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Abhijita   Kulshrestha

Abhijita is an accomplished scholar and a certified NLP Practitioner. She is also a PGA (Thailand) certified planetary gem advisor.

Lakshmi   Rebecca

Lakshmi Rebecca, a Filmmaker, an anchor, owner of Red Bangle film production house which has made more that 300 films including web films, animated films, corporate films and also ad films.

Mala   Talekar
Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist

Mala Talekar is Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist - who treats children with cancer and other blood disorders.

Dr. Rinky   Kapoor
Cosmetic Dermatologist & Laser Expert

Dr. Rinky Kapoor, an MD Dermatologist based in Mumbai and was Ex - Head of Cosmetic Dermatology at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad and Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai.

Urban Home Framing

Upaj like to inspire and encourage people to create a garden in their houses, where they can grow their own food. We are here to help you out with proper plantation.

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Stinky… How To Get Rid Of Your Body Odor?
body odor

The reason to strong body odor is the accumulation of perspiration, bacteria and its smell. you will never smell foul with fresh sweat. But if you don’t have a bath after a sweaty regime, then your body starts smelling and also develops a bacterial infection which enhances the smell. This is the basic reason why people wash up soon after exercising.

Journalist at Women Planet
Give Extra Care To Your Oily Skin During Monsoon
oily skin
From the Expert

Monsoon is the time when your skin becomes sensitive, oily & dull due to high humidity rate. This is the time when one should indulge in regular and proper skin care treatments to retain the glow & smoothness of your skin.

Nutritionist & Cosmetologist
A Bittersweet Journey, Ananya – Review

A brilliant student who had her dreams which she wanted to focus on and achieve them. She was leading a normal life with her parents and her life revolved around her family, peers and studies. She was a very ambitious student and wanted to excel by clearing the IIT entrance exam. She loved to hang out with her friends and they stood by each other no matter what. This picture perfect life takes a turn and makes Ananya experience some bitter moments. The author tries to explain the difficulties of an urban family. It acknowledges the reality that due to both parents working, the child is deprived of their time.

Sub Editor, Women Planet
10 Top Monsoon Fashion Essentials For You
monsoon fashion

Monsoon is here before you know it! As the cool breeze and drizzling rains replace the hot summers, the first thing you need is a wardrobe revamp. Swapping your sunscreens and summer dresses with umbrellas and rain coats is just not enough these days!

Guest Writer, Women Planet
5 Stretching Exercises To Wake Your Body!
stretching bed

With the downpour and gloom, a monsoon morning for some proves to be the worst kind of mornings. It takes time to wake up and get started for a warmer and highly tedious day. But, with a slow start, it is highly possible that you almost see your day drag you to the end in a menacingly slow pace. However, with a few stretch exercise, the result would be different.

Guest Author, Women Planet
Wearing Brassiere – Is It Good Or Bad?

Can you imagine yourself walking out of your closet wearing your clothes, but without a Bra? Well, we surely love ditching our most essential garment at night before dozing off on the bed, but walking without it to work or parties is something that we will reconsider twice or thrice as an option.

Journalist at Women Planet
Roasted Veggies In Tea Infused Chilli Wine Sauce
roasted veggies
From the Expert

A blissful combination of tea infused with wine and herbs, this recipe can blow your senses with its sinful taste. Make it at home and enjoy the relishing taste.

Chef, Food Stylist, Food Photographer, Entrepreneur, Book Author
Age No Bar – Become a Mother At Any Age!

As a young woman, we always hear our elders suggesting us to get married soon. Not that they want you to leave your house or they finish their responsibility of getting you married. It is because your ‘biological clock is ticking’ and you should get married soon and have babies before you cross the 30 mark.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Improving Our Daily Activities For A Better Health!
choose stairs
From the Expert

In today’s SEDENTARY world, we are highly dependent on the technologies around us. Result, we are comparatively very less active than our ancestors and highly prone to a series of health problems. In our hectic and busy schedule, we hardly get any time to indulge in some kind of physical activities or any sorts of regular sports regimes. Inactivity has eventually increased the risk to various health disorders, some minor, some fatal.

Dietician & Nutritionist, Women Planet
How To Make A Sock Bun?
sock bun
From the Expert

Tying your hair into a neat bun is all that we can think of, especially during the humid summers and monsoon seasons. Pull your long hair up and simply tie it into a ponytail to feel comfortable from the heat. But, having your hair tied into a ponytail restricts your look. But, you can also choose to look different and stylish with a simple Sock bun.

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
The FB Rainbow DP – Are Indians Really In Support Of Gay Marriages?
LGBT flag

For all those wondering, Facebook has invented a rainbow filter for profile picture in support of the recent legalization of same-sex marriages by Supreme Court in the United States. The question bothering me was, why the nation who is known to publicly shy away from sensitive topics like sex, prostitution, rapes & gender dysphoria suddenly supporting legalization of Gay marriages happening somewhere in America?? Moreover US is not the first country to legalize Gay marriages, then why such mass Euphoria?

Guest Writer, Women Planet
Keep Your Eyes Glowing & Youthful – Naturally!
healthy eyes
From the Expert

People talk of protecting your heart, your skin, your overall health in general. But have you thought of protecting your eyes from damage? Taking your eyes for granted can leave them damaged. If you are reminded of carrots when you talk of eye care then you need to read further on as other foods and nutrients may be equally or more important when it comes to taking care of your eyes.

Simple Or Kinky Sex…What Women Really Love?
kinky sex

SEX. Aha.. this is hell of a topic that can never go stale, even if you talk over it a hundred times. And right now, I know, you are agreeing to me! Though not much openly discussed in India, we do talk about it a little, a lot with friends and too much with very close friends and of course your partner. Blush, Blush..It naturally happens.

Journalist at Womenplanet
Image Makeover – Make Your Office Wear Interesting

Modern women are no longer just homemakers but are also career oriented. In order to make her presence felt in the office she should be intelligent, smart and full of confidence. And above all, she has to give apt attention to her dressing as well. Gone are the days when simple kurtas and salwar kameez were considered the only dress code for office wears.

Journalist at Women Planet
Live long – A Balanced Diet And Fitness Regime!
Young healthy woman with fruits.
From the Expert

Most of us are involved in high demanding work profiles these days. This hardly leaves us with any time to take care of our health and lifestyle. If a diet or exercise regime is too restrictive and time consuming, one can hardly be consistent and expect any results. This not only makes us feel de-motivated but can lead to frustration and depression too.

Nutritionist, Fitness Expert
How To Have A Safe And Healthy Monsoon?
From the Expert

We need to be careful about the food we eat and the water we drink. During the rainy season, our digestion is weakened. Gas formation and indigestion, which most of us unknowingly experience. Following these dos and don’ts will help us enjoy the rains without worrying about diseases.

10 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Turning 30

As a fresher I was armed with plenty of optimism, enthusiasm and ideas to become a CEO by the time I turned 30. The bright eyed goals are still a work in progress. However if I could, I would like to tell my twenties self, to learn some life skills which are as much vital to a woman’s wellbeing as a postgraduate degree, a pair of killer heels and the latest fashion.

Neha Patel – An Angel For Animals, A Devil For Criminals!!
neha 1

An MBA graduate from Australia, Neha Patel perceived her dream in India working for animals and nature. Almost since eight years after returning to the homeland, she selflessly has saved hundreds of street dogs, birds, straying cows, donkeys, monkeys and buffaloes.

Journalist at Womenplanet