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Babita   Jaishankar
Image Makeover Professional

I am an accomplished fashion and image consultant and also a certified skin & colour analyst. I have pursued management training from IIM-B and gained formal training in fashion designing as well. Visit my website for more information.

Meghna   Butani
Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist

She also specialises in bridal makeup and hair, she has been listed as the top 10 bridal makeup artists in India. She has worked on several ad films, brands, hi fashion magazines and TV shows, working with many celebrities as well.

Neopel   Bioscience
Genetic Testing Smplified

Neopel offers a huge range of genetic tests to improve the life of all newborns. We have a team of highly experienced professionals of over 10 years.

Shivraj   Gaekwad
Jewelry Designer

Shivraj Gaekwad is a fine jewelry artist winner of President's Gold Medal. He designs and manufactures a vast range of jewelry using bamboos and beads.

Swati   Sahoo
Wine, Spirits and Food Professional

A journalist and an avid blogger, Swati considers writing as a powerful tool with which one can provide lot of information to their interested genre of readers. Her interest in food, wine and spirits and journalism took her to pursue a career in this field and led her to begin her very own blog, Nosh 'n' Plonk.

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8 Must Know Decorating Ideas!
decorating ideas

Home décor ideas are always needed! No matter how beautifully you may have designed your home, ideas for making improvements are always welcome. However, there is a very thinly line of difference between a perfectly decorated home and an overly decorated home. You need to make sure that your home is Perfectly decorated, Not Overly decorated.

Sub Editor
Rice Kheer
Rice kheer
From the Expert

A traditional recipe, Rice kheer is made in most Indian homes during auspicious functions. Here is a simple recipe from Chef Nitin Tandon only for you. Easy to make, the recipe can be prepared in just a little time for you.

Chef, Food Stylist, Entrepreneur
Red Romance – Hair Tips
Mrinalinee Red Romance
From the Expert

For all your beautiful women out there, here is a simple, innovative and a very easy hairstyle for a perfect evening dinner or a romantic evening with your love. Enjoy the look and the beautiful moments with your partner. I have named it Red Romance, and it is personally one of my favorites.

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
Baby Review
baby poster

Neeraj Pandey, just as I had hoped for, has done an amazing job with the direction. It is neat and keeps the viewer hooked onto the movie. Even though the story has a very grim underline, the humour trickles down into the screenplay very aptly.

Freelance Writer, Women Planet
Dolly Ki Doli Review
Dolly ki Doli

The pretty and absolutely gorgeous dulhan, Dolly is the great ‘Looteri Dulhan’ who fakes marriages and robs the groom and his family of their money and other valuables. And yes, she has her own rules: She never gets laid with the grooms.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Divorce – How It affects Our Children?
divorce and children

Not all marriages have a happy ending. When something goes wrong, divorce seems to be the only solution. So, where did that transformation go? Or when and how were the limits crossed? And, what is its effect on the family, especially the kids? With splitting comes an enormous responsibility especially when you have a child.

Journalist at Women Planet
Top 6 Food Sources That Increase Iron Level In Your Body
Iron rich food

Iron is one of the most essential minerals needed in our body for the proper transport of oxygen in the body cells. Lack of this mineral can directly affect your health and your body’s metabolism. Deficiency in iron leads you to several health conditions including anemia which if not treated can cause your blood cells to get choked due to the lack of oxygen molecules in them.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Road Safety – Digging Out The Truth Of Traffic On Roads
road safety

Our society has given us enough and it’s time we give something back to the society. The fact that social problems are haunting us and our lives day and night, we ourselves overtly or covertly add on to the list of these social issues. Terrorism, poverty, pollution are some of the problems which are discussed at a larger platform but there is an issue such as road safety which needs to be looked at, as equally as the bigger problems.

Journalist at Women Planet
A Humble Message to Men and Women Regarding Marriage

The wedding season is on and I see a lot of folks getting ready for their big day. Marriage is often considered to be the sacred bond that unites two individuals to live the rest of their life together, sharing all the precious moments that life throws at them both, good or bad.

Guest Writer, Women Planet
5 Things No Guy Wants To Hear In Bed
couple in bed

Bed time is always fun time for couples! Ok, don’t get me wrong when I say Fun Time! The cozy cuddly talks, hugging each other tight and sharing thoughts; well, for any couple spending time together on bed means all of these and also what I think you guessed :P.

Sub Editor
5 Vital Rules to Eating Healthy
eating healthy
From the Expert

This can be a very confusing question with all the information out there, accurate or not. The majority people just don’t know what they’re eating and why. Most eat out of pleasure, not health, and although this is not necessarily a bad thing, addiction to food that has been altered for just taste and texture is not how we should be pleasuring our palette.

Lifestyle Nutritionist
10 simple DIY pedicure tips you must try!

Walk-ing, run-ing, stand-ing, stroll-ing, danc-ing and no wonder how many ‘ing’ our poor soles have to bear with each day. They get tired and scream for attention and a little care. But, surrounded by a hectic schedule, family, kids and work, not many of us actually get some time out to get a good pedicure. So, if you haven’t pampered your legs and soles rightly for a long time, here are 10 handy pedicure tips to help you get a perfect pedicure at home.

Team Women Planet
Gajar Ka Halwa
Gajar ka Halwa
From the Expert

Trying to match the west we are forgetting our own culture. Be it in our dressing, our lifestyle or our food habits.

Restaurateur, Entrepreneur, Educationist and Cooking Enthusiast
Healing Powers of Planetary Gemstones
planetary gemstones
From the Expert

The Gemstones that are used to harness positive energy and wavelengths of planets to bring about health, wealth & happiness are called as planetary gemstones. Planetary gemstones have special powers and features by which they bless us with good health, wealth and solutions to problems.

I Firmly Believe in Reservations: Leena Patil, Superintendent of Police
leena patil

A lady, who makes people work left and right; the one who keeps check on justice and strives for a better and peaceful society is the one we got a chance to speak to. Leena Patil, Superintendent of Police (SP), shares with us the important lessons that life has taught her.

Journalist at Women Planet
Alone Review
alone movie

The creepy background music, dark scenes, a romantic couple and a haunting spirit! This is exactly what the story of Alone is about. Adapted from a Thai movie with the same name, Alone is perhaps The Film that will change the face of Indian Horror movies.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
How White Can My Teeth Get ?
teeth whitening
From the Expert

How much your teeth can be whitened depends on many factors — some of which you can control (such as whether to use a bleaching or non-bleaching method, or the percent of active ingredient in a whitener), and some that you can’t (such as your natural tooth color or how well your teeth respond to whitening).

Dental Care
Tea And Me

Tea lovers across India have one big reason to thank Emperor Shen Nung, who ruled over China 5000 years ago. Being a stickler for hygiene, the great leader ordered that all water in the palace be boiled. When his men were boiling water one day, leaves from a nearby bush fell into the water – and just like that, the first cup of tea had been brewed. Today, tea is the second-most consumed beverage in the world after water, with literally thousands of blends in existence.

Team Women Planet