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Dr Prathima   Reddy
MBBS, MRCOG (London), FRCOG (London) FACOG (USA) Director – Fortis La Femme Hospital, Bangalore Chairperson - Medical Council Committee - Fortis La Femme Senior Consultant and HOD - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Prathima Reddy trained in the United Kingdom (UK) and obtained the Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (MRCOG), London. She was then elevated to the status of Fellow of the Royal College (FRCOG), a title conferred by the College for having advanced the science and practice of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She is also a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists(FACOG), USA.

Dr Reddy has trained and worked in very busy tertiary referral hospitals in the UK for ten years. She has vast experience in dealing with complicated ObGyn cases associated with severe heart disease, kidney disease, neurological problems and metabolic disorders requiring multidisciplinary inputs. After coming back to Bangalore, she has been working in some of the busiest Multi Specialty ObGyn units in the city till she joined La Femme as its Director and Senior Consultant - ObGyn in August 2015.

Meghna   Butani
Celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist

She also specialises in bridal makeup and hair, she has been listed as the top 10 bridal makeup artists in India. She has worked on several ad films, brands, hi fashion magazines and TV shows, working with many celebrities as well.

Mr Mehrab   Irani
Financial Expert

Mehrab Irani, the General Manager, Investments, at Tata Investment Corporation, Mumbai. He has a total of 14 years of experience in investment research, portfolio management, investment banking, dealing and global research on US and European financial services sector and credit markets.

Arpita   Ganesh
Lingerie Expert

Arpita Ganesh is India’s only bra fitting counselor or you can say a lingerie expert. She has fitted over 3000 women. You can read more by visiting her website,

Namita   Ambani

Namita’s decision to launch her passionate e-venture Dial Organic was born out of a simple necessity for her to source good quality, organic food and products for her newborn. The glaring lack of trusted, consistent options that are affordable for an everyday mother led her to combine her two most loved passions, health and business, to create Dial Organic.

Paul   Mitchell
Professional Salon Products

John Paul Mitchell Systems was founded in 1980, by John Paul Dejoria and Paul Mitchell, to support the success of hairdressers and provide luxury hair care at an affordable price. The company manufactures high performance driven hair care products and styling tools under various brands such as Paul Mitchell, Tea Tree, Awapuhi Wild Ginger and Mitch. The products are developed in the state-of-the-art Product Innovation Center (PIC), in Santa Clarita, California.

The iconic brand supports a wide range of philanthropic causes from environmental protection to children’s charity and human rights, both domestically and internationally. It’s the first professional beauty company to stand up for ‘no animal testing’.

Mansi   Padechia

Mansi Padechia offer you all her guidance to stay fit by eating proper diet. She is a registered dietician and recognized nationally.

Anil   Chopra
Finance Expert

Mr. Anil Chopra, Group CEO & Director, Bajaj Capital, a leading player in the financial planning and investment advisory business! He joined the company in 1984 and has been instrumental in expanding its network from 6 to 125 branches, from 60 to 4000 highly talented human resources.

Dr. Aruna   Kalra
Gynecologist And Obstetrician, Infertility specialist

Dr. Aruna Kalra is the famous Gynaecologist and Obstetrics Surgeon. Dr. Kalra did her MBBS (Graduation) from BRD MEDICAL COLLEGE, Gorakhpur and later did her masters MD in Gynaecologist and Obstetrics from KMC, Mangloe. Dr Aruna has also done certified training in Ultrasonography and Infertility. She is Gold medalist in academic excellence in post graduation.

Nitin   Tandon
Chef, Food Stylist, Entrepreneur

A world class food stylist, Nitin Tandon is by par, one of the top Master Chefs in India. He is also a successful entrepreneur & owns a chain of restaurants.

Jeeva   Anna George

Jeeva Anna George is founder & chief strategist of Jeeva – A Gluten Free Venture. The venture that helps people live a healthy life with celiac disease.

Babita   Jaishankar
Image Makeover Professional

I am an accomplished fashion and image consultant and also a certified skin & colour analyst. I have pursued management training from IIM-B and gained formal training in fashion designing as well. Visit my website for more information.

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One of the most important things when it comes to travelling is making the arrangements for it. May it be a short trip or even a long vacation, arrangements and travel plans are something that we always have to make in order to bring a planned vacation into action.

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Kesari Shrikhand
From the Expert

Creamy, smooth and rich dessert is usually prepared in Maharashtrian homes, with hung curds, powdered sugar, Buchananialanzan seeds, and is flavored with Saffron and Green Cardamom Powder. Garnished with slivered nuts and laced with saffron, this dessert is served Chilled

Chef, Culinary Expert, Food Blogger, Mentor, Hospitality and Food Consultant
The Pros of a Weighted Blanket!!
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The concept of the weighted blanket comes from psychiatry’s practice. In no case does this mean that it should be used for people with psychological and mental problems only. It’s just a very smart innovation that can help in easing many problems every person is dealing with, in some time of their life.

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Safe Dating Tips for Women in 2019
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Dating has its own highs and lows and that goes for the online dating scene as well. Many of you may think that looking for love in the internet is not exactly a good idea. After all, it’s hard to know whether what you have is something genuine if you can’t be with the person in real life.

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How to Train at Home without Equipment & Still Get Toned
Train at Home

Bodyweight only workouts are incredibly effective if done right because you can work every muscle in your body. Check How to Train at Home to Get Toned!

Robert Jackson is the owner of PT Pod, an independent personal training and massage studio in London. He also created his own personal training business called Minimal FiT, based in Canary Wharf where he helps time poor office workers get back to fitness.
Learning In A Digital Age!!
Digital Learning
From the Expert

The rapid strides in innovation and more personalized, customized learning which helps an individual cope with his learning needs as opposed to a generic learning formula is due to technology and the role it has played over the years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is therefore such a wonderful enabler to bring in not only cost-effective learning solutions but also efficiency in time management and more importantly the access to information that was previously not possible. Learning therefore in the digital age can be a huge advantage if treated with maturity and the right dosage.

How To Ensure Your Wedding Venue is A Great Deal for You?
Wedding Venue

Roping in a full-fledged and stunning venue is perhaps the biggest investment that couples make when planning their wedding. According to an estimate, booking a typical wedding venue gobbles up at least 30-35% of your overall wedding budget and the percentage varies with the number of attribute venues encompass.

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Afreen Khan – Story Of A Mother Who Fought Body Shaming And Walked The Mrs. India Pageant 2018
Afreen Khan

It is never too late or too early to pursue your dream! Just believe in yourself and take baby steps towards your goal. And this is exactly what the inspiring story of Mrs. Afreen Khan is about.
A successful entrepreneur in the IT world, a mother, a fitness model and also an athlete, Afreen has come a long way in her spectacular life. One look at her and you could never have imagined her suffering from overweight issues.

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Writing Tips For Your Kids To Make Papers 100% Better
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Do you find yourself often failing your papers? Then follow these 5 Writing Tips For Your Kids To Make Papers 100% Better!

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Article 370- New Kashmir! Aye or Nay?
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Article 370 changed the face of the valley in one day. But is this new Kashmir for better or for worse?

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Are you Asthmatic? Know Some Tricky Facts!
real asthma facts

Nothing can cure asthma. Yet it as well represents a highly widespread predicament. With appropriate medical care and precautions, you can repel it.

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Holy Matrimony Or Clash of the Egos?
Holy Matrimony

In my opinion, one can not generalize or stereotype something as personal as marriage. It is up to the two to decide their responsibilities.

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How The Abortion Pill Works
abortion pills works

There are various reasons as to why the abortion pill is used and it’s important to understand how it works before making the decision.

Freelance Writer
How to Store Knives Safely on a Knife Roll before Going to Travel
knife rolls

Knife rolls can be stored anywhere, and do not need to be cleaned if the knives that are being stored are kept in a sanitized state.

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10 Necessary Things to Never Forget on the First Road Trip with Your Baby
travel with baby

Do not forget to pack some toys and a pacifier, remember to carry disinfecting wipes and warm water. Do not forget the necessary medication and last but not least, do carry parent identification proof. Happy first journey!!

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How to Build a Home Office in a Small Apartment?
home office main

It doesn’t matter if you need a dedicated home office that you need to use to grow your own business or you just happen to be an aspiring author that needs a space where they can write stories on the weekends… having a dedicated space that you can go to within your home to do your most important work is absolutely essential, especially if you want to make any significant progress towards your goals and ambitions.

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Why You Should Get Lash Extensions This Summer?
lash extension

Summer season is all about expressing your bold & creative style but also keeping it low-maintenance. We all want to look as good as possible on 30 degrees Celsius, but only some of us can actually achieve it. However, you don’t want to spend hours while doing your makeup this summer, right? If this time of the year you want to look radiant, glowy, healthy, well-put, and exotic – you should get lash extensions. They are actually quite low maintenance and will look so good with any makeup look you do.

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