Meet the Experts

Dr. Pallavi   Satarkar
IVF Specialist, Obstetrics, Gynecologist

Anant IVF is on the name of my Dad which means the Infinite. While planning for my Anant IVF Center, I assured that it does not look like a routine monotonous hospital or clinic. But, a place with liveliness and warmth such that people walking in can feel the encouragement with a touch of a positive start of their life. And presently handling the staff of 17 people in my premises. Now as I have reached the milestone of casting my skill to infertile couple. The future goal is to educate the society related to the concept of Social Egg Freezing & Fertility preservation for cancer patients.

Deepika   Pradhan
Image Consultant

Deepika Pradhan, founder and director of Image Mantra, is a certified Image Consultant, trained from Image Consulting Business Institute. She has attended workshops of Image Master, Judith Rasband and consults clients based on her curriculum. She is Vadodara Chapter President of Image Management Professional Association, the only Indian Society of Image Consultant ( She is NABET (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) certified Trainer. She has completed 800 hours of training and trained several young image consultants, corporate employees, students and home-makers on how to enhance one’s skills and image.

Neha   Lakhani
Chef, Gourmet Patisserie Expert

Armed with her academic knowledge and practical skills, Neha Lakhani, a Gourmet Patisserie Expert is all set to share her Perfectionism with people. She began her career as a kitchen executive at the ITC hotel in New Delhi, after completing her studies and training from the Le Cordon Bleu, Ottawa. She has also trained with a lot of MOF Chefs like Sebastian Chevallier, Jean Franc Arnaud and Frederic Monti amongst others. She is a CAI India awardee, who has contributed to different culinary institutes imparting her philosophies of attention to detail, dedication and creativity; teaching young students the complexity of fine pastry work. She also runs her very own YouTube channel wherein she shares her knowledge and love for Patisserie. With her mastery in the patisserie section, several renowned restaurants seek her consultation.

Namita   Ambani

Namita’s decision to launch her passionate e-venture Dial Organic was born out of a simple necessity for her to source good quality, organic food and products for her newborn. The glaring lack of trusted, consistent options that are affordable for an everyday mother led her to combine her two most loved passions, health and business, to create Dial Organic.

Ganesha   Speaks

Ganesha Speaks is India’s #1 Astrology portal. Ganesha Speaks predicts the daily horoscope. We also take personal questions related to career, marriage, business and finance.

Vaastu   Vigyan

Get the expert tips from the Astro experts at Vaastu Vigyan and enhance the energy flow in and around your home, apartment, office or business.

Dr. Siddhant   Bhargava
Co-Founder of Food Darzee, Fitness & Nutritional Scientist at JG’S Fitness Centre

In a world rife with fad diets and trendy workout regimens, it can be overwhelming for the layman to make an educated choice towards a healthier lifestyle. There are, however, those who aim to decode diets and put an end to formulaic fitness. This is exactly where Dr. Siddhant Bhargava - medical doctor, Ketogenic diet specialist, celebrity nutritionist and co-founder at Food Darzee gains an upper hand.

Jainee   Gandhi
Image Professional, Founder of Imag Edge Academy

With experience spanning over half a decade in the field, Jainee Gandhi, a Certified Image Professional (CIP) from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is a trusted name in the world of Image Consulting. Her personal motto – “refuse to be unseen” is strongly reflected in all her work asshe strives to develop a holistic method ofImage Makeover for her clients and the image professionals she trains. Her carefully designed approach helps people build a brand image for themselves while also nurturing the unique traits specific to each personthat essentially makes them who they are.
Jainee’s work has been covered extensively by various media -TV shows, newspapers and scores of digital media groups and she has conducted multiple sessions on Image topics across various multinational corporates, social and educational organizations. She has also served as a prior active member of FICCI Flo and VP-Marketing for IMPA and senior alumni from ICBI where she has trained over 100 image consultants under her guidance.

Doreen   Cohanim
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy healer

Doreen has conducted over 500 Motivational speaking and workshops nationally and internationally on various subjects related to mental, emotional and physical healing.

Stop   Acid Attack
Social Activist

Acid attacks are a shame, a sin that is very easily forgotten in a country like India with no judicial law created to punish the offenders. One attack and the life, looks and confidence of a person are easily shattered like a house of glass shattered by a stone.

Dr. Sameer   Pagad
Consultant Cardiologist - K J Somaiya Super Specialty Hospital MBBS, MD (Medicine), FCPS, DNB (Cardiology), FNB (Interventional Cardiology)

Dr. Sameer Pagad is consultant cardiologist at KJ Somaiya Super Speciality Hospital, an upcoming, young, dynamic Interventional Cardiologist based in Mumbai/Thane. He has trained from the country's topmost institutions and has worked with the best in the field of Interventional Cardiology. He holds the distinction of being one of the few National Board Certified Interventional Cardiologists in the country.

He is involved in management of all forms of cardiac invasive & non invasive cases and has a special interest in coronary interventions and cardiac devices. He has impeccable experience in the field of Coronary Angioplasty and Stenting, Primary Angioplasty, Pacemaker and ICD Implantation, and Balloon Mitral Valvotomy.

Dr. Karishma   Jaradi
Aesthetic Dentist, Dentzz Dental

“Smile Nice”, with that as her axiom, Dr. Karishma Jaradi, an Aesthetic Dentist and an Implantologist, is in charge of the maintenance of the strict standards of care and professionalism at Dentzz Dental. She is synonymous with Aesthetic Dentistry in India. After practising dentistry for several years, she has outstanding skills & knowledge. Her practical skills and passion for excellence give her patients the kind of results they expect.

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