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Carissa   Christina
Hollywood Makeup Artist, Model

Carissa Christina is a makeup artist, creative director and model. She has worked with award winning actors.

Doreen   Cohanim
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy healer

Doreen has conducted over 500 Motivational speaking and workshops nationally and internationally on various subjects related to mental, emotional and physical healing.

Dr. Kaberi   Banerjee
IVF Specialist, Obstetrics, Gynecologist

Dr. Kaberi Banerjee is a seasoned Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and specializes in IVF, ICSI, Egg Donation and Surrogacy.

Dr. Meenakshi   Sahu
Obstetrics and Gynaecologist

Dr. Meenakshi is a Senior consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Adiva, Fortis la femme, Institute of liver and biliary sciences, Delhi, India. Her areas of special interest include: Normal and high risk pregnancy, menstrual and hormonal problems, etc.

Preeti   Seth
Nutritionist & Cosmetologist

A spa that revives your beauty, helps achieve your slimming target and relaxes you from deep within! This clearly defines the services of Pachouli Spa, an initiative of Ms. Preeti Seth which combines the goodness of naturopathy along with modern health treatments.

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10 Hot Tips To Buy Lingerie Online
lingerie shopping

For women, shopping is the inseparable part of their life. No Shopping…No Fun…No Joy…No Positivity…No Good Life! But, when it comes to shopping online, very few prefer buying lingerie from the several online sites. Yes, you do get the best designs, the best collections, the best brands and all the sizes which you may never had availed in your local lingerie store. But, the confusion in size, the quality and fabric all together force a woman to compromise and choose something simple from her local store. But not anymore.

Sub Editor
3 Most Common Exercise Excuses – Busted!
exercise excuses
From the Expert

Is staying fit really that difficult? Every day, a good majority of people spend their time working out for a healthier and fit body, while another half looks for reasons or rather excuses to avoid exercising. The question here arises, Is Staying Fit Really That Difficult and Time Consuming?

Lifestyle Nutritionist
6 Internet Dangers Every Women Must Be Aware Of
online security

The internet hazards are far more critical for women than compared with men. In order to taste the vastness of the World Wide Web, a woman must be aware of these internet dangers which can make their lives worse if ignored.

Guest Writer, Women Planet
9 Annoying Habits You Don’t Want To See In Your Partner
Annoying habits

Well! To all the beaus, we ladies love you unconditionally but then we certainly have a right to share our views that would stand against. Here are few of the things from a Ladies point of view that a guy must mark. Yes! Surprisingly here are 9 such annoying habits that women hate in men, especially in their boyfriend.

Journalist at Women Planet
Emergency Plan For Earthquake Safety

When it comes to the natural calamity, all is uncertain. The occurrence of the natural calamity is not at all frequent but it has much severe effects. The effects of the earthquake is very severe on the other hand it so happens that people are mostly unprepared to face such situations. This scenario is certainly horrifying and deadly.

Journalist at Women Planet
Makeup Tips For The Scintillating Summer Look
make up
From the Expert

For a woman, it is her righteous right to look beautiful, with makeup or without makeup. With the season giving us its best exposure to heat, it is upon us how we face it with a glittering smile.

Makeup Artist
Avengers : Age Of The Ultron

The movie will be a treat for all Marvel fans. All the characters play their role just as fabulously and being a fan myself, its tough for me to pick out just one. Robert Downey Jr. is amazing as always, the bike ride with Scarlett Johansson was an absolute oh-so-cool, the quirk that the script generally brings in with the Hulk is an all time favorite – and as you see, I am still high on the movie! :)

Freelance Writer, Women Planet
Who Leads A Better Life – Housewife Or Working Woman?
housewife vs working woman

Household chores or job work load? Functions at home or meetings at office? Aagnyakaari bahu or malicious daughter-in-law?
There is always a tug of war between these two categories of females. One becomes a sanskaari bahu and the other becomes a selfish and self-centered bahu.

Freelance Journalist
The Best Conferences Worldwide for Female Entrepreneurs
woman entrepreneurs

Conferences are held all over the world and they cover every topic imaginable. They are great for all types of entrepreneurs and business people who want to gain access to the latest tips, products and services that can make their own companies thrive. Additionally, conferences are also a great way to learn something new that will expand your horizons as a business person.

Team Women Planet
Mushroom Chili Cheese Soup
mushroom chili cheese soup
From the Expert

Delicious to taste and an absolutely divine, light flavorsum soup that you will relish! Chef Michael Swamy shares with you his absolutely magical mushroom chilli cheese soup recipe through his video. Beautiful in its appearance and absolutely enriching in its taste, this recipe will surely make you enjoy making and savoring soup.

Chef, Food Stylist, Food Photographer, Entrepreneur, Book Author
The Art Of Creating, Maintaining And Managing ‘BOUNDARIES’
women boundaries

Easier said than done for most women, but the key to having a good quality of life starts by accepting that your time and energy are finite resources and you need to manage them. HOW? By creating and maintaining boundaries. Boundaries are those invisible non-negotiable lines that define your needs – emotional, physical, financial, social and with respect to relationships.

11 Habits That Make You The Perfect Bahu!!
tips bahu

Marriage is said to be a new phase in a woman’s life. There are many changes in her life that she needs to adopt as a wife and as a daughter-in-law. But is it really easy to fit into a new family, a new surrounding? In the Indian society, for a new bahu, there are certain guidelines that she needs to follow ritually, every day.

Journalist at Women Planet
Can Phytonutrients Help Prevent Cancer?
From the Expert

In addition to vitamins and minerals, plants contain compounds called phytonutrients (sometimes referred to as phytochemicals). Essentially, these compounds are the plants protection. A plant cannot fight or flee, so it is equipped with “phyto” or nutrients that defend against disease, blight, radiation, weather, insects and anything else that may threaten the plant’s survival.

Lifestyle Nutritionist
Summer Soothing Sips
summer soothing sip
From the Expert

Summer is here and perhaps getting to its peak, too very soon, with the temperature already reaching 44 degrees. And this makes it is very essential for us to know what foods to eat this summer to stay hydrated and healthy, especially if you wish to avoid dehydration or heat strokes.

Aiming For The Stars – Shraddha Kapoor
shraddha 3

She’s fresh and very funky – and our definition of funky is very different from the yellow shades her father, Shakti Kapoor, seen sporting quite often. She has a sense of style that is approachable and yet edgy.

Author, Women Planet
The Woman Of Worth

A PEARL of Warmth, A DROP of Joy, A Gem of Glory, An ANCHOR of Love !! Her eyes held and calmed the anxious, Her heart brimmed with melody, Her love is Eternal !! Her persona is Immortal !! Her fingertips stirred the rivers, Her whispers spoke peace upon the earth, Her smile illuminated the

The Public Transport Services OR The Place Of Molestation?

Today and since ages, people have been using public transport facilities as a source of commuting. But, when we talk of commuting or transportation, women instantly think of perverts who rub their crotch on your back, put their hands on your waist and simply say sorry…. ‘Galati se lag gaya’ while you know they do it purposely, just to feel you.

Sub Editor
15 Rules For Women To Live A Safe Life In The Present World
safe women

This is the high tech world! You know almost everyone out there, may be via friends or through the internet. But, being a woman, life doesn’t come very smoothly to you. With the possibility of facing any kind of situation in front of you, you need to be prepared to fight whatever that comes your way. Be it a corporate meeting dominated by men or making your mark as an entrepreneur in the society, be it you showing off your well toned body or your skill as a home-maker to manage your entire mad family together.

Journalist at Women Planet