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10 Essential Kitchen Vastu Tips

Kitchen is considered to be a very important part of the house. The health and well being of a family completely relies upon one’s kitchen which further depends upon the location and other necessary factors that falls under Vastu Shashtra. So, to guide you and your family towards a better life, a better health, here are a few guidelines for your kitchen’s vastu.

  1. Perfect Direction
    The location of the kitchen has to be placed in the South-East corner of the house. This is said to be the ideal situation due to the main reason that the Element Fire governs the South-East direction.
  2. Placement Of Gas Stove
    The cooking stove has to be placed in the South-East direction in a way that person cooking must face East direction.
  3. Sink / Wash Basin
    The Taps, Sink, Wash basin and other such water outlets has to be kept just the opposite to the position of the gas stove. It has to be placed in the North-East direction which repels the cooking/gas stove placement.
  4. Position Of Refrigerator
    If you are planning to keep the refrigerator in the kitchen then it has to be placed in the South-Western direction at-least a foot away from the corner.
  5. Position Of Windows
    Ventilators like windows, exhaust fan, air holes need to be placed in the East direction of the kitchen. The placement of the small ventilators has to be kept in the south direction while large windows can be kept in the East.
  6. Electronic Appliances
    Electronic appliances like microwave, Oven and Heaters must be stationed in the South-East or South direction of the Kitchen. And it is a capital “NO” to keep such electronic appliances on the North-East side.
  7. Storage Area
    When it comes to the storage area wherein you store utensils and other goods, then it has to be positioned always at the Southern or Western walls.
  8. Position of Drinking Water
    The water pots, water filters and other such drinking water sources must be placed in the North-East direction.
  9. Type Of Flooring
    The floors of the kitchen can be ceramic tiles or you can always opt for the marble tiles. But the ceramic tiles are the best as they are scratch proof and sturdy as compared to other types of tiles.
  10. The Color Hues
    The color of the tiles and floor of the kitchen is also something that you have to always look forward to. Colors of the floor and walls must be either of these shades such as green, yellow, red, chocolate and white are suitable. Black is a color that must be avoided in the kitchen.

Note: It is an advice to make sure that the doors of the toilets or bathroom do not face or open in front of the kitchen. The toilets and bathroom must not share the same wall as well. On the other hand the toilets and bathroom has to be kept away from the kitchen area.

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