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Babita   Jaishankar
Image Makeover Professional

I am an accomplished fashion and image consultant and also a certified skin & colour analyst. I have pursued management training from IIM-B and gained formal training in fashion designing as well. Visit my website for more information.

Dr. Muhammed   Majeed
Entrepreneur, Researcher, Scientist and Founder of Sabinsa/Sami Labs

Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Founder & Chairman of Sabinsa/Sami Labs, is a researcher, scientist, entrepreneur and a pioneer in bridging Ayurveda and Modern Science to benefit lives across the globe. Dr. Majeed introduced the Americans to “Ayurveda”, the traditional Indian medicine that acts as a complete curative to their various ailments. After persistent efforts by Dr. Majeed they started recognizing the potential of Ayurveda and termed it the ‘Alternative Medicine’. By 2000 it became popular as the ‘Complementary Medicine’ and now it is called as the ‘Integrated Medicine’.

Backed by over 110 international patents, the company's products include protein, fibers, curcumine, probiotics, sport nutrients, diabetic and metabolism management products, cosmeceuticals which include 50 plus natural beauty care products. It's one of the largest manufacturer as well as marketer of herbal extracts, nutritional /dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals across US, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, UAE, South Africa and Malaysia.

Dr. Pallavi   Satarkar
IVF Specialist, Obstetrics, Gynecologist

Anant IVF is on the name of my Dad which means the Infinite. While planning for my Anant IVF Center, I assured that it does not look like a routine monotonous hospital or clinic. But, a place with liveliness and warmth such that people walking in can feel the encouragement with a touch of a positive start of their life. And presently handling the staff of 17 people in my premises. Now as I have reached the milestone of casting my skill to infertile couple. The future goal is to educate the society related to the concept of Social Egg Freezing & Fertility preservation for cancer patients.

Himangi   Bhatia
Lifestyle Nutritionist

Himangi is licensed clinical dietician and nutrition specialist, she has counselled thousands of people at various health camps organised for some of the biggest corporate houses.

Mugdha   Savkar
Food Stylist, Food Researcher & Cooking Expert

Mugdha is a food stylist and food researcher. Her extensive travel throughout India opened up many facets of the rich culinary legacy, prompting her towards researching food deeply and studying its close connection with culture.

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Badami Besan Ladoo
From the Expert

Ladoos prepared with roasted bengal gram flour , desi ghee with an addition of coarsely ground almonds ,flavoured with cardamon powder, sweetened with powdered sugar and garnished with slivered nuts.

Chef, Food Author
Choose the Best Companion: Platinum vs Gold!
64042902 - two wedding rings with diamond on platinum rings

Jewelry is special. One buys it with a lot of joy and excitement. Whether to buy Platinum or Gold jewelry always remains a confusion. We help you decide what is best suited for you by identifying the most important differences!

Jewelove, Founder
Gandhi’s India: 10 Facts That Prove We Have Changed For Better!
From the Expert

As an educator, for me the tangibles that herald change will always remain qualitative and perhaps not always defined as concrete models. My mantra in life has been – the process is more important than the outcome and the India that Gandhiji left behind is going to make him proud in many ways. A country so vast as ours, a country so rich in its heritage embracing the ways of a global world will need time and patience and the freedom we have and celebrate today as one of the leading democracies of the world is staggering. We have to be grateful as Indians.

8 Tips For Healthy Skin Before This Festive Season!
From the Expert

Festive Season is about to begin and everyone wants to look their best on all the festivals. Be it your health, skin, hair or dress, you want everything to be perfect. What if we say that your skin needs extra care before the festive season so as to be prepared for the same? During festivals, you tend to put lot of make-up on your skin and also, due to heavy traffic on roads pollution level increases which is harmful for your skin & hair. Here are few TIPs that you must start from now so as to keep your skin healthy!

Nutritionist & Cosmetologist
Anger: An Enemy Or A Friend?
Young woman
From the Expert

Anger isn’t bad, none of our emotions are good or bad, they just are human. You can’t tell someone not to be sad or angry just as you can’t tell them not to be happy when they are. Emotions drive us to action, as you saw in the analogy of the iceberg, and sometimes, anger is what can motivate us to make a change. Many things can trigger us to feel angry, but the next time you experience the hot blood starting to rise to your cheeks and your hands clench up into a fist and your breathing becomes fast, pause and do a self check if you want to allow a disproportionate and most likely harmful reaction to escape you rather than thoughtfully choosing a response that will help solve the situation rather than make it even more upsetting.

Life Coach, Author
Indian Couples Choosing Nude Wedding Photo shoots: A Bold Choice?

In a society like India, where people finds it horribly wrong to hug and kiss in the public is now going to the trend which is uncomfortable for professionals. Gurgaon based Priyanka Sachar, a couple photo shoot professional received a request from a Groom-to-be in Lucknow, reported by Times of India. Priyanka says, “He wanted an intimate photo shoot – a couple shoot – with nude poses on his wedding night. I had to turn down the request, because I was not comfortable doing something like that,” adding more to this, the lady photographer said “It’s not as though nude photography does not happen. In fact, boudoir photography is fairly common, where a woman may want to capture the best of herself. And it is done very tastefully. But clicking a couple on their wedding night – I’m not sure if the couple is actually being kinky or just wants pictures for themselves?”

Journalist at Womenplanet
Orange Spiced Butter Cake
From the Expert

Treat your kids with this extraordinarily delicious cake which can be made for all kinds of parties. Preparing Orange Spiced Butter Cake was never so simple. This easy to prepare cake will leave a lasting impression on your kids making them asking for more.

Chef, Gourmet Patisserie Expert
Women In Brothels Do Have Feelings, Families And Fetishes By Men!

Brothels and the prostitutes living in them! Just two words mentioned in the previous statement would have hardened feelings of many people reading this. Generally we have bad impressions for women associated with body business, abusing them, not discussing about them or having a bad eye for them is what we all do. There’s only one thing we know why these women are into selling their body is, Money! Do they have feelings? Is doing this as a profession is easy for them?

Journalist at Womenplanet
Indian Supreme Court, A Male Biased Judiciary System?

Also, where is the equality? Shouldn’t the judgement be the same for a woman, who leaves her parents to live with the man forever, can she seek a divorce? Why Indian laws always oscillate between lawful and lawless, will remain answered!! From the Judgement that the Supreme court passed it appears that sons are still preferred over daughters! Why is a daughter living with her parents is not so touched or even given a thought upon and here a freedom to seek a divorce is granted for sons? I would say again, I am annoyed by this sexist judgement of the court!! I don’t deny the fact that there are women who simply do not let her husband take care of his parents but there can be other solutions to this!! Is Divorce is an option, really?? Now any man who has least interest in his wife will offer an alibi and frame her into a fowl case!! What if a mother tried to conspire that her bahu does not want to live with them? It’s easy for them!

Journalist at Womenplanet
5 Indian Adverts That Can Make You Smile And Cry At A Time!

Adverts when released have few things as their goals – to sell their product, to leave the brand etched in the minds and to ignite some kind of pre decided behavioral change and to make it a possible success, Indian companies sell their products on the emotional road. Yes, that’s correct! We watch many ads on the television but only few becomes topic to discuss on the dinner table, “Hey, did you check the Jewellery ad, where a father….” not any funny illogical Alpenliebe- Croc ad!! What remains with us for more time with an impact is an ad which not only sells their product but also walk beside morality.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Dieting With Your Heart And Mind – How To Diet The Right Way?
From the Expert

You weight yourself and are not happy with the digits you saw on the weighing scale. You decided to lose weight and promise yourself that you will follow the regimen. As per plan for next few weeks, you follow all the things according to the instruction given in the plan. You are eating healthy foods, doing your bit of exercise on regular basis. And then few weeks into it, your motivation begins to go downhill. Maybe you are stuck on in your weight loss or you’re bored with boiled vegetables, soups nights after nights, or you are losing control of not eating desserts.A few slip ups and you are derailed, physically and emotionally.

10 Situations Only A Woman Younger Than Her Actual Age Can Understand!

While people think it is a blessing to look young than the age you are into, there are only few times you feel oh yes, I am lucky. In reality whenever you are being seen from the wow eyes you feel frustrated. Well, most of the times as you just cannot take it any further. Why? Ask women with a short height and young look, how many times she has to explain that no she isn’t below 18!! We understand, nothing is better beyond the limit and so is your priceless young look as it comes with terms and conditions!

Journalist at Womenplanet
Skip Not – 10 Exercises You Can Do In A Hotel And Stay Fit!
From the Expert

Waking early hours or rushing to the gym after work for your everyday fitness regime is now a part of all our lives! And agree or not, it has become an integrated part of our life which we all enjoy! But, what happens when we are on a business trip or a vacation? Does that mean you get to skip your workout schedules? Hell no!! You don’t really need a gym to stay fit and here are 10 exercises by Fitness Queen Sucheta Pal that you can enjoy in your cozy hotel rooms!

Zumba Fitness Expert, Zumba Education Specialist
Happy Dussehra: 8 Little Known Facts About The Magnificent Festival!
The Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghanada effigies before flaming, at the Dussehra celebrations, at Red Fort Ground on the auspicious occasion of Vijay Dashmi, in Delhi on October 17, 2010.

Dussehra is one the most popular festival that glorifies the victory of Good over Evil, truth over false and sin over virtue. It reminds us to walk on the path of Dharma, the righteousness no matter how hard times it makes you to go through. The festival inspires us the very fact of ‘Satyamev Jayate’, meaning it’s the ‘TRUTH’ that wins in the end. 10th Day of every Navratri is the festival of Dussehra, according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar. Effigy of Ravan, the Evil king of Lanka from the Epic Ramayan is burnt to celebrate the victory of God Ram who killed the evil power. It also marks the triumph of Goddess Durga over demon Mahishasur.

Journalist at Womenplanet
5 Wedding Rituals That Are Weird, Cruel and Funny!

Attend any wedding across the world with different religions or ethnics, they are interesting and unique. You may always find something very different in every marriage you attend but they as they are always not about throwing the bouquet, hiding groom’s footwear or carrying wife in arms. It is actually more than we could imagine, you know the world is an amazing place and so do its wedding rituals and traditions. There are some of the weirdest wedding traditions across the world that would surely leave you in the shock zone, yes they are so strange that some of them would make you cringe! Believe it or not we live in a world like these!

Journalist at Womenplanet
Why Men Earn and Invest While Women Love Shopping?
From the Expert

For women shopping is a rejuvenating and relaxing exercise, similar to endless meaningless talking. On seeing signs of “Sale Boards” outside major shopping malls, there is an immediate rush of pleasure chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin in a typical women brain attracting and binding her towards it. While men become anxious and frustrated in a dress shop, women love testing a wide range of clothes because it fits the pattern of her brain with each dress teasing a different emotion or feeling of her various unimaginable moods. To make women in charge of spending is like making a butcher the safe keeper of a goat!

Financial Expert

Mirzya, an Indian version of Shakespeare’s Romeo-Juliet saga is more than verses and prose, is a screenplay written by Gulzar! Divided into two eras this movie is a period drama that goes back and for into the love and struggles of Suchi (Saiyami Kher) and Aadil-Monish (Harshvardhan Kapoor) urf Mirzya -Sahibaan in another era. An era where once Mirzya on a horse seen shooting arrows to win Sahiban by competing her dominant brother; while in other era Adil, a horse riding trainer was once a very good childhood friend to Suchi in school, until a fearsome tragedies keep them apart.

Journalist at Womenplanet
5 Simple And Smart Shopping Tricks To Get Juicy Discounts Online!

Shopping online is a lot cheaper in general, and there are many reasons why. Nevertheless, you can still act super smart and make those prices get even lower. How? Below we share a list of five superb tips which will surely improve your shopping experience and let you save money on everything you wish to purchase on the web!

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