Meet the Experts

Niti   Luthra
Makeup Artist

Niti Luthar is a professional makeup artist who is specialized in Beauty makeup, high fashion makeup, theatrical makeup, traditional makeup.

Short Film Community and Cine Cafe

Shamiana Cine Café is home to beautiful international and national short films that also offers you delicious eateries for your tastebuds.

Dr. Swati   Dave

Dr. Swati is a frontrunner in the Health & Lifestyle Consultancy/ Diet Planning/ Nutrition Management department with an Organization of Repute through which she wishes contribute best of the services, efforts and capabilities for the development of the people, community Vis-à-Vis nation.

Tripti   Chitkara
Tarot Card Expert

Get future predictions and tips for a happy and healthy life from our new Tarot Card Expert, Tripti Chitkara. She has immense knowledge about Western Astrology & Numerology which she uses for giving you an accurate prediction.

Varuna   Jithesh
Fashion Designer

Varuna Jithesh is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of my Indian Fashion House brand, Varuna Jithesh. Her work has been showcased in Indian School of Business.

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Is Your Best Guy Friend Hitting on You?
guy watching girl

Friends For Life! Ok, so you two have been goofing around, spending the best moments together with each other, caring for each other, partying hard and enjoying life as best friends. But suddenly you find your bestie simply insists on spending much more time together, the alone time with you. He confuses you with his

Sub Editor
Simple Everyday Habits That Can Kill You!
cleaning ear

Getting habituated is easy, but to change a habit is difficult. Certain everyday routines have to be modified, if you want to remain healthy and alive, for long.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Can Traveling Help Improve Your Relationships?
couple travelling

Relation-ship! Bonded by emotions, love and promises, a relation-ship is all about two people, two lovers and two partners. But, after a few years, the love or the trust in the relation simply ships away, leaving behind a void space. If not refreshed at the right time, this gap may begin the downfall of the most cherished relation you ever had. Traveling is considered as one of the simplest ways of refreshing the lost charm or the lost love in any relation.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
6 Common Mistakes Women Make When Buying a Bra
woman buying bra

Buying a bra is one of the easiest tasks for women. Isn’t it? OR Is it the trickiest task of all? Well, with the right knowledge and idea about choosing a good bra, buying the best fitting bra is nothing less than a minute’s time. But, if you are not clear about the size, shape

Sub Editor
Rangoli Competition 2014
rangoli gift hamper

Congratulations and Celebrations!!! A very Happy Diwali and Happy New Year To all fellow Women Planeters! Hope the New Year fills in all the beautiful colors into your life, spreading only love, courage, strength and prosperity. We are thankful to Soul Tree, Te-a-Me & for supporting us for the contest and providing with amazing

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Have A Clean And Safe Period – Hygiene Tips For All Women
woman having stomach ache

Everything from combating menstrual cramps, sanitary napkins and maintaining hygiene, a girl, sorry a woman has to take care of several things. And to aid you have a painfree, healthy and hygienic periods, here I give you 6 hygiene tips that you should never ignore. Make them your menstrual rules and you will be free from all menstrual health conditions.

Sub Editor
Discovering The Beauty Of Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim
Gurudongmar lake
From the Expert

Gurudongmar seems an odd name in Sikkim and when I heard it for the first time few years back, I had an impression that it must be something related to the Sikh religion. And yes, it proved right after I learned about the beautiful stories of this lake. I visited this beautiful and absolutely mesmerizing

Traveler, Photographer and Adventurer
Can a Better Body Come From a Pill?
woman talking pills for better body
From the Expert

I would say Fortunately No! There’s No Magic Pill for Weight Loss. Open your internet browser, and your computer screen is bombarded with ads of some new miracle drug guaranteed to help you lose weight without having to diet or exercise. Claiming it’s something new and outstanding found in the depths of the Amazon rain

Lifestyle Nutritionist
Sleeping Facts…!!! You Never Knew!
woman sleeping

Sleeping and dozing off under your warm blankets after a proper meal and a great day, is all one needs for a happy life. But, apart from closing our eyes and simply dozing off is not the only fact about sleeping. There are many things that we are unaware of, about sleeping. Here are some

Team Women Planet
Selfie Mania…Adding more Ideas to your Selfies!
woman taking selfie

When it comes to clicking selfies, you need just art and ideas to help you click the best selfies ever. Here are a few tips to help you click the best Selfies.

Sub Editor
Does Bhai Dooj Still Hold the Same Importance as Earlier?
celebrating bhai duj

India is the country of festivals! May it be Holi, Eid, Rakshabandahn, Diwali or Bhair Dooj… in India, every festivity is celebrated with a lot of energy, excitement and all the taam jhaam, as we usually call it. Bhai dooj is one such festival that is celebrated on the last day of Diwali celebration where

Sub Editor
Weight and Diwali
weight watchers
From the Expert

So, it’s Diwali, time with lots of sweets and delicious dishes around you. And, what goes in your mind? Is it OK to eat those sugar loaded sweets? Should I avoid it, will it lead to too much of weight gain??? Well here are few tips that will make your Diwali binge a true feast.

Don’t Let Your Weight Woes Ruin Your Diwali…
From the Expert

Festivals bring along happiness, prosperity and lots of rich foods high on calories. Diwali, the festival of lights also calls for celebrations with unlimited servings of sweets, snacks and other fatty foods. During this time it is difficult to stick to your diet schedules as your loved ones expect you to join in the celebrations

Lifestyle Nutritionist
The Dark Night Of Kali Chaudas – Myths, Sacrifices And Supernatural Powers
puja during kali chaudas

Kali chaudas… the name says it all! Have you seen small pots covered with red cloth, some fruits, water and a black doll placed on the cross roads near your home? If you haven’t witnessed this, you will get to see them across the city and towns in the country on the night of Kali chaudas.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
Makeup Tips For A Perfect Diwali Look!
perfect diwali makeup
From the Expert

It’s Diwali, that time of the year when we all Indians get into the holiday mood, the mood to enjoy some fire-works, mood to enjoy family dinners, mood to enjoy an ecstatic Diwali party with our family and friends. And amidst this celebration, how can we forget Indian Women, their beauty and their urge to

Makeup Artist
Getting Blessed – How to do Lakshmi Puja on Diwali?
lakshmi puja preparation

Festive season is here with Diwali, and its time we get out of our modern shoes and give the desired space to our culture and tradition in our hearts. Diwali is the festival of lights, good fortune and wealth. Above all, it is the festival of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth, seeking her blessings for a happier and wealthier life.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Spinach Corn & Cheese Ghughras

Tasty treats for this Diwali! Here is a yummy snack you will never get in any store, the traditional Ghughras but with a cheesy taste. Ghughras are traditionally sweet and filled with kheer or coconut stuffings. But this ghughra recipe here is a real cheesy treat for you. Make it, relish it and enjoy the diwali evenings with your family and friends.

Freelance Writer
DIY Ideas for Making Beautiful Diyas at Home
homemade crystal diyas

Diwali celebration is incomplete without diyas. Even if you decorate your entire home with small colorful lights, diyas are a must. The beauty of diyas in diwali is something completely different that even lights cannot replace.

Sub Editor