Meet the Experts

Himangi   Bhatia
Lifestyle Nutritionist

Himangi is licensed clinical dietician and nutrition specialist, she has counselled thousands of people at various health camps organised for some of the biggest corporate houses.

Lakshmy   Pathy
Genetic Counselor

Lakshmy Pathy owner of Neopel BioScience located at Chennai. It is one of its kinds in new born screening sector.

Michael   Swamy
Chef, Food Stylist, Food Photographer, Entrepreneur, Book Author

Chef Michael Swamy is a Food stylist, travel photographer and a writer. He is the author of “The East Indian Kitchen” which won the Gourmand Award for Best Indian Cookbook.

Mukta   Shah
Face Reader, Handwriting Analyst and Tarot card Reader

Mukta Shah is a Professional Tarot card Reader, Face Reader and Handwriting Analyst since 2008. She has been trained under Mrs.GooliBejanDaruwalla for honing her Tarot Card reading skills & has learnt Handwriting analysis and Face reading by reading exhaustive books specializing in these subjects. She believes learning is a never ending process and hence, plans to continuously update herself with the progresses in these topics that interest her & also learn other aspects of Divination.

Priya   Kathpal
Nutritionist, Fitness Expert

Nutritionist Priya Kathpal has a Master’s degree in Dietary Food Service Management with a Post Graduate Dilpoma in Dietetics, Bsc. Applied Nutrition and is also a certified sports nutritionist.

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Every Woman’s Fear – Head Lice!!!
head lice
From the Expert

Her beautiful gorgeous mane was infected. “Why me?” She thought. Hair lice are for kids not adults, specially not a hairdresser!! And hence followed days of obsession of getting rid of those ugly, itchy, blood sucking bugs. Days of embarrassment, and nights of treatment. She was traumatized and deeply affected by the horrible bugs.

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
I Am Single, Straight & Of Substance – Shaheen Babi Khan

It is not a compulsion to date while you are in your college. Also the girl who has never had a boyfriend and do not wish to be in relation does not mean that she is a Lesbian. Few are just different in the way they are.

Journalist at Women Planet
Women Condoms Wins Against Men Condoms
Women Condom - Cover

Male condoms are so mainstream, let’s talk Women Condoms! Made of a thin, soft, loose-fitting sheath with a flexible ring at each end is something every woman would love to use. Believe it or not, these female condoms have been revamped last year to make it more comfortable, less squeaky and affordable! I know this is getting interesting now!

Journalist at Womenplanet
I Dared To Say NO To Him After Engagement: Suchi Gaur
bk2 cover

On the First meeting, the guy seemed very cool and understanding person. He was good with my family and treated me very well. We both had spent few moments together and I was comfortable with him. We decided to get engaged only to face betrayal.

Journalist at Women Planet
Ghayal Once Again

Overall, the movie has well choreographed action sequences, background music and cinematography. Every actor, including the supporting roles featuring Om Puri, Soha Ali khan, Tisca Chopra, Manoj Joshi, Aanchal Munjal, and others did a great job in the film. What the film lacks is a good storyline.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Health Goals For 2016!
From the Expert

After having being in the field of nutrition one thing that we have realised is that most New Year resolutions do not work beyond the month of January. So, instead of telling you to have resolutions we call them setting goals for the New Year. Here we have a list of a few goals that you need to aim at reaching in this year. Make a sincere effort to achieve most of them if not all.

And She Slept To Wake Up In Heaven: Story Of A Cancer Patient
cancer day

Mumma and papa were their pillars, thanks to them, that they never made faces to anything they had to do for grandma. As a family, we were all suffering. We stopped going out to functions, only so that we could take care of Dadi all the time. At times, she would shout with pain, begging us to kill her!

One day, when I came from the college, granny said, “Take this scissor and cut my remaining hair.” I was painfully surprised, to this she cried out louder taking support of my shoulder, “I puked while I was asleep, all my hair was stuck to the cough I threw out and your mother had to clean it.. I am sorry, so sorry I make you all do these.. forgive me please..”

Journalist at Womenplanet
Healthy Oats Hara Bhara Kebabs
Hara Bhara Kebab
From the Expert

A starter that is healthy and also yummy to taste! Make these oats hara bhara kebabs at home and enjoy, not just its delicious taste but also its high nutrition values.

Chef, Food Stylist, Entrepreneur
Dangerous Hair Accessories – Your Life At risk!
hair accessories 1

One fine winter afternoon I was walking by the side of the road to catch an auto and suddenly a young lady came and hit me from the front. The wheel hit my right leg and I lost my balance. I felt straight backward injuring my head. And the only reason for my severe injury was my hair accessory (Jaw Clip). I had wrapped my hair with a jaw clip. Since my jaw clip was brittle and made out of plastic, it broke into pieces and a small piece of the same jaw clip broke into my head. This accident left me unconscious for more than 5 minutes. I started suffering from Blurred Vision and Dizziness. In any case, if I hadn’t put on the hair accessories I would have saved my head and the accident would not had been a severe one. You all call it butterfly clips right…. But it became an alligator in disguise for me.

Journalist at Women Planet
Drape Saree, Just Like A Bollywood Actress!

Sari – The traditional indian attire is one complex thing to wear! It can be a minute’s thin for our moms, but for us…. let me better not talk about it! However, it’s not at all surprising when women, I mean the young ladies, opt wearing a sari to weddings… only to look more like their favorite Bollywood divas like Sonam Kapoor or Deepika Padukone. Ask any girl and she would agree to you jumping off her place, ‘Yes, yes I want to drape a saree like a celebrity.’ Who doesn’t? Do you know Kalpana Shah, who has mastered her saree draping techniques for years and which also got her cluster of superstars as her clients. She has poured all her sari ka gyaan in her book ‘The Whole 9 Yards’, exclusively for Saree’s!

Journalist at Womenplanet
Mint For Weight Loss – An Effective Solution!
From the Expert

MINT??? Is that true?? Yes, it is!! Mint, as a natural herb can be of great use to you if you are on the way to shedding off some kilo’s from your body! I am sure we never knew that mint has anti-spasmodic and pain relieving properties. Hence, after a heavy workout, a fresh glass of mint tea will prove to be refreshing and will leave you energetic for the entire day! This in turn, will ensure that you stay active and keep up your increased metabolic rate throughout day, thus, aiding in weight loss!

Dietician & Nutritionist
The Safest And Most Dangerous Cities Of India For Women!!
women safety

Solo women in foreign lands are asked to visit India only on their own risks. Forget foreign women, Indian women and girls think twice before they land in certain cities of India. Neither they forgot the Delhi Gang Rape of 2012, several horrifying acid attacks nor the verbal sexual assaults they often face. This has given us a reason to compare Indian cities on the basis of their crime and safety rates. Be it your job posting, your marriage or a family re-shifting, one must note the figures below at least once.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Importance Of Following The Right Skin Care Routine!
woman skin
From the Expert

With so many products available in the market today, it’s pretty confusing to decide on products good for your skin-type. The right skin care routine will augment the health of your skin, keep your pores unclogged, bring up a natural glow to your face and keep acne or pore-bumps at bay. Below is a basic step-wise guideline to maintain and enhance the beauty of your skin:

Natural Beauty Expert B.H.M.S. (Mumbai, India), Certified Cosmetic Formulator (London, U.K)
Be A Proud Woman, Be The Change For Yourself And For Society!

Being born in a patriarchal society is not bad but not good either, why? Remember equalitarian? The term appeared lately, has its influence on only few. You know they say, Men Are Men, They are superior! Really? What made them superior? Who made them after all?

If women in India are not safe, who created this situation? Just Men? No, I do not think so, It’s us, our parents, our siblings, our mentality and behaviour on certain subjects like sex, menstruation, respect etc.

Journalist at Womenplanet
The Oily Truth – Why A Little Oil Is Good??
oily truth
From the Expert

I am sure till now we all have heard a lot about the “NO OIL” facts, the adverse effects of increased oil usage OR the fact that a “zero-fat” diet will lead to a healthy weight loss, etc etc!! Absolutely incorrect!!
To start with, let us first understand the exact usage of oil in our bodies. We do require some amount of oil for the following:

Dietician & Nutritionist
Silly Excuses Women Make To Ditch Work!
Cover SE

To all the Bosses – Don’t let the ladies sell their silly ideas to you. BEAWARE!

Working in a corporate place is always fun, but at times too boring as well! To one and all, here are a few really silly EXCUSES that dear Women make to ditch work.

We have a few ladies coming up with their quotes to make the topic more gripping and entertaining. P.S No Offenses. I am sure this would certainly be a treat for you to read. Here you go!

Journalist at Women Planet
Spreading Smiles – C.L.A.P Celebrates Republic Day With Special Children!
cover 1

For you and me, republic day is all about going to schools, hoisting the Indian flag and singing the National Anthem! For some, it is about staying at home, enjoying the holiday and watching the Parade. But, when it comes to celebrating the Republic day with a difference, C.L.A.P wins the hearts of all. This Republic Day, C.L.A. P (Creative Learning Arts and Performance) celebrated the Indian Republic day in a creative way, spreading joy and happiness with children suffering from Down Syndrome.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Pomegranate & Vanilla Compote
pomegranate and vanilla compote

We all love fruits, esp something that is as juicy and sweet as pomegranante. So, for all you sweet lovers and fruit lovers, here is a pefect dessert that gives you both, the nutrition of pomegranate and the sweetness of any dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth.

A dessert that you will love! High in nutrition and great to taste, this pomegranate and vanilla compote is surely gonna take away your heart with its smoothness and exotic taste.

Guest Author, Women Planet