://
You can reach out to her at [email protected]

Mansi   Padechia

Mansi Padechia offer you all her guidance to stay fit by eating proper diet. She is a registered dietician and recognized nationally.

Aditya   Goel
Co-Founder, GreenBrrew

Mr. Aditya Goel, 22 is the co-founder of GreenBrrew, an initiative created to boost a healthy lifestyle among people. With a vision to become a health brand Mr. Goel launched GreenBrrew, a green coffee which can also be consumed like any beverage.

Aspiring to become a Computer Engineer, Mr. Aditya had a promising career, but he fell ill and was hospitalized for almost 1.5-2 years. Because of the treatment and medicines, he gained a lot of weight, which helped him realize the importance of good health and fitness. And with this, he decided to go ahead with GreenBrrew.

Dr. Pallavi   Satarkar
IVF Specialist, Obstetrics, Gynecologist

Anant IVF is on the name of my Dad which means the Infinite. While planning for my Anant IVF Center, I assured that it does not look like a routine monotonous hospital or clinic. But, a place with liveliness and warmth such that people walking in can feel the encouragement with a touch of a positive start of their life. And presently handling the staff of 17 people in my premises. Now as I have reached the milestone of casting my skill to infertile couple. The future goal is to educate the society related to the concept of Social Egg Freezing & Fertility preservation for cancer patients.

Dr. Swati   Dave

Dr. Swati is a frontrunner in the Health & Lifestyle Consultancy/ Diet Planning/ Nutrition Management department with an Organization of Repute through which she wishes contribute best of the services, efforts and capabilities for the development of the people, community Vis-à-Vis nation.

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