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Shareen Ratnani   Priya Melwani
Educationist, Parenting Expert

Shareen Ratnani is the co-founder of Kiddie Planet Montessori , a chain of preschools in Indonesia. She is a passionate Early childhood practitioner, a mother, teacher trainer and parenting coach. She is internationally certified as a Montessori trainer from MCI London and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies, U.K. , an ongoing Master of Science in Education (U.S.A). Shareen is certified to teach ‘Redirecting Children’s Behaviour’ through the International Network for Children and Families, USA. She is also a workshop presenter and speaker for parents and teachers.

She combines her vast experience of over 20 years as an educator and a passion for the Montessori approach to bring hands-on early childhood education into the education systems. Together with her passion for world-class learning, and teaching, she is a firm believer in giving the best for our next generation of world class citizens.

Dr. Naavnidhi   K. Wadhwa
Rapid Evolution, Coach & Founder

Naavnidhi K. Wadhwa, has been crowned as ‘Mrs. Asia Women of Universe 2018’ . She won the prestigious pageant in May 2018 after competing with 25 women from different countries of Asia.

Today, Naavnidhi uses her spiritual talents to aid children with special needs and help people make healthier dietary choices. A fashion design degree holder from NIFT, New Delhi. Naavnidhi, did her PhD in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is a life healer and coach for psychology of eating, diet planning, meditation. She has mastered the art of graphology ,numerology and Vastu Consultant by choice.

Namit   Bajoria
Director, Kutchina

Mr. Namit Bajoria is the Managing Director of Kutchina Appliances, a kitchen appliances brand in India. After a decade of delivering Quality, Innovation and a wide range of appliances in the Indian market, Kutchina has become one of the leading Kitchen Appliances brand in India today. The company has excelled in providing energy efficient products – Chimneys, Hobs, Dishwasher, Built in Microwave Oven, Built in Oven and Water Purifier. After establishing its dominance in the Eastern India market, Kutchina has now set its eyes to conquer the rest of country as well. Expanding options further, Kutchina has now forayed in to the Kitchen Interiors and launched modular kitchens with state of art design and functionality. Kutchina products stormed the market with its energy-efficiency, low maintenance and advanced functional innovations like the Auto Clean Technology, which it pioneered in Chimneys, Auto Timers in Hobs etc. The Company owns service centres, all across India and has centralized customer-care centers with a National toll free number, Stringent and prompt maintenance and assistance policy for all customer enquiries with the best response time standards. Numerous accolades won by Brand Kutchina bear testimonial to the company’s excellence it has built in the industry is a matter of years.

Viplav   Sharma
Hair Stylist

Viplav Sharma is hair stylist and owner of Scissors and Comb. He is trained at Tony & Guy and L'Oreal.

Sonia Agarwal   Bajaj
Founder – Little Chipper International

Dynamic, inspiring, determined and compassionate are a few words that truly outline the unceasing zest of young entrepreneur, Sonia Agarwal Bajaj. Fuelled by her passion to transform young minds and hearts, she is an edupreneur that is gaining promising grounds in the space of early education.

Pinky   Daga
Wellness Therapist, CEO of Thriive Art & Soul

Pinky Daga is the CEO of Thriive Art & Soul, India’s only state-of-the-art digital portal housing world’s leading directory of verified wellness therapists, and healers, headquartered in Mumbai.

Pinky started her professional journey after completing her Ph.D. in English Literature, MSc Journalism MA English and Bsc Journalism BA English from the Boston University. In 2005, Pinky launched a children’s theatre company, Indigo Kids Edutainment, producing adult enacted plays for children that toured nationally. In 2016, she started Thriive Art & Soul.

Swati   Sahoo
Wine, Spirits and Food Professional

A journalist and an avid blogger, Swati considers writing as a powerful tool with which one can provide lot of information to their interested genre of readers. Her interest in food, wine and spirits and journalism took her to pursue a career in this field and led her to begin her very own blog, Nosh 'n' Plonk.

Karishma   Chawla

Karishma Chawla, is a Mumbai based nutrition consultant and a motivational speaker. Being a counsellor, she understands the mindset of people coming to her. She believes in customized nutrition plans, developed after in-depth sessions with her clients to ascertain their core goals and empowers people to adopt a holistic approach towards their health and well-being. With advanced qualifications in Fitness and Sports Nutrition from the International Sports Science Association, USA, she offers holistic advice on eating and living healthy.​

Clarks Exotica   Convention Resort and Spa
Resort & Spa

Clarks Exotica is situated on a property spread over 70 acres. The resort has 141 intelligently designed rooms and suites, and an extensive collection of banquet halls, activities and accompanying sports facilities like table tennis, basketball, cricket, swimming pool and more. It has 11 banquet halls, which can accommodate corporate events, board meetings, large and small format events and weddings. Ocean Convention Centre, spread over 50,000 sq. ft., is one of Bengaluru’s largest event spaces.
With 14 treatment rooms, offering Ayurveda, Western, Thai and Hydrotherapies Clarks Exotica has one of the most extensive spa, Seventh Heaven, in India. Clarks Exotica has a restaurant, a bar and a coffee shop, each offering varied cuisines.

Pooja   Makhija

Nutritionist to stars like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar, Mira Kapoor, Twinkle Khanna, Tammana Bhatia, Ishaan Khattar and Sushmita Sen, celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija has, in her fifteen years of practice, transformed the bodies and the lives of over twenty-five thousand people and made planet earth more than a 125,000 kilos lighter. Her clientele includes people from all walks of life - models, actors, socialites, CEOs, ace yoga instructors, personal trainers, producers, directors, singers, pilots, architects, builders, media professionals and housewives. Apart from being a celebrity nutritionist, Pooja is also a bestselling author, a television star, an entrepreneur and, above all, a devoted mother of two. A vocal and passionate believer in the power of food, Pooja's mission is to help you fall in love with food. To that end, she is on a journey to 'fooducate' the world and help rebuild people’s faith in the power of nutrition.

Ashu   Gupta

Ashu Gupta is the founder of Ashu Gupta’s Diet Clinic and an acclaimed dietician and nutritionist. She holds a post graduate degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management and thereafter gained experience in diverse segments like hospitals and food services within corporate and as well community settings. She is an active member of Indian Diabetic Association and have been appraised for her contributions with the Best Dietician Award and Developing Country Sponsorship Award at Lulfost 17th World Congress on Food Science and Technology at Montreal, CANADA.

Vaastu   Vigyan

Get the expert tips from the Astro experts at Vaastu Vigyan and enhance the energy flow in and around your home, apartment, office or business.

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If you are thinking of launching your own online business, it’s important that you know the right strategies and tools to keep it protected and safe from hackers. With web threats being more present than ever, encountering an external attack can result in devastating consequences for your business.

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The Significance of Experiential Learning in Early Childhood Education
From the Expert

Imagine that you wanted to learn how to make creamy mushroom soup. You are more likely to master the soup making if you actually try out the recipe as compared to simply watching someone make it on a cooking show! Research suggests that children too best learn through positive interactions and experiences.

Founder – Little Chipper International
Supplement Your Household Income with these 5 Side Hustles
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Housewives face quite the problem: you want to be a contributing family member, and more importantly, you want to fulfill a sense of financial freedom and sense of worth. However, there are children who need to be raised, dinners that need to be cooked, and errands that must be tended to. How can you do both when your spouse or significant is the breadwinner, constantly away from home to support the family?

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7 Ways to Surprise Your Man on Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day is just on the horizon, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to surprise your man! Here are 7 great ways to plant a smile on his face for Valentine’s Day. These ideas range from schmaltzy to not-so-much.

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Why Investing In Gold Is A Great Idea?
investing in gold

Well, gold is not just a metal in Indian culture, it is a lot more. There is a lot of importance that is imparted to gold in Indian culture. So, one can never have enough of gold be it the necklaces, bangles, rose gold rings, gold chain, 2 gram gold ring design, gold can be made into any ornament that you can imagine.

Blogger, Writer, Digital Marketing Expert
9 Things Women Should Check Before Buying a Health Insurance Policy

According to the Human Development Report of the United Nation’s Development Programme, India ranks at 132 out of 187 countries at gender inequality. Incompetence in women’s healthcare is one of the primary onuses that contribute to this disparity.

Guest Writer
Top Tips For Buying Pre-Owned Clothes, Handbags and Shoes
Gucci handbag

When looking for new wardrobe pieces, handbags, and shoes throughout the year, you might want to consider pre-owned or secondhand items rather than purchasing brand new off the rack pieces. Over the last several year, repurposing and purchasing unique items from thrift stores, or previous owners online, has burst into popularity.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Guard Your Drinking Temptation
Healthy drinking tips
From the Expert

Drinking alcohol for its mood-lifting effects is a normative behaviour when consumed suitably, alcohol can become an instant mood-changer, facilitate in relaxing your tensed muscles and worked-up brain, allows you to totally enjoy the moment you are in and also generates an atmosphere where new ideations and novel connections flow instinctively.

Co-Founder of Food Darzee, Fitness & Nutritional Scientist at JG’S Fitness Centre
Corner Plot Front Garden Ideas
corner garden

Front gardens are not for your relaxation but show. If you want to increase the beauty not only of your house but also of your entire property, a front garden can be the best idea. Yes, you can select a corner depending on a few things in mind. After choosing the land, you can start your next move to make a front garden in front of your house.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Why Car Floor Mats Matter?
car mat

Buying a car costs money, especially if you opt-in for a new one. That’s why it’s important to take all necessary precautions to protect your automobile in order for it to live up to its worth.

Co-Editor, Women Planet
Wellness Tips To Sleep Better
From the Expert

We get that pain of lying down each night and waiting endlessly to get into the ‘slumber- zone’, so here’s what you can do to sleep better

Wellness Therapist, CEO of Thriive Art & Soul
How To Prevent Accidents From Happening When Driving In Snow And Ice
snow in car

While car accidents are more common in the summer than winter, driving in snow and ice still poses a lot of risks especially for novice drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Auto Insurance Center, around 800 Americans were killed in car accidents due to snow, rain, or ice from 2011-2015.

Blogger, Writer, Digital Marketing Expert
Uphold Your Oral Care While At Work
Dental Plaque
From the Expert

Your faulty corporate binging habits have done nothing good to condense your stress levels, but have made ways to degrade your healthy oral hygiene.

Aesthetic Dentist, Dentzz Dental
Four Must-Try Restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin
restaurants in madison

As a foodie hub rapidly growing in influence – from the rest of Dane County to the entire Wisconsin, and now spreading towards nearby states – Madison definitely has a candidate regardless of your craving.

Co-Editor, Women Planet
Planning a Successful Family Camping Trip
family trip

Family camps should not be a knee-jerk reaction to solve conflicts but rather a priority for the family. Do not wait until it is summertime to start planning.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Kidney Disease Symptoms: Here’s What To Watch Out For
Kidney disease

Healthy kidneys are necessary for a healthy body because these organs eliminate excess water, toxic products, and impurities from the blood. Besides filtering waste products, kidneys help to regulate salt, potassium, and pH levels, release a type of vitamin D to enable calcium absorption and secrete hormones for controlling RBC and hormone production.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
How to Use CBD Ointment Creams for Muscle Relief
cbd cream

If you use CBD for a number of reasons, there is good news for you. There are a number of products that contain CBD in this modern era. There was a time when CBD oil was the only option you had in order to enjoy the benefits of the compound. In these modern times, you can easily choose from a vast variety of CBD rich products such as vapes, capsules, and CBD creams.

Blogger, Writer, Digital Marketing Expert
Kratom Hot Tips – When You Should Take Kratom and How Much You Should Take?

When it comes to the right dose of Kratom, there are several knowledgeable people who can guide you in the right path. It is important for you to remember that your first attempt at Kratom should be entirely based on your personal experience.

Guest Writer