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Anupamaa   Singh
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Anupamaa Singh is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and a Certified Angel Card Reader. She has been certified by Doreen Virtue, world’s leading and renowned Angel Therapist. You can read more by visiting her website,

Elisha   Kriis
International Travel TV show Presenter, Model-Actress

Elisha Kriis is a international travel TV show presenter, a model and an upcoming actress. She is the host on TravelXP and has covered over 70 cities across the globe.

Ganesha   Speaks

Ganesha Speaks is India’s #1 Astrology portal. Ganesha Speaks predicts the daily horoscope. We also take personal questions related to career, marriage, business and finance.

Neopel   Bioscience
Genetic Testing Smplified

Neopel offers a huge range of genetic tests to improve the life of all newborns. We have a team of highly experienced professionals of over 10 years.

Shivraj   Gaekwad
Jewelry Designer

Shivraj Gaekwad is a fine jewelry artist winner of President's Gold Medal. He designs and manufactures a vast range of jewelry using bamboos and beads.

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Apple And Its Unknown Uses

An apple a day, Keeps the doctor away!! Well, well, this is one phrase we all are aware of. But, apart from eating this juicy fruit, Apples can also be used for a wide range of things. Surprisingly, some of these uses are absolutely unknown to people. So, here is a small insight about these

Team Women Planet
Coming home Safe: Video on Women Safety

Yes Mom…don’t worry I will be home soon!! For every mother, the safety of her daughter is of prime concern today. But, sadly not all girls make it safely to their abodes. Either molested, eve-teased or raped, girls always live in the shadow of fear. In this South Indian video, you will see how two

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
How To Get Rid Of Black Til From Face?
From the Expert

Black til or moles are not a big concern for most people. But when you have them on your face, a lot of people refer getting rid from them in any possible way. Normally moles are of a cosmetic concern. But just to be sure one should check with a dermatologist. There are a few

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
Working women Wardrobe Basics!

Fashion in Office? Can Working Women really look stunning in their simple, regular styled office wears? Oh Hell YESSSS, they Can!! Women can look just as stunning as in their regular official clothes as their evening wears. And this can only happen once you know what to wear and what are the basic essentialities in

Senior Writer
Clever Techniques To Shed Weight

There are means of shedding weight easily, without much strain or effort. These ideas are highly suggested by dieticians, trainers and others for their ease and effortlessness. Here below are such few techniques that you may follow to shed weight and look gorgeous. Reduce the sugar: If you try giving up sugar totally, you may

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
From the Expert
Chef, Food Stylist, Entrepreneur
Indian Version to Indian Needs

The popular Ice Bucket Challenge is soaking people with ice cold water around the world. The good side of this challenge is the raised amount of charity in million dollars. But wait! Can’t we think of a little more pragmatic and a little less dramatic way of helping the needy? Rice Bucket Challenge it is!

Finding Fanny – Review

Story Long lost Love…. Fredie, a postman starts a hunt mission to find his long lost love Fanny. He is helped by Angie (Deepika, a young widow with a story of her own), Rosie (Dimple, Angie’s mother in-law), Savio (Arjun, Angie’s old lover) and Don Pedro (Pankaj, an artist and car Owner). So, is Fanny

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
What Should You Feed Your Toddler?
From the Expert

I think most moms instinctively would give the answer: Whatever they will eat. The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. Feeding a toddler is a full contact sport. There’s a lot of “Oh my baby, alle alle” and similar games to keep their attention. Then mothers do a lot

Lifestyle Nutritionist
Solving 9 weirdest Bra Problems!

Strapping, spillage, slipping, sagging and more! Well, I am surely not here discussing about the dictionary ‘S’ words, but instead bringing in focus the attention of all ladies to the Bra problems, all women face. Choosing a bra, a perfectly fitting bra is surely a tricky task, especially with its wide range of varieties and

Senior Writer
Re-Arranging All Existing Wooden Furniture For More Space

Old is gold! The wooden cabinets and other wooden furniture can be reshuffled repeatedly to make the room look more spacious. This can be done without any expense or with help. But the transformation has to be done with care. Certain spots have to be selected before the actual shifting is done. It has to

Senior Writer
Pimple: Their Problems And Their Solutions
From the Expert

Age: Pimples or Acne appears more commonly in adolescence. It generally tends to reduce in severity with age, however, if there is an underlying hormonal issue it may persist or increase with age. Symptoms: Pimple involves the sebaceous glands over the face. Apart from face, they can present over chest, back and thighs. Skin coloured

Cosmetic Dermatologist & Laser Expert
Khiladi Akshay Kumar Urges To Teach Martial Arts To Women

“It is important for Women to learn Self Defense.” With women Safety becoming a major concern in our country, Actor Akshay Kumar takes a step to helping women fight for their lives. This is his way of gifting women and the society, trying his best to make India a safer place to live in. On

Co-Editor, Branding Manager
10 Beauty Myths For Fashion Lovers

Mistakes happen, but they should not spoil the beauty! For all those women who love to step out in their prettiest forms with perfect little makeup on them, here is a checklist you should avoid. Read about the 10 beauty myths, I am sure most of you are unaware of. The ten mistakes usually committed

Senior Writer
Banish The Bloating
From the Expert

Bloating is a gassy feeling that causes heaviness in the stomach and lower abdomen. This is caused due to production of gas in the body, which is a sign of indigestion. There are certain foods that cause bloating, although they taste good and are irresistible, they should be eaten in reasonable quantities. You must learn

You split due to unequal thoughts, and not equal status

“Why do you want to waste your money on her education? You won’t get back anything!” asks a guy in a gibberish way to a hopeful dad. Dad replies, “Correct yourself buddy, it’s not ‘wasting’ but ‘investing’ money, the money which ‘I’ earn is equally ‘hers’ and if I will educate her, she will educate

Women Addicted More To Cell Phones Than Men!

A new studies shows women are more likely to use cellphones to build relationships and have deeper conversations, while men prefer using their devices for entertainment and Social Networking.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Hemp – The most unconsumed miracle food

Do you include hemp in your diet? Known to be one of the most miraculous foods of all times, Hemp has boundless health benefits to our health. Right from balancing the body hormone levels, nourishing skin and hair, relaxing muscles and body inflammation, hemp can do wonders to our health. The uses and benefits of

Team Women Planet