Meet the Experts

Priya   Kathpal
Nutritionist, Fitness Expert

Nutritionist Priya Kathpal has a Master’s degree in Dietary Food Service Management with a Post Graduate Dilpoma in Dietetics, Bsc. Applied Nutrition and is also a certified sports nutritionist.

Mind Healing, Yoga, Reiki

Himani is the founder of Himani Happiness Hub. Himani’s vision is to have a world filled with inspiration, motivation and happiness. She has conducted over 650 national and international seminars on Mind Power & Healing.

Skin   Nirvana
Cosmetic Dermatologist

With a vision to reverse the ageing cycle for men & women in India, ‘Skin Nirvana’ an advanced cosmetic medical center was founded in the year 2013 by Dr.Gitanjali Nandini who is an American Board Certified Aesthetic Physician and a UK Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist.

Nestled in the heart of Mumbai, Skin Nirvana is a state of art medical center equipped with world- class technology & equipment’s to facilitate Non-Surgical treatments for skin care, hair restoration and body contouring.

Taking the concept of ‘Ageing Gracefully’ literally, Skin Nirvana specializes in World Class Anti-ageing treatments with Botox, Fillers, Non-Surgical Thread lifts and Anti-ageing lasers as their USP. Dr.Gitanjali firmly believes that a flawless, rejuvenated skin plays a vital role in the over-all personality and confidence of a woman and every woman should have access to treatments that can enhance her looks. Thus, the clinic aims at increasing accessibility of these treatments for urban women of various walks of life,making it a part of their everyday lifestyle.

Dolly   Jain
Celebrity Drape Artist

From simplicity to royalty, Dolly Jain, the skilled drape expert has it all to her credit. She has developed a unique style of her own, reflecting the ancient traditions of India in a contemporary vocabulary. The saree drapist’s understanding of designs and the innovative use of her skill has created a new classicism.
With an impressive Bollywood credits such as Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor and top celebrity clients like Neeta Ambani, Shloka Mehta, Lakshmi Mittal, Sangeeta Jindal, Dolly Jain has an impressive oeuvre. She has also worked internationally in places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Singapore and Paris with campaigns and special projects. Her repertoire now includes personal styling and celebrity dressing. The expert saree stylist has also created her own YouTube vlog series on ‘How to drape sarees in 325 ways’. The best thing about being a saree stylist for Dolly is the constant change.

Shivani   Patil

Mrs Shivani Vijay Patil is the vision behind Pushpankur School of Autism, where she contributes to the society by providing a nurturing atmosphere to the special kids. Her values of integrity & excellent team work lie in the fact that she is a sportswoman, leading the woman's cricket team at the University. Her inclination towards cultural activities is seen at all the events organised at the D Y Patil Stadium & throughout the University.
Ms. Shivani Vijay Patil is a positive and meticulous individual who impresses one and all with her pleasing personality. AsI walk away with the feeling in my mind, after having interacted with this magnificent lady, that the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her confidence & intelligence. She is the mother to three lovely children, a mentor to all the staff of the University, a teacher to the students, an affectionate homemaker and somebody who everyone seeks guidance and advice from!

Asha   Jindal Khaitan
Philanthropist, Co-Founder of Pure Nutrition

Asha Jindal Khaitan, daughter of the reputed industrialist Dr. S. R. Jindal, and a philanthropist associated with Jindal Naturecure Institute (formerly known as Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences), a charitable hospital under Sitaram Jindal Foundation.

Her passion lies not merely in making business successful but also in promoting the Nutraceuticals industry, through providing high quality, well-formulated supplements in India – equivalent or superior to the kind found in developed countries. She is a firm believer in the power of nature as the most powerful healing force and as such endeavoured to bring the benefits of that purity found in nature, to the Nutraceutical industry in India.

Manish   Lakhani
Traveler, Photographer and Adventurer

Manish is an adventurer who gave up his job as a computer network engineer and took his bicycle to explore the real India where he covered 22 states in 6 months time.

Dr. Karishma   Jaradi
Aesthetic Dentist, Dentzz Dental

“Smile Nice”, with that as her axiom, Dr. Karishma Jaradi, an Aesthetic Dentist and an Implantologist, is in charge of the maintenance of the strict standards of care and professionalism at Dentzz Dental. She is synonymous with Aesthetic Dentistry in India. After practising dentistry for several years, she has outstanding skills & knowledge. Her practical skills and passion for excellence give her patients the kind of results they expect.

Ayesha Accessories

Ayesha is your one-stop-candyshop for everything funky! Sensational shades, brilliant bags, hip hats, jaw-droping jewelry and other fantabulous fashion essentials make sure they express exactly how YOU feel. And that’s how Ayesha wants it to be. Ayesha is all about YOU: Your world, your dreams and your loves.
Ayesha started off with a small space at Casablanca, Pondicherry’s boutique department. Within eight months, Ayesha has grown to 11 stores across the country with 14 more booked to open within the next 6-8 months.
The accessories brand has recorded fantastic sales with high footfalls. It is increasingly being viewed as an affordable brand for young women with a great fashion sense. The people behind the brand are Jaqueline Kapur and Ayesha Kapur.

Urban Home Framing

Upaj like to inspire and encourage people to create a garden in their houses, where they can grow their own food. We are here to help you out with proper plantation.

Hena   Nafis
Nutritionist and Restaurateur, Eat Good Food

Ace nutritionist-cum-restaurateur, Hena Nafis completed her graduation in Bachelors in Food & Nutrition from Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom and her Masters in Food Science & Technology from Victoria University, Melbourne. She also has a certificate of training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management from The American Dietetic Association. She founded Nutrience, Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio and Eat Good Food in 2007, 2012 and 2015 respectively. ‘Nutrience’, a nutrition and lifestyle clinic provides nutrition-centric consultancy to patients of all ages suffering from lifestyle-induced disorders.

Dr. Ashok   Karad

Dr Ashok Karad is a board-certified orthodontist and maintains an exclusive orthodontic

practice in Mumbai since 1992. He is a Past-Chairman of the Indian Board of

Orthodontics, and Former Editor-in-Chief of "The Journal of Indian Orthodontic

Society". Dr. Karad has been actively involved in clinical research, continuing education,

and publications. A clinician par excellence, he has many award-winning scientific

presentations to his credit and is also a recipient of ‘the IOS Award for ‘Clinical


Dr Karad has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to many

book chapters, and has authored,in 2010, a book titled “Clinical Orthodontics: Current

concepts, goals and mechanics”. The second edition of this book was published in

2015. He is on the Editorial board of many international scientific journals, and maintains

a busy international lecture schedule.

He is the Director of Smile Care, an Academic Dental Center and is a Mentor of the

Columbia-Eduhub Mastership Series for ORTHO-ESTHETICS conducted by

Eduhub. Dr. Karad has been a keynote speaker and has delivered orations at many

National and International Conferences.

His key areas of clinical interest are orthodontic finishing, adult orthodontics,

non-extraction treatment modalities, clinical photography, efficient and effective

treatment mechanics to optimize results, occlusion and temporomandibular joint

disorders, complex cases requiring interdisciplinary dentofacial therapy and Invisalign

treatment option.

Dr. Karad is also a graduate in professional photography from New York Institute of

Photography, USA. He has conducted several courses in clinical photography, and his

contribution of photographs to textbook chapters, scientific publications, research

projects, photography workshops and advertising agencies has been well appreciated.

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women entrepreneur
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Starting a business and running the same are two different things. Whether big or small, running a business, making it sure that the business is successful is no small feat.

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What You Eat Matters!!
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We always discuss at great length about the edibles one needs to consume to uphold a healthy oral condition, but it’s also equally imperative to know which are the diets pose a danger to our teeth and gums, that need to be avoided.

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You will realize that different products have their strength levels which is indicated in the product description. CBD strength is measured in milligrams shown as mg.

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Heal Yourself with the Help of a Flower Essence Practitioner
Flower Essence Therapy

The earliest known medicines were derived from plants and flowers. Flower and plant extracts have been used for over 1000 years to heal people physically and mentally. With time, people accepted chemical compounds as mainstream medicines and moved plants and flowers to alternative medicine groups.

Team Women Planet
Green Apple, Spinach and Banana Smoothie
Green Apple and Spinach Smoothie
From the Expert

We all know how difficult it is to have the kids at some summer green vegetables. Green apples are loaded with anti-oxidants and spinach is a rich source of vitamin C and also helps in repairing and regenerating tissues along with a healthy immune system.

The ‘AAM’ Truth – What’s The Nutritional Truth About Mangoes?
Mango Nutrition
From the Expert

Come summer and the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is MANGO! Have it in any form and you are bound to enjoy it. While this fruit is hard to resist and there are various myths surrounding this seasonal fruits, Nutritionist Karishma Chawla breaks it down further for us.

I Am 33 And I Am Still Scared Of My Mother!!
Mother's Day

Mom said that she now sees me dead in the next 3 years if I continued to live the way I did, probably due to an overdose or an accident. She was calm, while I was shaking like a leaf, trembling at each and every word she spoke. She asked me if I wanted that from my life.

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Ode to Mum – Happy Mother’s Day Maa
Ode to Mum
From the Expert

She is the smartest woman I knew
Her wisdom got me far, she instilled in me the wisdom from the movie, Gone With The Wind – “come what may, tomorrow’s another day” and she taught me how to draw silver linings around every cloud.

Life Coach, Author
Healthy Weight Loss: Getting into Ketosis 101
Young healthy woman with fruits.

When you strictly adhere to the ketogenic diet, your body will become fat adaptive, and you will enter into ketosis. During ketosis, your body will start relying on ketones as a source of energy instead of glucose.

Team Women Planet
Caramelized Mango Smoothie
Caramelized Mango Smoothie
From the Expert

This is something really special. If you are looking to invite guests this summer, this perfect blend of mangoes, coconut, rose water and saffron smoothie, flavored with cardamom is the perfect choice that will leave your guests gazing on what you have made.

5 Points to Confirm Before You Buy Sanitary Pads
Sanitary Pads

Brands offer you sanitary pads at different costs! Have you ever wondered why? The lower quality pads have more plastic and chemical content than the expensive ones. However, the result for both will be the same. With the expensive pads, you have a lower possibility of having cervical cancer which otherwise is higher when you use the low priced sanitary pads.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
A Guide To Maintaining A Good Work-Life Balance
Work Life Balance
From the Expert

In today’s fast paced and competitive world, most of us are hustling through a hectic day that sees us juggle between demands at home and pressures at work. When one is dealing with so much in ones daily life, setting a structure to ease through it holds the key to effective multitasking.

Wellness Therapist, CEO of Thriive Art & Soul
Women’s Insight: Pros and Cons of Using Menstrual Cups
Menstrual cups

For many years, women have approached menstruation in different ways, which has even affected some cultures. Now that we are in the 21st century wherein the comfort of individuals is being focused, menstrual cup alternatives have taken the women’s menstrual products by a storm due to the advantages that it brings.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Using Blogging to Boost Your Writing Skills as a Student

There are many methods to help students improve their writing skills, blogging remains one of the most effective and newest ones. We live in a digital world and students are permanently exposed to information coming through different channels of communication. Thus, encouraging students to use blogs to improve their writing skills will bring a lot of benefits to the long-term.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
Mango Coconut Smoothie
fresh mango and coconut smoothie
From the Expert

We all wait for the ‘king of fruits’ – mango to arrive, so that we can cherish its pulpy goodness in the summers. This heart healthy and vitamin rich smoothie is a must try during the summers.

Aiding Your Child To Recover From An Eating Disorder
Eating Disorder
From the Expert

When your baby is identified with an eating disorder like anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), guardians sometimes find it difficult since there is no immediate fix to treat these disorders. In such cases taking proper care of and supporting your child suffering with an eating disorder can be perplexing and scary for parents. Families involved in helping their child overcome the eating disorder may struggle with a sense of vulnerability and frustration when incapable to speedily reinstate their child’s health.

Founder & Director at Docterz
How To Give Your Makeup Kit The Perfect Summer Upgrade?
summer makeup
From the Expert

That does not mean we go without our makeup. In fact there is plenty of wonderful colors and trends to follow. But before we start on that we must remember to keep ourselves well hydrated and well protected from the sun. Eating fruits and vegetables will definitely help, drinking water will keep you and your skin well hydrated. Also, a good body scrub to exfoliate! Is a summer must have.

Makeup & Hair Stylist, Certified Yoga Expert