Meet the Experts

Hiral   Shah

After successfully completing her Masters in HRM from Middlesex University, London, Hiral worked in the HR departments of leading corporate organizations in London as well as India where she was known for her strong interpersonal, communication and analytical skills.

Arati   Shah

Arati Shah, a qualified and a practicing Diet & Nutrition Consultant is the co-founder and Principal Nutritionist of Cafe Nutrition, a company which delivers bespoke Nutrition & Diet Planning services to Individuals, Corporates, Children & Sportspersons.

Manisha   Ahlawat
Managing Director - Vivafit (Master Franchisee- India)

Manisha Ahlawat, Managing Director of Vivafit, India hails from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and has been a fitness enthusiast and a firm believer of maintaining good health and nutrition, especially among women.

Manisha was brought up in cities all over India and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Science from Meerut. She moved to the USA in the mid-nineties and was exposed to a completely different culture compared to the small town of India she was raised in. She was inspired to study further and completed her MBA from Georgia State University, Atlanta. During her MBA and her 9-year stay in Atlanta, she would compare the lives of women back home with the much better lives of American women. And two things that made all the difference were education and health. She started encouraging women to invest in their higher studies and also in their health. Health and fitness for women was a very strange idea back then.

Hena   Nafis
Nutritionist and Restaurateur, Eat Good Food

Ace nutritionist-cum-restaurateur, Hena Nafis completed her graduation in Bachelors in Food & Nutrition from Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom and her Masters in Food Science & Technology from Victoria University, Melbourne. She also has a certificate of training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management from The American Dietetic Association. She founded Nutrience, Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio and Eat Good Food in 2007, 2012 and 2015 respectively. ‘Nutrience’, a nutrition and lifestyle clinic provides nutrition-centric consultancy to patients of all ages suffering from lifestyle-induced disorders.

Sonya   Vajifdar
Fashion Designer

Sonya Vajifdar is a renowned fashion designer. She was a part of esteemed French Fashion House. She was asked to start the pre-London Fashion Week in 2010.

Shweta   Sachani
Makeup Artist

Shweta Sachani, the founder and owner of Makeup India, the largest makeup community on the internet. She is a thorough professional who got trained and worked in Milan and London in the fashion industry before planning to revolutionize the makeup industry in India.

Dr. Manjiri   Deshpande
Child Psychiatrist at Docterz

Dr Manjiri Deshpande Shenoy is a Pediatric Psychiatrist who heads ICGC (Indlas Child Guidance Clinic) which is a one stop centre for all kinds of emotional, behavioral, academic and adjustment problems of children and adolescents at Sakinaka, Mumbai.
Following her Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, she worked for one year at Nair Hospital as Senior Resident.

Dr. Ashok   Karad

Dr Ashok Karad is a board-certified orthodontist and maintains an exclusive orthodontic

practice in Mumbai since 1992. He is a Past-Chairman of the Indian Board of

Orthodontics, and Former Editor-in-Chief of "The Journal of Indian Orthodontic

Society". Dr. Karad has been actively involved in clinical research, continuing education,

and publications. A clinician par excellence, he has many award-winning scientific

presentations to his credit and is also a recipient of ‘the IOS Award for ‘Clinical


Dr Karad has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to many

book chapters, and has authored,in 2010, a book titled “Clinical Orthodontics: Current

concepts, goals and mechanics”. The second edition of this book was published in

2015. He is on the Editorial board of many international scientific journals, and maintains

a busy international lecture schedule.

He is the Director of Smile Care, an Academic Dental Center and is a Mentor of the

Columbia-Eduhub Mastership Series for ORTHO-ESTHETICS conducted by

Eduhub. Dr. Karad has been a keynote speaker and has delivered orations at many

National and International Conferences.

His key areas of clinical interest are orthodontic finishing, adult orthodontics,

non-extraction treatment modalities, clinical photography, efficient and effective

treatment mechanics to optimize results, occlusion and temporomandibular joint

disorders, complex cases requiring interdisciplinary dentofacial therapy and Invisalign

treatment option.

Dr. Karad is also a graduate in professional photography from New York Institute of

Photography, USA. He has conducted several courses in clinical photography, and his

contribution of photographs to textbook chapters, scientific publications, research

projects, photography workshops and advertising agencies has been well appreciated.

Dr. Seemma   Saadikha
Anti-Aging Expert

Dr. Seema, founder of Aura Anti-aging Centre, the first-of-its-kind facility in the city has successfully treated thousands of individuals since its inception in 2009. She has an impressive client list comprising of prominent personalities from various walks of life; Fashion, Films, Sports persons, Industrialists etc.

She is also the founder-director, of a social charitable organization Namma Mitra which focuses on health, education, environment and self sustenance of the needy and underprivileged.

Dr. Neha   Smart
Homeopathy Consultant

Dr. Neha Smart is a Homeopathy Consultant. She has over 8 year of experience and specializes in female disorders like menopausal ailments, pigmentation and infertility.

Michael   Swamy
Chef, Food Stylist, Food Photographer, Entrepreneur, Book Author

Chef Michael Swamy is a Food stylist, travel photographer and a writer. He is the author of “The East Indian Kitchen” which won the Gourmand Award for Best Indian Cookbook.

Skin   Nirvana
Cosmetic Dermatologist

With a vision to reverse the ageing cycle for men & women in India, ‘Skin Nirvana’ an advanced cosmetic medical center was founded in the year 2013 by Dr.Gitanjali Nandini who is an American Board Certified Aesthetic Physician and a UK Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist.

Nestled in the heart of Mumbai, Skin Nirvana is a state of art medical center equipped with world- class technology & equipment’s to facilitate Non-Surgical treatments for skin care, hair restoration and body contouring.

Taking the concept of ‘Ageing Gracefully’ literally, Skin Nirvana specializes in World Class Anti-ageing treatments with Botox, Fillers, Non-Surgical Thread lifts and Anti-ageing lasers as their USP. Dr.Gitanjali firmly believes that a flawless, rejuvenated skin plays a vital role in the over-all personality and confidence of a woman and every woman should have access to treatments that can enhance her looks. Thus, the clinic aims at increasing accessibility of these treatments for urban women of various walks of life,making it a part of their everyday lifestyle.

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Why People Love Pets So Much?

Over the years, people have been keeping animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, etc. as their tamed animals. If you see someone who is a pet owner, you will notice how their eyes light up when they talk about their pets.

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The beauty of self-tanning is that it actually works. But it’s okay for newbies to be concerned about issues like how orange they’re going to look after their tanning session. Or the fact that they might end up smelling like an overcooked turkey. Or worrying about the question, how long does self tanner last?

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