Meet the Experts

Mr Mehrab   Irani
Financial Expert

Mehrab Irani, the General Manager, Investments, at Tata Investment Corporation, Mumbai. He has a total of 14 years of experience in investment research, portfolio management, investment banking, dealing and global research on US and European financial services sector and credit markets.

Mukta   Shah
Face Reader, Handwriting Analyst and Tarot card Reader

Mukta Shah is a Professional Tarot card Reader, Face Reader and Handwriting Analyst since 2008. She has been trained under Mrs.GooliBejanDaruwalla for honing her Tarot Card reading skills & has learnt Handwriting analysis and Face reading by reading exhaustive books specializing in these subjects. She believes learning is a never ending process and hence, plans to continuously update herself with the progresses in these topics that interest her & also learn other aspects of Divination.

Preeti   Patel
Performer & Choreographer

A dancer and choreographer, Preeti Patel is a trained Belly Dance performer based in Navi Mumbai. Trained in the United State of America, Preeti believes in bringing up the belly dance culture in and around the town and country.

Dr. Rinky   Kapoor
Cosmetic Dermatologist & Laser Expert

Dr. Rinky Kapoor, an MD Dermatologist based in Mumbai and was Ex - Head of Cosmetic Dermatology at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad and Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai.

Dr. Soniya   Palan
Dental Care, Women Planet

Dr Palan is renowned for her technical expertise in dentistry and especially for creating beautiful smiles. She has learnt artistic principles, including smile design.

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12 Best Known Traits Of A BIMBO!!

Well ! I’m sure that everyone of us would have come across at-least one BIMBO in their lifetime. Those Typical species of ladies with some specific traits or rather should i say specific irritating traits which keep nagging you and people around. Here are 11 traits that will help you clearly identify a Bimbo, around you! Enjoy reading. P.S. No Offense please!!!

Journalist at Women Planet
Health Tips For A Power Puff Day!
From the Expert

If you find yourself feeling tired more often than not, it’s time to step back and see what you can do about it. If you are among those who find getting up and going to work painful in the morning and feel tired even after a night’s sleep, here are simple food tips to beat your fatigue.

I Am Voluptuous And I Find Myself Sexy!
cover page

I have my own type, why should I change for someone who has different mentality than mine? I am plump and I am confident in my body. No, I don’t regret that how fat is me, but what I regret is, my disqualification in making people understand that, it isn’t 36-26-36 that defines beauty but it is your good health and the character you carry.

Journalist at Womenplanet

Talking of Tamasha, the movie has a splendid story, excellent cast and some good music by none other than A.R. Rehman. Written by Imtiaz Ali. It is an unusual Love Story, with both Deepika and Ranbir giving in their best performances. Although Deepika has a comparatively lesser screen space, she simply happens to steal the limelight away.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Home Remedies For Soft Brighter Elbows!
elbow feature

Beauty treatments and skin massages… we do it all for a naturally glowing skin. But, do we really take care of every length of our skin, including the elbows? No! We may spend thousands on getting our face treated or for manicures and pedicures, but don’t consider much about our elbows which once used to be baby soft and bright skinned, rather than being dark and rough.

Journalist at Women Planet
My Gynecologist – My Best Friend!
gynaec friend

A Gynaec visit… What are you pregnant?? Tell any of your friends about your gynaec appointment, and I am sure this is exactly the question they will ask you without sparring a thought. But, common ladies…it’s time we grow out of the shell and think wisely about our health. There can be several reasons why you need to visit your gynaec. And visiting him/ her doesn’t imply that you are prego or have menstrual issues.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
My Classmates Say I Have ZERO Beauty Standard – Sharanya Pillai
Cover pic

Today, I sit with a deep thought that Will India & Other Countries ever GROW? The word BEAUTY comes up with a tag and all the responsibility. But, why hype unnecessarily? Is being dark skinned a sin? Are you not considered beautiful? Why does every guy want a girlfriend who is fair skinned? There were a lot of questions that kept rushing into my mind, but when I look for answers, there were none.

Journalist at Women Planet
OMG – Sharing Secrets With Friends Is Pure Fun!
Secrets - Cover

Secrets! Secrets are strongly interesting only if you are the receiver and the one who spill the beans every other day. Your close family member or a best friend is the one who acts like a dump yard for your secrets. Believe me, it’s you, me and guess everyone out there who have little known secrets safe with someone they trust. Even I have a few secrets of my friends and vice versa.

Journalist at Womenplanet
The Day I Was Mistaken For A Prostitute!
Indian Prostitute - 1

As a student, living in a paying guest during exams was the toughest thing to do. Studying for final exams was essential for me and I decided to agree to my friend’s offer to shift at her house for one week. We were also classmates and hence it was a good decision to opt for a group study. As I had no vehicle and had never seen her house before, so we decided to meet at a fixed spot so that she can pick me up.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Beyond Water – Staying Hydrated in the Winters!
winter hydration
From the Expert

Winter is on its way and so are the various health issues like dehydration, dryness of the skin, rough lips, loss of skin luster and smoothness, etc. etc.! Obviously we love winters, but how can we combat these health issues? One of the major problems among these is “DEHYDRATION”! Yes, I am sure most of us face this issue during the chilly winter days.

Dietician & Nutritionist
Facial Workouts – For Face Slimming!

That chiseled high cheek bone and slim face… Don’t we envy our favourite actresses, may it be Angelina Jolie or Kareena Kapoor? Yes, we all do and somewhere in our heart we all make a little bit of effort in looking like them, at least to achieve that slim face. But, if you are naturally chubby and even dieting hasn’t helped you reduce the fat on your face, here are workout tips that will help you slim your face. These are natural methods for reducing your facial fat, something that can also be achieved by contouring or cosmetic surgeries (which of course cost you a lot).

Journalist at Women Planet
5 Ways Smartphone Apps Are Hampering Your Relations!
apps feature

It was a Sunday Morning… all quiet and peaceful. Cheerfully, I was waiting for him to wake me up with his sweet voice and hug!! Damn…but the first thing I hear is the sound of notifications followed by the noise of typing a message! What a great start to a beautiful Day!! :/

Sub Editor, Women Planet
How To Look Glamorous In Your Bestie’s Wedding?
wedding look
From the Expert

The thing I love about this season is that the weather is perfect to wear makeup. Although I have a tendency to stick to the same makeup look all year round, I love to experiment something different especially during the wedding season, which is right around the corner and probably to last until early next year.

Makeup Artist
Divorce Made Me Happier & Stronger Than Ever – Sunita Rawal

When I went to my mother’s place during the time I was pregnant, my mother-in-law did some black magic on my husband. I was 8 months pregnant when I was specially called upon home. My husband literally gave me a shock by telling that he had an affair with another lady and my in-laws took our relationship for a nice ride. I was Pregnant and I was stressed like anything. In the midnight I was thrown out of the house by my husband and in-laws.

Journalist at Women Planet
These Birth Control Remedies Will Leave You Shocked!
birth control

Birth Control Methods – One thought about this topic and you will have images of male and female condoms, oral contraceptive pills and several other procedures rushing into your mind that are usually followed to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. But, what did our ancestors do when there were no condoms or pills to avoid pregnancy? They surely didn’t have a hundred babies and were surely not bugged with the worries of conceiving after every time they had sex. So, how did they actually have control in an age with no condoms around?

Journalist at Womenplanet
The Golden Women!
golden woman

On this New Year’s eve, here is a poem “The Golden Women! “dedicated to all the beautiful Women out there! Her mesmerizing beauty and her innocent heart, her charm, her strength and her persona, nothing is enough to explain her might!

Guest Author - Women Planet
How To Avoid Weight Gain In Diwali?
dry fruits
From the Expert

Diwali is the festival of Lights and Joy. It’s time to enjoy and have loads of fun. And thanks to the goodies which we eat, no work stress and workout activities because of the holidays, there is a tendency to put on weight (fat) and go off track.

Nutrition & Fitness Expert
Shahi Tukda
shahi tukda
From the Expert

A Simple, delicious and absolutely refreshing dessert recipe for this Diwali! Made out of bread and condensed milk, Shahi Tukda is the perfect sweet dish for all you and your dear ones. Set it on a plate and serve it to all who come visiting you these festive days!

Chef, Food Stylist, Entrepreneur