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Kanika   Gupta
Textile & Interior Designer

Kanika Gupta is a textile and interior designer. She is the founder of Izel Homes, a platform that connects both architecture and the world of textiles. See her creative ideas and get help in giving your abode a new, warm and classy look with her expertise.

Nurture Early Development

Kidgaze is here to assist you, being the parent you want to be. Kidgaze is available to clarify any of your doubts, about your little one’s growth and development.

Dr. Meenakshi   Sahu
Obstetrics and Gynaecologist

Dr. Meenakshi is a Senior consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Adiva, Fortis la femme, Institute of liver and biliary sciences, Delhi, India. Her areas of special interest include: Normal and high risk pregnancy, menstrual and hormonal problems, etc.

Sonya   Vajifdar
Fashion Designer

Sonya Vajifdar is a renowned fashion designer. She was a part of esteemed French Fashion House. She was asked to start the pre-London Fashion Week in 2010.

Food & Beverages

Vegit is the nation’s leading brand in Ready-to-Cook segment of the Food & Beverages industry.

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Winters… More Food?
From the Expert

Come winters, and the temperatures drop. The only thing one wishes to do is sleep more snuggled tight in the blankets and eat eat eat! Oh… the delicious Gajjar ka halwa, hot cup of coffee, garam garam bhajiyaas and more….

Lifestyle Nutritionist
The Traditional Tale Of ‘Gaatha’

An organization that aims to connect the globe with Indian craftsmen- ‘Gaatha’, has been working for social and commercial benefits which our artisans owe. It helps creating a dialogue between the traditional art and the modern men who is (might be) lost somewhere in this contemporary world.

Journalist at Women Planet
Basquet Chocolate Cake
basquet chocolate cake 1

Make your Christmas Special with this absolutely yummy, mouth savoring Basquet Chocolate Cake. enjoy its chocolaty taste along with the cream basquet during your happy Christmas Holidays with your friends, family and all dear ones.

Food Designer | Chocolatier | Patissier | Ice Cream | Bakery & Pastry Consulting
Interior Ideas – Give Your Home A Quirky & Kitschy Look!
interior ideas

Enough of de-cluttered white spaces and sprawling rooms with nothing but some little décor pieces! Does that speak about you or your personality? Are you neat and minimalistic and an old soul? Just because glossy magazines show those gorgeous homes does not mean you have to replicate them. If you are vibrant, colorful, messy and disorganized, let it show; let your living space speak about you!

Guest Writer
PK (Peekay)
PK movie

PK – It’s an Aamir Khan film, and do we need to mention, its got to be different. The film is refreshingly different and is already being appreciated by all actors of the industry. Book your shows and enjoy your date PK!!!

Freelance Writer, Women Planet
How To Avoid Dandruff And Hairfall In Winter?
woman scared of dandruff
From the Expert

Winters mean dry skin, dry hair scalp and a lot of itchy dandruff. It’s almost heartbreaking to see the shower drains getting clogged by our hair. And this is enough to scare any man and woman who actually love their tresses. But what is the reason behind dry scalp during winters and the excessive hair loss? And apart from using the chemically formulated harsh anti-dandruff shampoos, are there any simpler ways to avoid hairfall and dandruff?

Hair Stylist
Schezwan Baby Potatoes
Schezwan Baby Potatoes

A spicy treat for the chilly winters!! Enjoy this yummy Schezwan baby potato snacks with your dear ones during the cold winter evenings. The schezwan chutney makes the potatoes a perfect Indo-chinese dish to enjoy.

Freelance Writer
Tips for Building a Secure Attachment with Your Baby
secure attachment bonding

A secure attachment is a non-verbal relationship between primary caregiver and an infant, and is defined by responses to cues expressed through gestures, movements, and sounds. A successful relationship enables the infant to be secure enough to develop completely, in all ways. The bond determines how the infant communicates, forms relationships and interacts throughout life.

Guest Writer
Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Accessory Trend
youshine gloves

This winter go stylish with the exclusive Fall/Winter 2014 – 15 Accessory trends. Checkout the classic fashion accessories and the new trend that you can follow with your simple and also classy clothes to make your beautiful evenings and parties look perfect. Look gorgeous in everything you wear with a simple accessory. Let’s have a closer look at the new accessory trends this season.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Remembering Nirbhaya: The Peace March By Stop Acid Attack Fighters!
peace march
From the Expert

Despite the fact that this day, two years ago fails to change every day after, our hope in that SHAME fails to deter. She was not ‘fearless one’. She must have feared the horrors of the night of December 16, 2012, in that bus.

Social Activist
In The Brain Of A Rapist!
rapist brain
From the Expert

Men who fail to win woman’s heart by love, try to forcefully damage her body by rape but they miserably fail at that also as they are unable to touch her soul. Let us educate and teach men that women are to be loved and not raped. Let all men realize the inner functioning of their brain and what makes them weak during dangerous situations so that they can take rational positive decisions and avoid causing substantial damage to the opposite person, to the society, their families and also to their ownselves.

Financial Expert
Is Honeymoon Really Important?

Done with the marriage ceremonies, rituals and the home coming, Indian weddings can really take you to a toll with their extended events and the enormous guest lists. By the time the ceremonies end, it is actually your body, your mind and soul that craves, or in a more decent term, desires for some rest and loneliness. And the best way to do that is going off to a honeymoon.

Sub Editor
Working Women’s Diet
working women diet
From the Expert

Working women’s safety, health and well-being has been converted into one of the most prevailing and attention-seeking matter of concern world-wide. Every stage of a woman’s life has explicit nutrition requirements right from the age of menstruation (pregnancy & lactation) to menopause.

My Bidaai…My Story – Journey Of A Bride!

Weddings are fun! But, no sooner do the ceremonies end, the fun part slowly starts giving way to the most emotional moment of all weddings…The Bidaai… It’s time to say Goodbye to your parents, parents who gave birth to you, caressed you, pampered you and made sure you become an independent woman. It’s time to say good bye to all those naughty fights with your little sister and brother, siblings who shared your room, your wardrobe and most importantly all your secrets and thoughts. It’s time to say Goodbye…to one and all you loved and grew up with…

Sub Editor
Stop Acid Attacks: Campaigners Go On An Indefinite Hunger Strike!
stop acid attack

In the past, we have seen acid attacks and their horrendous effect on the lives of victims. Sadly, there has been No Change in Law, No change in the Number of attacks and No change in the Life of all victims. Hiding away from the society, living a life that we can’t even imagine, acid attack victims surely deserve better and a more promising life.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
DDLJ 1000 Weeks – Remembering the Magical Moments!!
kajol srk

Aisa Pehli bar hua he…Sathra Athra Saalo me…Andekha Anjaana sa koi…aane Laga he Khayalo me!!! Ok…I already got goosebumps all over my hands writing this first line about the Epic movie, DDLJ… The most loved film of Bollywood.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Main Aur Mr Riight Review
mein aur mr riight

A Romantic-Comedy, Main Aur Mr. Riight is all about the crazy Bachelorhood days, Relationships, and Love. The story revolves around Sukhi (Barun Sobti) and Aliya (Shenaz) and is about Miss Right looking for her Mr. Right… but do they really exist? If you have the patience to wait for an answer you already know, spending 2 hours on the movie may just seem meaningless.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Shehnaz Treasurywala Writes An Open Letter To India’s Most Powerful Men!

She has been one of India’s most loved VJs (Remember MTv Most Wanted, one of the first song request shows) and now an actress, Shehnaz Treasurywala is now in news with her open letter discussing about her distressing experiences with men during her public transport journey days as a young middle class teenager. The letter

Founder & Editor, Women Planet