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10 Necessary Things to Never Forget on the First Road Trip with Your Baby

Are you all set to travel with your baby for the first time? As exciting and heart-warming it is, it comes with its own baggage. Now, gone are the days when you used to travel light, carefree and on the go. With a baby along, there are a zillion things you need to remember. From feeding bottle to diapers, you must be equipped with a physical checklist (along with a mental checklist), to not miss out on any crucial aspect.

Whether you are travelling with an infant or a toddler, there are numerous things that need to be taken care of. As much; you are dreading travelling with your baby to not miss out on anything, here is a list of must-carry 10 things that will keep you sane on your journey.
(Psst… Don’t miss out on the tips and thank this blog later)

1.Changing Station

As much you want to travel light, do not forget this is your first road trip and you would need a changing station to change your baby’s diapers. It takes seconds for things to go out of hands while changing babies while travelling. Assuming you do not want an unpleasant experience either for yourself or your baby, carry a portable changing station along with you.


These are the most important things to pack while planning your first road trip with your baby. From lying your baby down comfortably, covering them up when required; to using them as a shield on your car window against the harsh sun, a blanket will become your saviour.
(Pro Tip: Do not forget to pack extra blankets, you never know when you would require a fresh piece with your baby.

3.Bottled Milk

While travelling with your baby, be mentally prepared you will not be able to breastfeed your baby as and when they get hungry. It should be a must on your checklist to carry bottled milk. In case, you want to rely on baby milk other than your own, choose BritSuperstore for the most authentic baby food products, especially baby milk. They provide world-class quality of milk for your baby, which is not only gentle for their stomach but also second best to a mother’s milk.
(Pro Tip: It is advisable to consult your doctor before opting for bottled milk, especially in the case of an infant. Absolutely nothing can replace their mother’s milk for a baby.)


If you are travelling with a baby 4 months old and above, do not forget to pack their favourite soft toy or something that can keep them engaged. While you might doze off, your baby might get bored and become cranky. Anything that will hold them in place and keep them entertained will keep your baby calm and you sane.

5.Baby Formula

While travelling with a toddler do not forget to pack baby formula packets. Not only they are a healthy option for your baby, but they are also filling and will keep hunger pangs away longer for your baby.
(Pro Tip: It is the best option than relying on stockpiles of food. There are numerous options available online for baby formulas to choose from.)

6.Disinfecting Wipes

Sanitization is the most crucial aspect while travelling with babies. Do not forget, it is your first trip ever with your baby and you would need a good amount of disinfecting wipes while on the road. Carry at least a pack of two, to avoid any inconvenience.
(Pro Tip: Buy baby-friendly disinfecting wipes to not cause any harm to their gentle skin.)


pacifiers for your baby

travel with baby things

As redundant it might read on the list, it is easier to forget the most common things that come in handy while travelling with your kid. Pacifier, alike blanket will be your best friend in the entire journey, especially if your baby is teething. Pacifier is the most soothing product ever invented for the babies, that keeps them calm at any given point in time (of course, except when they are hungry).

8.Warm Water and Dishwashing Liquid

Sterilization is as important as sanitization. It is advisable to carry ample amount of warm water in a vacuum flask and a gentle dishwashing liquid to quickly wash off the used spoons, bowls, etc. Warm water can come in handy for a lot of things while you are on the road. Rest assured, warm water will make travelling with your baby so much better.

9.Necessary Medication

While travelling with your baby for the first time, you are not so accustomed to their behaviour while travelling. It is an experience of a lifetime for both parents and the baby, and it should be easygoing and effortless. It is advisable to meet your doctor before travelling and understand all the necessary medication required for your baby while travelling.
(Pro Tip: Carry a thermometer necessarily, you might need it the first time you are travelling with your infant.)

10.Identity Proof

Regardless of the medium of transportation, you must carry proper identification of your baby and proof of parents identity.

Final Thoughts

Travelling with your baby for the first time will be an experience for a lifetime. For you more than the baby. Goofing up the first time is inevitable, however, if you are well prepared, chances are you will survive the first road trip with your baby effortlessly. It is easier to carry sufficient items for the sanity of both your baby and you while travelling; make sure you have everything that your baby might need. Do not forget to pack the changing station to avoid any embarrassment, carry enough blankets, do not forget to carry bottled milk and baby formula for your convenience. Also, do not forget to pack some toys and a pacifier, remember to carry disinfecting wipes and warm water. Do not forget the necessary medication and last but not least, do carry parent identification proof. Happy first journey! If you are searching for which travel gear for babies, check this comprehensive list of all the best baby travel accessories.

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