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Abhijita   Kulshrestha

Abhijita is an accomplished scholar and a certified NLP Practitioner. She is also a PGA (Thailand) certified planetary gem advisor.

Dr. Elina   Berglund
CTO and Co-founder of NaturalCycles

Dr. Elina Berglund is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of NaturalCycles; a modern fertility monitor which can be used both for preventing and planning pregnancies.

Malti   Bhojwani
Life Coach, Author

Malti is a professional coach, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. She brings her years of experience to scores of individuals, teams in corporations & entrepreneurs all over the world.

Priya   Kathpal
Nutritionist, Fitness Expert

Nutritionist Priya Kathpal has a Master’s degree in Dietary Food Service Management with a Post Graduate Dilpoma in Dietetics, Bsc. Applied Nutrition and is also a certified sports nutritionist.

Sonya   Vajifdar
Fashion Designer

Sonya Vajifdar is a renowned fashion designer. She was a part of esteemed French Fashion House. She was asked to start the pre-London Fashion Week in 2010.

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The Dark Night Of Kali Chaudas – Myths, Sacrifices And Supernatural Powers
puja during kali chaudas

Kali chaudas… the name says it all! Have you seen small pots covered with red cloth, some fruits, water and a black doll placed on the cross roads near your home? If you haven’t witnessed this, you will get to see them across the city and towns in the country on the night of Kali chaudas.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Makeup Tips For A Perfect Diwali Look!
perfect diwali makeup
From the Expert

It’s Diwali, that time of the year when we all Indians get into the holiday mood, the mood to enjoy some fire-works, mood to enjoy family dinners, mood to enjoy an ecstatic Diwali party with our family and friends. And amidst this celebration, how can we forget Indian Women, their beauty and their urge to

Makeup Artist
Getting Blessed – How to do Lakshmi Puja on Diwali?
lakshmi puja preparation

Festive season is here with Diwali, and its time we get out of our modern shoes and give the desired space to our culture and tradition in our hearts. Diwali is the festival of lights, good fortune and wealth. Above all, it is the festival of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth, seeking her blessings for a happier and wealthier life.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Spinach Corn & Cheese Ghughras

Tasty treats for this Diwali! Here is a yummy snack you will never get in any store, the traditional Ghughras but with a cheesy taste. Ghughras are traditionally sweet and filled with kheer or coconut stuffings. But this ghughra recipe here is a real cheesy treat for you. Make it, relish it and enjoy the diwali evenings with your family and friends.

Freelance Writer
DIY Ideas for Making Beautiful Diyas at Home
homemade crystal diyas

Diwali celebration is incomplete without diyas. Even if you decorate your entire home with small colorful lights, diyas are a must. The beauty of diyas in diwali is something completely different that even lights cannot replace.

Sub Editor
Badam Burfi
Badam Burfi

Time to get different, traditional and make something classy than the regular sweet dishes! Here is a simple, traditional and absolutely no messy Diwali sweet that you can make at home. Almond or badam barfii is something you won’t get easily in the markets, but can be made at home in a small time. Follow this recipe to enjoy its awesome taste during diwali.

Freelance Writer
Be Different this Diwali with Holii Gift Boxes
gift hampers from Holii

Make Diwali gifting unique this year with Holii’s special Gift Boxes. Gift the joy of colour to your loved ones this Diwali  with glamorous gift boxes from Holii. Beautifully packaged incense, candles and aromatherapy oils along with Holii products will make the perfect gift for the modern Indian woman. Right from the glamorous leather goods

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Chocolate Kaju Barfi

Chocolates are always a favorite, especially when they come to sweets and festive occasions. But, this diwali, lets try and make a classy fusion of chocolate and kaju barfii. Easy to make and absolutely delicious, this sweet dish can be ready in just 30 minutes.

Freelance Writer
Diwali Makeup Hues – Get The Glowing Look
Diwali makeup
From the Expert

Looking gorgeous is not difficult anymore, especially when you have experts giving you the best skin care and make up suggestions. Mrinalinee Mukherjee, renowned Bollywood makeup artist shares her make up secrets here to help you look utterly gorgeous this festive week.

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

A plateful of delicious snacks, dry fruits and a lot of sweets! That’s it, you are ready for the guests to come visit you this Diwali. And to help you score better, here is the simple, easy to make recipe of a delicious snack called Bhakharwadi. Its yummy to eat, and something really different from the typical fried snacks.

Freelance Writer
Diwali – Festival of Lights or Festival of Pollution?
eco friendly diwali

Diyas, Candles, lights, sweets, family time and a lot of fire crackers! Doesn’t this sound absolutely perfect for Diwali? Yes, it does to me and to all others. Celebrated on the home-coming of Lord Ram after his victory over Ravana, Diwali in India is the celebration of lights and the celebration of being together. But,

Co-Editor, Branding Manager

Celebrated all across the country, in each state, Diwali is further made special with the traditional sweets made at home by our grannies and moms. Boorelu is one such traditional sweet dish, made in Andhra Pradesh on festive occasions such as Diwali.

Freelance Writer
Pocket-Friendly Diwali Decoration Ideas!
decorated house during diwali

Bring your home alive this Diwali with bright decorative items but, within your budget for a colorful, refreshing and joyous diwali. Cost effective and also creative in its designs, try out these ideas and you will surely see your abode look glorious in the vivid colors and bright lights.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Diya aur Bati
diya aur bati

A special sweet for Diwali! Made in the shape of a Diya or a lamp, this mouth savoring dessert is simply perfect for Diwali. Easy to make and absolutely yummy to taste, Diya aur Bati will help you win the hearts and blessings of all your loved ones. Try it and refine it for a delicious and happy diwali.

Freelance Writer
Rangoli – Significance in Diwali
rangoli of canddles

Diwali means colorful rangolis! Beautifully designed and colored, almost every house in the country will have its entrance decorated with handmade rangolis of various patterns. And yes, they win our hearts with their beauty and colors. Rangoli and its traditional roots Rangoli is an old Indian tradition, followed by our ancestors since several years and

Sub Editor
Mysore Pak
mysore pak
Freelance Writer
Wheat Halwa Or The Renowned Tirunelveli Halwa
wheat halwa
Freelance Writer
House Cleaning Tips You Never Knew
House Cleaning Tips

Is house cleaning in your list down this weekend for Diwali? Well if so, you will surely love to know about some of the most interesting and unknown ways of cleaning your home and appliances in just a fraction of a few minutes. Read and follow and share your ideas about these exclusive home cleaning

Sub Editor