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Akansha   Jhalani

Akansha Jhalani is a practicing Registered Dietitian based in Mumbai. She has an extensive practical knowledge of Medical Nutrition Therapy, disease management & prevention, nutrition counseling, lifestyle coaching, mindful eating & clinical research.

Preeti   Seth
Nutritionist & Cosmetologist

A spa that revives your beauty, helps achieve your slimming target and relaxes you from deep within! This clearly defines the services of Pachouli Spa, an initiative of Ms. Preeti Seth which combines the goodness of naturopathy along with modern health treatments.

Dr. Prerna   Taneja
Oral Cancer Specialist, LASER Specialist and Medical Cosmologist (Germany)

Dr. PrernaTaneja is an Oral Cancer specialist, LASER specialist and medical cosmologist (Germany) by profession with over 15 yrs of experience and a true entrepreneur by heart.

Her expertise in Oral cancer detection, TMJ joint problems, oral ulcers puts her in the league of selected professionals. Prof. Dr. Prerna is also one of the pioneer Digital Smile Designers of India. She has also established an academic niche for herself. Prof.Dr. Prerna has been heading department of Oral Medicine & Radiology in various dental colleges and has been instrumental in teaching both graduate and postgraduate dental students.

Priya   Kathpal
Nutritionist, Fitness Expert

Nutritionist Priya Kathpal has a Master’s degree in Dietary Food Service Management with a Post Graduate Dilpoma in Dietetics, Bsc. Applied Nutrition and is also a certified sports nutritionist.

Vaastu   Vigyan

Get the expert tips from the Astro experts at Vaastu Vigyan and enhance the energy flow in and around your home, apartment, office or business.

Dr. Elina   Berglund
CTO and Co-founder of NaturalCycles

Dr. Elina Berglund is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of NaturalCycles; a modern fertility monitor which can be used both for preventing and planning pregnancies.

Lotus   Herbals
Herbal Beauty Products

Lotus Herbals is the most renowned name in India for natural cosmetics. With a range of over 250 products covering sun care, skin care and makeup.

Dr Rujuta   Bhatpuria

Dr. Rujuta did her Bachelors degree in Homeopathic Medicine and surgery from the Shree Mahalakshmiji Mahila Homeopathic Medical College and is pursuing her PG degree in Public Health Management. She has worked as a Medical Officer at Balaji Hospital and Haemocare Center.

Shivani   Patil

Mrs Shivani Vijay Patil is the vision behind Pushpankur School of Autism, where she contributes to the society by providing a nurturing atmosphere to the special kids. Her values of integrity & excellent team work lie in the fact that she is a sportswoman, leading the woman's cricket team at the University. Her inclination towards cultural activities is seen at all the events organised at the D Y Patil Stadium & throughout the University.
Ms. Shivani Vijay Patil is a positive and meticulous individual who impresses one and all with her pleasing personality. AsI walk away with the feeling in my mind, after having interacted with this magnificent lady, that the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her confidence & intelligence. She is the mother to three lovely children, a mentor to all the staff of the University, a teacher to the students, an affectionate homemaker and somebody who everyone seeks guidance and advice from!

Deeptanshu   Bansal
Deeptanshu Bansal - Founder of Alyuva

Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you. It’s a decision made by questioning why things are the way they are!

I was daiganose with Cancer in 2015. While undergoing treatments I started to question all the products that I used daily. It made me realize that the products I use everyday are doing more bad than good to my body. So, I started to seek out safer versions of cleaning products, food, and cosmetics. I did my research and investigated what was currently in my daily regime. I began to detailed search for individual ingredients listed on labels and boxes and along the way I discovered Shata Dhauta Grihata. That was my ‘aha’ moment and that’s when Alyuva came into existence.

Anuja   Kapur
Criminal Psychologist

Anuja Kapur is a famous Criminal Psychologist. She is a Delhi University Graduate and did her bachelor’s in psychology after that she joined Delhi Public School as a student counsellor. Later on, she got into the Criminal Psychology and did her Masters in same stream. The zeal to learn more led her into another course in Forensic Science from Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Science and University of Delhi under the guidance of Dr. Surinder Nath.

Mrs. Anuja Kapur is also the founder of an NGO named as “NIRBHIYA EK SHAKTI” which is the centre for “Victim Assistance”. It provides assistance to all the victims in form of Counselling, Legal Aid, Vocational Courses, and Rehabilitation irrespective of age, caste.“NIRBHIYA EK SHAKTI” aims to work for all the victims and help them to live back their normal lives.

Vinita   Tripathi
Tarot Card Reader, Mind Reader and Meditation Trainer

Om Positive Patheos with Vinita center was established with firm belief that working with natural and alternative healing methods at a different level can bring balance, abundance and harmony to your life using powerful, natural Healing methods like Reiki, Theta, Crystal, Angel and Meditation. She can help you find the real cause of Sparkling Angels, holistic living and healing and work towards the balanced life of the Mind, Body, Soul/Spirit and Emotions.

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Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Choosing Hospitality for a Career
Trainee Kitchen

Recently, a relative’s daughter showed me images of designer cakes she’d made. She’d had no formal training – only social media tutorials that she followed. This girl had a real talent, already had a small business running and was rightly thinking of taking up culinary education to add finesse to her work. She’d looked up several hospitality institutes and also attended their counseling sessions.

Food Stylist, Food Researcher & Cooking Expert
Benefits Of Sports Training Outside With Your Kid
outdoor training

Since the umbilical cord was severed, does it mean the connection was totally lost? Well, that was just the beginning of the disconnection you will experience with your kids till they move out of the house and go start their own. But there always remains that invisible union that only a parent can have with a kid – more so if the intimacy is present. It never dies even after death does them part.

Guest Writer
Go Green In Santa Monica – One Of The Eco-Friendliest Cities Of USA
Tongva Park Santa monica

When many hear “green travel” they think of camping in the wilderness, but in Santa Monica you don’t have sacrifice the indulgences of luxury travel in order to “go green.” Santa Monica provides many eco-friendly restaurants, hotels, attractions and transportation alternatives so you can travel guilt-free and protect the destination you love to visit.

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Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Vertical Blinds in Your Bedroom
Bedroom vertical blinds

Are you redecorating your room and thinking about what kind of coverings you will use in your windows? Many people use only drapes and curtains as window coverings. However, if you want to be more fashionable, you may use vertical blinds with your favorite colors.

Guest Author, WomenPlanet
The 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine You Should Know
skin care

It’s not a secret that Koreans are obsessed with healthy, supple skin. And, in fact, you should be too because no amount of makeup can do the job if your skin looks all tired and full of breakouts.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Signs You May Need Auto Repair Penfield
auto repair

Regardless of the year, make, and model, a car is an important and expensive investment. You likely spent a few years in changing your spending habits, saving a huge amount of money, and improving your credit score in order to afford to buy a car.

Co-Editor, Women Planet
Pregnancy Nags – What Most Women Go Through?
Pregnancy Posture
From the Expert

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase wherein the level of hormones in your body is raging, so don’t be surprised if you are a blaze of emotions. It’s no wonder if you are blissful one minute and get totally freaked out the very next moment. Over the upcoming nine months, you are likely to undergo tons of fluctuations both somatic and emotional.

Senior Gynaecologist, IVF specialist at Cocoon Fertility
Is Your Dog Sick? Six Signs to Look Out For
woman and her pet

Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell us when they are feeling under the weather, but there are signs and clues we can look out for. You, as their owner, are responsible for ensuring they get the very best care and medical attention, and the sooner you can identify a problem, the less they will need to suffer.

Blogger, Writer, Digital Marketing Expert
Flatulence In Kids: How To Get Rid Of It
Appendicitis pain
From the Expert

Young babies and toddlers may experience gas problems in just a similar way that adults do. Passing gas for about fourteen to twenty times in a day is considered to be quite normal for both adults and kids.

Founder & Director at Docterz
BYO and Sustainability in 20th Century India (and before…)
Cafe owner holding up BYO sign

It’s fascinating how sometimes, a single statement or casual mention of something can stir memories and provide a glimpse into a bygone era; a glimpse that gives us surprising connections to our present day.

Food Stylist, Food Researcher & Cooking Expert
Strengthen Your Hip With These Exercises
hip exercise
From the Expert

Unlike our other body organs, our hips are those parts of the body to which we hardly ever pay any attention unless and until they are bothering us. While we are following a fitness regime, firming our hip muscles is perhaps not high on our plan and agenda.

Fitness, Director of JG's Fitness Center
10 Running Problems That Will Stop You On Your Track

In a perfect runner’s domain, every single step of each mile would be a hundred percent discomfort-free. No pain, no twinges, no aches, no persistent soreness from yesterday’s training.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Why Music For Dementia Is A Focus For 2020
dementia music therapy

Music for dementia is a breakthrough treatment that has already helped many people coping with dementia. So, with such positive results, we can expect to see music used a lot more in this treatment during 2020.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Jobs For The Future?
From the Expert

It is a fact that be it developing nations or developed countries, our educational systems have not been able to define the future in a way that we get our students ready to escalate once they graduate.

Top Fashion Influencers on Instagram for Collaborating to Gain More Brand Visibility & Success
influencer marketing

The digital marketing scenario is constantly being disrupted by path-breaking ideas and developments. It is mandatory for business owners and marketers to stay updated on the latest statistics and trends. One such ground-breaking development that has revolutionized the social media marketing landscape is the introduction of influencer marketing. It has proved to be quite effective

Guest Author
Tips for Getting the Right Calculus App for Your School Work
calculus app

Studying calculus is hard enough, but trying to find an app that can actually help you study and improve your skills can be just as difficult. Having to download apps, check them out, and then delete them if they don’t suit your needs can be a time-wasting pain, especially when you know you should be focused on the task at hand.

Co-Editor, Women Planet
6 Kitchen Items That Are Worthwhile Upgrading
kitchen items

You don’t have to be a professional cook to realize that there are items in your kitchen that can really make a difference when their quality is above average. Also, even if you may not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s essential to know which are the items that deserve to be upgraded so that you make the most of your cooking sessions.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Teaching Through Stories – WOKA For The New Generation Kids

In an attempt to bring back those precious moments in the lives of our kids but in a digitized manner, Kiran Agarwal brings forth a children’s animation channel that tells stories and preaches morals that will help them become better individuals in the society. In this interview, she gives us an insight about WOKA and how her channel has been connecting with the younger generation with its stories. Let’s read more here:

Sub Editor, Women Planet