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10 Classic Ways To Ease Your Angry Husband!

Anger can be one of the worst emotions and in extreme cases, can be harmful as well. However, when there is a fight between a couple, all hell breaks loose! The house literally burns in fire! But deep down in their hearts, they love each other like no one else. And at times, you don’t really know how to calm your loving hubby down after a stiff fight! So, here are classic ways to help you ease your angry hubby and show him how much you love him!!

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1. Be On An Agreeable State Of Mind

Simply don’t argue when your hubby is angry! It is very important for you to keep it cool and just agree to the things that he says. Do not get too much in detail of the matter.


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2. Patiently LISTEN To Your Spouse

Your Spouse needs attention. Rather than counter questioning him, you should just listen and understand his rage in the best way out. At the end, the pressure has to be released and that is how your partner would feel light. So allow him to speak up.


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3. Goal – Making Up

It is obvious that when the person is angry he might express or speak things that may hurt you. So, it is very important to always stay calm and do things the right way.


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4. Be His Friend First Then A Wife

Be his buddy so that it makes it easier for him to share his thoughts with you. Also, learn how to swallow things easily without the usual female expressions. So, digest the fact that he is angry and assure that all is going to be fine. Also do not ever try and be his MOTHER.


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5. Do Not Ever Criticize Him

Always remember that when your partner is angry, you should NOT Nag. Your nagging will frustrate him to the core! So, next time remember to keep your lips zipped up tightly and never criticize him.


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6. Give Him His Space & Time
If your spouse is angry and would like to be alone for a while or may be longer, let him be the way he would like to. Give him time to settle his thoughts.


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7. Adapt A Habit Of Forgiving

You have to assure that you need NOT be hostile and RATHER need to act humble in a way where in you will have to forgive your partner for being angry.


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8. Don’t Ever Add Fuel To The Fire

When your hubby is at his boiling point just put an ice-pack on his head. Do not make the situation worst. Ask him if you can help him in any way but don’t pressurize!


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9. Understand The Psychology Of Your Partner

If your partner is an “Angry Man” types, understand the boiling points and keep things away that annoy him. With all the dignity, express your emotions and make him understand that his anger may damage himself and is certainly not good to be one of a kind.


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10. Try To Calm Him Down In Different Ways

Humor is the best way to avoid anger. Also other things like – Cook the best meal, Take him out for an ice-cream date, etc. Do all the things that he loves. I am sure his anger will melt in minutes.

So, with the Valentine’s day just on the threshold, make it a point to ease off the anger that has been nagging your husband and your relation. Make Love and Enjoy the Valentine’s Day!

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