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Babita   Jaishankar
Image Makeover Professional

I am an accomplished fashion and image consultant and also a certified skin & colour analyst. I have pursued management training from IIM-B and gained formal training in fashion designing as well. Visit my website for more information.

Mind Healing, Yoga, Reiki

Himani is the founder of Himani Happiness Hub. Himani’s vision is to have a world filled with inspiration, motivation and happiness. She has conducted over 650 national and international seminars on Mind Power & Healing.

Shivraj   Gaekwad
Jewelry Designer

Shivraj Gaekwad is a fine jewelry artist winner of President's Gold Medal. He designs and manufactures a vast range of jewelry using bamboos and beads.

Dr. Swati   Dave

Dr. Swati is a frontrunner in the Health & Lifestyle Consultancy/ Diet Planning/ Nutrition Management department with an Organization of Repute through which she wishes contribute best of the services, efforts and capabilities for the development of the people, community Vis-à-Vis nation.

Tripti   Chitkara
Tarot Card Expert

Get future predictions and tips for a happy and healthy life from our new Tarot Card Expert, Tripti Chitkara. She has immense knowledge about Western Astrology & Numerology which she uses for giving you an accurate prediction.

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Accessories Can Either Make or Break The Look – Mrinalini Chandra

Taking the world of Fashion Jewellery designing to newer heights, Mrinalini Chandra is name or better said, a brand herself today. Know more about her love for Jewellery Designing in this exclusive interview!

Guest Writer, Women Planet
I’m Not a Woman – Pride or Regret Being An Indian Woman?

True is the fact, Men Cannot Be Women! This super video here, shows you the beauty of women and how they are ravaged by our desi monstrous men folks.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Sugar – A Sweet Poison?

Here are weirdly effects of sugar on our body that are must know for all health conscious people. Read them to decide whether sugar is really sweet enough for our health.

Team Women Planet
How to Create Your Own Kitchen Garden

Are you tired of vegetables rates touching the skies? Why not grow your own vegetable at your home. Let Upaj Urban Farming help you create your own kitchen garden.

Senior Writer
Fitness Myths Busted
From the Expert

What you don’t know about exercise and fitness can hurt you. Debunk these myths to get your fitness facts straight!

Fitness Expert
Significance of Dahi Handi

Dahi Handi or Gopal Kala, is a part of Janmashtami celebration, enjoyed all across the country on the second day of Krishna Janmashtami.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Celebrating Krishna Janmashtami in Mathura and Vrindavan

This Janmashtami, rock the cradle of the little bal gopal in your house and welcome lord Krishna in his infant form with a lot of love and happiness.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Are Contraceptive Pills Safe?

Are you worried about unexpected conceiving? Then take precautions before having an intercourse or consume the after pills to avoid pregnancy. The choice is all yours!

Team Women Planet
Herbs For Treating Hair Fall And Dandruff
From the Expert

Hair fall, hair fall, hair fall!!! Today, almost every woman has one core complaint when it comes to beautiful hair, Excessive Hair Fall. But don’t worry thanks to Mother Nature we have lots of nourishing and protective ingredients to stop hair fall.

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
Decoding the Right Bra Fit

The right size! Oh well… Finding the right sized bra is one challenge for us. Check out every aspect before you buy yourself a nice, comfortable perfect fit bra.

Senior Writer
10 Reasons Why Indian Women Are Still Not Free

This Independence Day, should we really say Happy Independence Day to women?? The answer is yours to decide. Woman is not free to make her own decisions which if given then she can find her own self in true sense.

Freelance Journalist
Vaastu Tips to Design Your Dining Room

What is the theme for your newly designed dining room? Well, the theme doesn’t quite matter if you’re the Vaastu of your dining room is perfect.

Senior Writer
Birthday Special – Facts About Sunidhi Chauhan That Will Make You Say Wow!

If there is someone whose name can be mentioned naturally in the same breath as the playback singer of India, it is Sunidhi Chauhan. On the occasion of this talented beauty’s birthday, let us know some more about her.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Fortifying Foods
From the Expert

All of us have heard the story of Hansel and Gretel and each and every child without exception, has dreamed of at least getting to see. Some interesting ingredients were commonly used in construction in the bygone era.

Food Stylist, Food Researcher & Cooking Expert
Miss Israel 2013 Joins Military To Combat Terrorists

With the heat between Israelis and Palestinians at its peak, a very brave decision was taken by Israel’s most beautiful woman. Yityish “Titi” Aynaw, Miss Israel 2013, has joined Military forces to fight against the Islamic Jihad, Hamas & several other military forces.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
10 Must Consume Nutrients For Women

The nutrient and mineral requirements in a woman’s body is quite different from that in a man or a child. Take a look at all the essential nutrients that a woman must include in her diet.

Team Women Planet
How To Get Beautiful And Toned Arms

There are no shortcuts or instant solutions to get an attractive arm. So, make sure you workout and look good in all your sleeveless and stylish clothes with beautiful toned up arms.

Team Women Planet
Pride of Bangalore – Veena Chindlur And Her Fight Against Eve-teasing

Eve-teasing is crime & no less than sexual harassments or molestations. WomenPlanet, salutes Veena Chindlur for showing such courage and guiding millions of other women in the country to fight against eve-teasing.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet