Meet the Experts

Arpita   Ganesh
Lingerie Expert

Arpita Ganesh is India’s only bra fitting counselor or you can say a lingerie expert. She has fitted over 3000 women. You can read more by visiting her website,

Dr. Rahul   Pendse
Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Dr. Rahul Pendse is the nutrition & fitness expert at He has also curated the “Proactive Lifestyle Programme” (PLP) which helps urbanites live a healthy lifestyle in-spite of the chaotic schedules.

He is a medic by profession, a fitness enthusiast by passion & education and a bookworm by nature. As his primary goal was to develop a healthy lifestyle, he eventually also did his M.D in Alternative Medicine and Graduation & PGs in Medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Alternative Medicine, Certified Nutritionist. He studied Fitness Management from Symbiosis Pune and his Personal Training (BFY, ACSM), Teaching Faculty for BFY Mumbai on Personal Training. He is a consultant on Health, Dietetics & Nutrition, Sports Nutrition. He is also trained in Martial Arts & Yoga. He also co-authored books on “Arogya Amrut” and chapters on “Gym Workout for All Age Groups and Healthy Diet & Living”, along with Dr Anand More, MD (Ayu).

Dr. Pendse has a work Experience of around 20 yrs. in Clinical Practice, Critical Care Medicine, Fitness.

Niti   Luthra
Makeup Artist

Niti Luthar is a professional makeup artist who is specialized in Beauty makeup, high fashion makeup, theatrical makeup, traditional makeup.

Rakhee   Vaswani
Chef, Entrepreneur

Rakhee is certified by Le Cordon Bleu at Gordon Ramsay's Tante Marie in London. Touted to be the 'Desi Nigella' of India, Rakhee is a natural with flavors and textures, her biggest asset being her strong palate and a deep rooted passion for the culinary arts and food the industry.

Stop   Acid Attack
Social Activist

Acid attacks are a shame, a sin that is very easily forgotten in a country like India with no judicial law created to punish the offenders. One attack and the life, looks and confidence of a person are easily shattered like a house of glass shattered by a stone.

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His Friends Took Turns To Rape Me – Raakesh Agarvwal
male-victim-111215.jpg - 3

We often take an extra mile in terms of girls’ safety, how about men? Frequently, I hear people saying, “He is a guy, no worries if he is out or is late while coming home back,” why? Don’t he have private parts? Just because he is not a girl, society has created a pre-notion about men, not classified into the category of victims, but culprits!

Journalist at Womenplanet

Jazbaa has been one of the most awaited movies of the year 2015, more because it marked the comeback of actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan after her 5 year old break. And without doubt, Aish carries forth the movie perfectly as expected. But, after you have watched the film, you will remember it not as an Aishwarya film, but as an Irrfan Khan film.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Fizzy Fennel

A smooth, refreshing and absolutely chilled mocktail to soothe your taste buds anytime you want. Fizzy Fennel is the perfect mocktail for your guests, friends and family, for all your gatherings. Enjoy it with your meal, snacks or just as a refreshment during the beautiful dusky evenings. One sip and you will get mesmerized by its soothing taste.

Guest Author
Vitamins For Life: Attitude Shifts For A Happier, Healthier You!
happy woman

Isn’t it so profound, especially for women? We are always on the lookout for what we have not been able to achieve – not losing that extra kilo of weight, failing to attend the PTA meeting, not being a great cook, not doing enough. What if we truly thank ourselves for doing all that amazing work that we do every day?

Weird But True – Indian Laws You Need To Know!

Knowledge is wealth and information is sacrosanct. There is never a full stop to anything you learn and when it comes to the laws you need to remain abide, I guess we all should at least know them for once. Indian Constitution is an amalgamation of laws from different constitutions and hence some laws are unbelievably weird. Governments have changed but some eyebrow raising laws aren’t!

Journalist at Womenplanet
Through The Beautiful Journey of My Pregnancy!

I had a beautiful journey through out my pregnancy, with little ups and downs of course. My biggest support was my hubby on whom I used to throw lots of tantrums. Thanks to my mood swings ;) I got lots of suggestions from people on Do’s and Don’ts. I followed few and ignored the rest as I knew what’s best for me and my little one. Let me give you an overview on what you feel on every stage, or rather every trimester.

Guest Author, Women Planet
10 Typical Girl Traits That Guys Hate!
feature 2

She is bold… gorgeous… smart and dresses elegantly! For any guy, these are some of the basic traits that appeals them to a girl. But, while there are traits that appeal, there are also ones that men hate from the core of their heart. Yes… girly traits that boys HATE!! You didn’t know? Well well… read on to find out about them. I am sure they will help you out at some point of life!

Journalist at Women Planet
Beauty Sold – The Life Story Of Sonagachi’s Prostitute!
PRostitute - 1

About 13,000 women satiate their hunger and needs through their bodies. Sonagachi, an abode to prostitutes enfolds hundreds of heart wrenching stories leaving the knowers in maze. As the sun hides, the illegal network of trafficking, local criminal gangs and victims conceal on the narrow lanes of the district. To the place where even reporters, journalists and police blood run cold, Beauty was sold in a popular brothel.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Singh Is Bling

Singh Is Bling, by Prabhudeva, is one of the most illogical movies we have seen in the recent times. The movie is trash without any story, no strong characters and absolutely no acting skills. I wonder why the film was even made at the first place.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
The Divine Women!

A Heart adorned with Timeless care,
A Drop of Charm in her stare,
A Princess conquering each Dare !!

Guest Author - Women Planet
Banished – The Painful Story Of A Maid, A Mother And A Woman!
Indian Women - 1

Like every other girl in this world, even I had a dream of getting married to the man of my dreams. As I belong to the lower middle class family, I never dreamed of a king but yes, always conceived to be his queen. My mother arranged money for my wedding, from the tea stall which we owned on the highway. It was an arranged marriage, as of course there was no scope of love marriage from the family I belonged to.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Can Oral Sex Be Fun And Hygienic?
oral sex

SEX – A Three letter word that can make the entire world dance to its heat! Time and again we have been talking about sex, How can you make your partner enjoy it more or How to last longer in bed. But, not once will you find people talking about oral sex and how it can take you to the seventh heaven alone! Yes… ask your partner about oral sex, and they might just smirk at you with a completely baffled look plastered on their face.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Dieting – Why Bother For A Dietitian?
From the Expert

Do we ever pay attention to what we eat and in how much amount? Perhaps we all have a clear and complete idea about the power of proper nutrition, the fundamental part of living a healthy life. Today’s sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits & routine physical inactivity made us victim of many lifestyle disorders like obesity, high blood pressure, etc. In fact, the marketplace is flooded with too many food choices and with very less nutritional value. In addition, there are nutrition information or inaccurate information that is spread unintentionally all over the INTERNET and popular media. There are apps and websites and free advice everywhere.

4 Things To Consider For Finding Your Perfect Wedding Bands!
wedding bands

They say marriages are made in heaven… only to be lived and cherished for life on earth. And to strengthen your love, what better than choose the most exquisite wedding bands that depict your love, your purity and style through their classic designs. And so, it gets vital that you choose a perfect wedding band for your marriage, something that is above the basic patterns. So, here are 4 tips that you should consider while buying the perfect wedding bands for you and your life partner.

Jewelove, Founder
Bangles And Positive Vibes – Why Indian Women Wear Bangles?
Indian Bangles - 2

One of the popular and auspicious ornament that Indian women wear since centuries are Bangles. Originated in Hinduism, every other religion that came from various invasion in India accepted the fact and embraced it as one of their religious belief. Go on a busy market street some day and you will find Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist and Christian women showing their interest in buying colourful bangles.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Tips To A Well-Dressed Bed – Enjoying A Luxury Bed At Home!
From the Expert

I am a hotel junkie. And while I was growing up, my interest in how my room looks was little. But, as I grew older and of course as I started my career in textiles, I more and more disliked the sloppy sleeping quarters. It gives me immense comfort to come to a perfectly made bed at the end of the day.

Textile & Interior Designer
iHour – A Woman’s Sacred Hour!
From the Expert

Life of a woman is all about her family! She lives not for herself but for her loved ones, forgetting herself in the process. But as time passes, she losses her identity and what she misses most is her ME time! The time where she can be herself, do whatever she likes and revive herself. But, taking out time from her responsibilities is not easy thing. Instead, she can take out an iHour, an hour for herself alone.

Life Coach, Author
Artificial Sweetener – A Honeytrap!
artificial sweetener
From the Expert

Sugar substitutes may seem to be the perfect answer to combat the battle of the bulges and yet satisfy cravings of the palate, but a new study shows that they may be actually sabotaging weight-loss efforts.