Meet the Experts

Dr. Shreya   Dubey
Consultant, Neonatology and Paediatrics, CK Birla Hospital for Women

Dr. Shreya Dubey is Consultant, Neonatology and Pediatrics at the CK Birla Hospital for Women, Gurgaon. She has over 10 years of experience. She is a high-risk newborn specialist with expertise in premature and ELBW babies’ care, neonatal intensive care, behavioral pediatrics, infant nutrition, child and adolescent health.

She completed her post-graduation from King George Medical University, Lucknow and holds the degree of DNB Pediatrics from Jaipur Golden Hospital both with gold medals along with a Fellowship in Neonatology from National Neonatology Forum. She has previously worked with Apollo Cradle Hospital, Delhi.

Dr. Ashok   Karad

Dr Ashok Karad is a board-certified orthodontist and maintains an exclusive orthodontic

practice in Mumbai since 1992. He is a Past-Chairman of the Indian Board of

Orthodontics, and Former Editor-in-Chief of "The Journal of Indian Orthodontic

Society". Dr. Karad has been actively involved in clinical research, continuing education,

and publications. A clinician par excellence, he has many award-winning scientific

presentations to his credit and is also a recipient of ‘the IOS Award for ‘Clinical


Dr Karad has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to many

book chapters, and has authored,in 2010, a book titled “Clinical Orthodontics: Current

concepts, goals and mechanics”. The second edition of this book was published in

2015. He is on the Editorial board of many international scientific journals, and maintains

a busy international lecture schedule.

He is the Director of Smile Care, an Academic Dental Center and is a Mentor of the

Columbia-Eduhub Mastership Series for ORTHO-ESTHETICS conducted by

Eduhub. Dr. Karad has been a keynote speaker and has delivered orations at many

National and International Conferences.

His key areas of clinical interest are orthodontic finishing, adult orthodontics,

non-extraction treatment modalities, clinical photography, efficient and effective

treatment mechanics to optimize results, occlusion and temporomandibular joint

disorders, complex cases requiring interdisciplinary dentofacial therapy and Invisalign

treatment option.

Dr. Karad is also a graduate in professional photography from New York Institute of

Photography, USA. He has conducted several courses in clinical photography, and his

contribution of photographs to textbook chapters, scientific publications, research

projects, photography workshops and advertising agencies has been well appreciated.

Dr. Sonia   Lal Gupta
MBBS, Diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Sonia Lal Gupta MD is a highly qualified Board Certified Neurologist. After completing her MBBS from Government Medical College Patiala, she pursued Neurology at New York Medical College. She graduated in 2011 becoming one of the youngest neurologists in the world at the age of 27.

She specialized in Headache Medicine at the University of South Florida in Tampa where she was awarded the “Fellow of the year” award – an honor bestowed on only 2 previous fellows in the past 20 years of the fellowship. She further specialized in strokes and completed her fellowship in Vascular Neurology from New York Medical College.

Abhishek   Kajaria
Jeweller and Owner of Avama Jewellers

One of the foremost jewellers, Abhishek Kajaria is a name that symbolises glamour and timeless style. Having completed his studies, he went on to work as a jewellery exporter for 22 years and finally launched his own retail brand, ‘Avama Jewellers’ in 2017. Meticulous craftsmanship and a strong design sensibility create a brand that exudes style and sophistication for the woman of today. His penchant for minimalism urges him to create jewellery that caters to all age groups, and has an international appeal despite its Indian identity.Abhishek quickly garnered attention for his contemporary and traditional aesthetic and his experimentation with materials like rose gold, gemstones and diamonds.

Preeti   Patel
Performer & Choreographer

A dancer and choreographer, Preeti Patel is a trained Belly Dance performer based in Navi Mumbai. Trained in the United State of America, Preeti believes in bringing up the belly dance culture in and around the town and country.

Shweta   Sachani
Makeup Artist

Shweta Sachani, the founder and owner of Makeup India, the largest makeup community on the internet. She is a thorough professional who got trained and worked in Milan and London in the fashion industry before planning to revolutionize the makeup industry in India.

Doreen   Cohanim
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy healer

Doreen has conducted over 500 Motivational speaking and workshops nationally and internationally on various subjects related to mental, emotional and physical healing.

Dr. Neha   Smart
Homeopathy Consultant

Dr. Neha Smart is a Homeopathy Consultant. She has over 8 year of experience and specializes in female disorders like menopausal ailments, pigmentation and infertility.

Dr. Seemma   Saadikha
Anti-Aging Expert

Dr. Seema, founder of Aura Anti-aging Centre, the first-of-its-kind facility in the city has successfully treated thousands of individuals since its inception in 2009. She has an impressive client list comprising of prominent personalities from various walks of life; Fashion, Films, Sports persons, Industrialists etc.

She is also the founder-director, of a social charitable organization Namma Mitra which focuses on health, education, environment and self sustenance of the needy and underprivileged.

Lotus   Herbals
Herbal Beauty Products

Lotus Herbals is the most renowned name in India for natural cosmetics. With a range of over 250 products covering sun care, skin care and makeup.

Pooja   Makhija

Nutritionist to stars like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar, Mira Kapoor, Twinkle Khanna, Tammana Bhatia, Ishaan Khattar and Sushmita Sen, celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija has, in her fifteen years of practice, transformed the bodies and the lives of over twenty-five thousand people and made planet earth more than a 125,000 kilos lighter. Her clientele includes people from all walks of life - models, actors, socialites, CEOs, ace yoga instructors, personal trainers, producers, directors, singers, pilots, architects, builders, media professionals and housewives. Apart from being a celebrity nutritionist, Pooja is also a bestselling author, a television star, an entrepreneur and, above all, a devoted mother of two. A vocal and passionate believer in the power of food, Pooja's mission is to help you fall in love with food. To that end, she is on a journey to 'fooducate' the world and help rebuild people’s faith in the power of nutrition.

Archana   Goenka
Trustee and Academic Director - C.P. Goenka International School

Mrs. Archana Goenka is the Managing Trustee and Academic Director for C. P. Goenka Group of Schools since the year 2000. Post completion of her high school, she did her graduation in Commerce and a Diploma in Fashion Designing simultaneously. Inquisitive psyche and an ardent personality are the two words that best define Mrs. Goenka. With her inclination towards studying Human Behaviour, she has pursued a course in Human Resources and certificate course in Personal Counseling.

Being a veteran in the education industry, her understanding, creativity and endeavor to bring in a positive wave of transformation in the education system have been quite fruitful. She believes that schools are not just about textbooks and teachers but a world in itself. Taking that into consideration, she has always come forward to inject dynamism, innovation and recreation to the academic cycle with the aim to defy the cliché that ‘Schools are Dull and Tedious’.

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