Meet the Experts

Elisha   Kriis
International Travel TV show Presenter, Model-Actress

Elisha Kriis is a international travel TV show presenter, a model and an upcoming actress. She is the host on TravelXP and has covered over 70 cities across the globe.

En-Light a Girl Child  
Social Responsibility

En-Light a Girl Child is an initiative to support girl child education in power deficient rural villages by providing LED Lanterns.

Dr. Meenakshi   Sahu
Obstetrics and Gynaecologist

Dr. Meenakshi is a Senior consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Adiva, Fortis la femme, Institute of liver and biliary sciences, Delhi, India. Her areas of special interest include: Normal and high risk pregnancy, menstrual and hormonal problems, etc.

Mrinalinee   Mukherjee
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

I am Mrinalinee Mukherjee, a makeup artist and a hair stylist who has had the privilege to work in more than 15 feature films, about 150 advertisements and almost all stars, celebrities and famous people, including the entire Indian cricket team.

Sonya   Vajifdar
Fashion Designer

Sonya Vajifdar is a renowned fashion designer. She was a part of esteemed French Fashion House. She was asked to start the pre-London Fashion Week in 2010.

Whats the Sign ?

Whats happening across the Planet

Women And Obesity
From the Expert

Obesity today, is not just a western disease anymore. We need large-scale public education drives about healthy eating and benefits of physical activity. Time to act is now!

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon
Motichoor Ladoo

Ladoos are regarded as a very auspicious sweet. Motichoor Ladoos are one of the most popular dessert served at just about any festive occasion like Ganesh Chaturthi!

Freelance Writer
Decorating Your Home For Lord Ganesha!

Those flickering lights, the fragrance of incense sticks enhances the beauty of Ganesha placed in that huge pandal. Show your inner creativity to decorate the pandal with lot of love and devotion for your Ganpati Bappa.

Senior Writer
Kesari Modak

Kesari modak is a popular sweet dumplings recipe. Modaks are used in Hindu religious festival – Ganesh Chaturthi.

Freelance Writer
Go Green With Ganesha

When we think of Ganpati or Ganesha, the first thing that strikes in our mind is lights, colorful decorations & huge idols. This year, we believe it’s time for becoming eco- conscious. Here are some simple ways to celebrate GaneshChaturthi in eco-friendly way.

Guest Writer
Natural Remedies To Cure Aches

There are certain food items such as spices, fruits and other kitchen ingredients that can actually help us cure body aches when consumed.

Team Women Planet
How To Get Enough Calcium If You Don’t Drink Milk?
From the Expert

Are you lactose intolerant? Milk is not for you? Dairy isn’t the only source of calcium. There are a wide range of foods that contain this important mineral.

Lifestyle Nutritionist
How To Decorate Your Living Room

Living Room Décor ideas! If at all there is one place in your house that should bring you alive during your dullest days, it is your Living Room.

Senior Writer
Stand And Raise Your Voice Against Women Harassment!

No matter if it is Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, Women in India suffer the same plight everywhere. Watch what happens when 2 girls sitting in public area surrounded by hundreds of people around them are teased & harassed by a man.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Preparing Your First Aid Home Kit

A first aid home kit is nothing less than a life saving emergency kit. Take control with a strong head and try saving a life with a first aid kit.

Senior Writer
Are We Really Equal Yet?

Ladies, it is Women’s Equality Day today! My regards and wishes to all equal, unequal, oppressed and unburdened women. This is our day to fight for the discrepancy we go through.

Guest Writer
How To Wear Makeup In Monsoon
From the Expert

Here are some simple basic monsoon makeup tips for a flawless look.

Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist
Infertility – Reasons And Treatment Stated
From the Expert

Infertility means difficulty in conceiving despite of having regular sex when not using contraception. Read more about it!

Obstetrics and Gynaecologist
Toasted Garlic Bread

Enhance any meal with this versatile, easy-to-make, richly-seasoned Toasted Garlic Bread. Melted mozzarella is optional, but delicious!

Freelance Writer
Be Aware. Be Ready. Be Alert.

Rape in India is the fourth most common crime against women in India. Here is a video that helps you to defend yourself when you are attacked by someone who tries to rape you. Be alert and follow few simple steps to escape smartly.

Founder & Editor, Women Planet
Weaning Foods – Tips To Make Your Baby Love The New Taste

Weaning is the procedure of slowly introducing your baby to semi-solids from breastfeeding. And believe me, it takes a lot of time, patience and love to make your baby love the new tastes of the world.

Senior Writer
Curing Swollen Eyes Naturally

Swollen eyes or puffy eyes are a common problem faced by many. The best way to treat swollen eyes at home is to follow a handful of simple natural remedies with great results.

Team Women Planet
Airlines – Giving Wings to the Dreams of all Women

Get ready to Star Plus’s newest women based daily soap. Story shows how an ambitious woman aspires to be a successful commercial pilot, and steps into a world dominated by men.

Co-Editor, Branding Manager