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Dr. Rahul   Pendse
Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Dr. Rahul Pendse is the nutrition & fitness expert at He has also curated the “Proactive Lifestyle Programme” (PLP) which helps urbanites live a healthy lifestyle in-spite of the chaotic schedules.

He is a medic by profession, a fitness enthusiast by passion & education and a bookworm by nature. As his primary goal was to develop a healthy lifestyle, he eventually also did his M.D in Alternative Medicine and Graduation & PGs in Medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Alternative Medicine, Certified Nutritionist. He studied Fitness Management from Symbiosis Pune and his Personal Training (BFY, ACSM), Teaching Faculty for BFY Mumbai on Personal Training. He is a consultant on Health, Dietetics & Nutrition, Sports Nutrition. He is also trained in Martial Arts & Yoga. He also co-authored books on “Arogya Amrut” and chapters on “Gym Workout for All Age Groups and Healthy Diet & Living”, along with Dr Anand More, MD (Ayu).

Dr. Pendse has a work Experience of around 20 yrs. in Clinical Practice, Critical Care Medicine, Fitness.

Mrinalinee   Mukherjee
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

I am Mrinalinee Mukherjee, a makeup artist and a hair stylist who has had the privilege to work in more than 15 feature films, about 150 advertisements and almost all stars, celebrities and famous people, including the entire Indian cricket team.

Preeti   Patel
Performer & Choreographer

A dancer and choreographer, Preeti Patel is a trained Belly Dance performer based in Navi Mumbai. Trained in the United State of America, Preeti believes in bringing up the belly dance culture in and around the town and country.

Priya   Kathpal
Nutritionist, Fitness Expert

Nutritionist Priya Kathpal has a Master’s degree in Dietary Food Service Management with a Post Graduate Dilpoma in Dietetics, Bsc. Applied Nutrition and is also a certified sports nutritionist.

Dr. Soniya   Palan
Dental Care, Women Planet

Dr Palan is renowned for her technical expertise in dentistry and especially for creating beautiful smiles. She has learnt artistic principles, including smile design.

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The story of the movie is simple… Revenge! Revenge against any person who has attacked India. And for this purpose, they have chosen Daniyal (Saif) a court martialled army guy who wants to get back his name cleared. All through the 147 minutes of the film, Saif sticks to his one and only expression, killing bad men. Katrina, playing the role of Nawaz, apart from her pretty face fails to add anything to movie.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
The Independent, Strong And Impressive Housewife!
housewife feature
From the Expert

Are you a housewife? Do you wish to stand out of the crowd? Do you wish to have a strong social presence and a healthy house atmosphere?
Every housewife struggles to adjust after marriage in the new environment (the new home, new friends, new routine). Every housewife wants to make an identity especially in front of her Husband, In-laws and Husband’s social group.

Life Coach, Life Skill Trainer
I Was Beaten For Being Kind, Loyal And Family Oriented – The Story Of Domestic Violence!
Injured woman terrified

Being a working women spoils your character? Why does someone’s presence create an illness in family and considered a curse? It’s a total crap! It’s you who need to maintain the hygiene and she is neither responsible for the stone in your bladder nor for the viral fever. So, kindly have some logical sense!

Journalist at Womenplanet
How To Keep Your Thyroid In Control With A Proper Diet?
thyroid diet
From the Expert

In the course of endocrine (hormone-related) disorders, thyroid problems are gaining primacy, second only to diabetes mellitus. Cases of people with thyroid disorders are uprising and if not handled in time, it can bring about several other health problems i.e. high cholesterol, triglycerides, high BP & even a heart attack. Thyroid disorders are widespread among women, as they go through many hormonal changes at some stage in puberty, pregnancy & menopause.

How To Escape from Dangers – Safety Tips From a Cop!

It was time to return home from work. Lost in her thoughts, she fiddled with her mobile, reading the messages when They came on a bike and snatched her purse. There was no way she could react within that small fraction of time.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
5 Unknown Facts About Infertility!

Infertility is a global issue that has surfaced in the lives of many in the recent years. While it can be a difficult topic, it is very important that we are aware of its reality. Today there are many usual misconceptions revolving around the topic–what is the truth about infertility?

Guest Author, Women Planet
The Story Of SindhuTai – The Woman Who Has Adopted 1400 Children!

She was born in a family where she was an unwanted child, being called upon as “Chindhi”, which means a torn piece of cloth. The family couldn’t keep her along and married her off to a 30 year old man when she was just in her tender age of 10! Her husband constantly beat her up and at the age of 20, when she was already 9 months pregnant for the fourth time, she was beaten up and was thrown out of the house. This is the story of Sindhutai, a woman who is today, the mother of 1400 plus orphaned kids, a story that is heartbreaking yet inspiring.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Women Now Have To Control Her Sexual Desires To Claim Alimony : Madras High Court Ruling!

Courts are made to give justice to the People! But what kind of court Gives Bail to Rapists? And yes… the Condition included in the bail was that the rapist Would Not Meet the Victim directly, but via mediation. In India, 93 women are being raped every day, unlike the courts in other countries which closes the file after giving the correct judgement. Shockingly, if every Indian High Court from each state passes such lame rulings, then there would be thousand potential rapists roaming in your cities!

Journalist at Womenplanet
Benefits Of Martial Arts Towards Good Health
martial arts
From the Expert

Going to the gym for strength and endurance workouts is no doubt good, but if they also engage a few days of their workout schedule in one of the most amazing workouts ever gifted to mankind, can add more value in terms of good health, which is Martial Arts.

Nutrition & Fitness Expert
All Is Well
all is well

Just before the interval, they say “All is NOT Well”. With a heavy heart, this is one thing in the film I completely agree to. A film that is packed with brilliant performers like Rishi Kapoor, Supriya Pathak, Abhishek Bachchan (who I have personally always liked but doesn’t seem to be bagging worthy roles) and Khan – it is difficult to conceive would be so not-impactful.

Freelance Writer, Women Planet
Honey – The Best Hair Treatment For Your Hair!
honey for hair
From the Expert

Honey for hair? What a combination? Yes, you read it correct! Are you tired of your botched and rough hair? Is your hair fall increasing day-by-day? Then go ahead and scroll down to read this article carefully. I am sure you will get the answers to all your damaged hair related queries! Until now, we were only aware of the use of HONEY in our kitchens, but today, we will now get it OUT of the kitchen and use it for our hair!

Dietician & Nutritionist
5 Reasons Why A Bicycle Is Your Health Mate!

What car do you drive? Is it a premium model with a powerful engine that weaves through the traffic like a dream? Well, whether you own a car or not, it is always one’s dream to own one of the finest 4 wheels you can afford. But, while we follow our dream and a busy everyday schedule, we forget one of our very first and also old transportation sources, bi-cycle! Yes… the first toy that you drove in and around your home and then perhaps in the neighborhood every evening.

Journalist at Women Planet
Kurkure Kebabs
From the Expert

This recipe is a tribute to all Indians. As Indians most important item on our dining table has to be soft chapatis and many a times we have left overs also, next time you have some left over use them to make kurkure kebabs.

Restaurateur, Entrepreneur, Educationist and Cooking Enthusiast
It Is Not Rape If A Husband Forces Himself On His Wife Who Is Above 15 Years Of Age!
Rape in india - 1

Women are raped in India every average minute. It doesn’t take a full stop here, but this stretches to multiple psychological and social issues. She is isolated by the society, looked upon as the culprit rather than being a victim and treated rather by the society instead of supporting and encouraging her to live a regular life.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Divorced And Banished By Her Husband, Lalfakzuali Today Is An Inspiring Businesswoman!
lalfakzualipuantah.jpg -1

Lalfakzuali, invariably desired to be independent and build a future for herself and her son before her husband had spoken those three heavy letters to her: “ Ka Ma Che!” Under the Mizoram Customary Law, it means that she has been divorced! She had to move back to her father’s place with just a little bundle of her belongings and her son, a place where she wove to make her living by creating convoluted shawls and puans,

Journalist at Womenplanet
What’s New In The Urban Interior Design Industry?
From the Expert

Giving your home a new look with simple interior design concepts is an art, an art that is constantly evolving. You will see newer concepts, newer ideas and thoughts that can add magic to your abode. One such concept is that of the Scandinavian designs.

Textile & Interior Designer
Marriage – What Changes After You Say ‘I Do’??

I and my partner courted for almost 7 years before we finally decided on going ahead with our relation and saying the words, ‘I Do’! We thought we were absolutely compatible… understood each other by the expressions on the other’s face. But, 1 year down the marriage lane… and we realized how very wrong we were. Did we get married in a haste?? Perhaps we did or may be not! Well, I still don’t know!

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Happy Independence Day – The Modern India And The Forgotten Value Of Freedom?
Indian Flags - 4

Let’s share the patriotism of people lived back in freedom fighting tenure, let’s not just talk about Mahatma Gandhi or Bhagat Singh, let’s talk about the unsung warriors, let’s think logic and do something which is utilitarian every 15th August and see Happy Days beginning.

Journalist at Womenplanet