10 Reasons Why Greece Is One Of The Best Tourist Destinations

When it comes to picking a travel destination, in most cases, people choose crowded tourist locations such as Hawaii. While those locations do have their unique features, it is hard to think of a tourist destination that is better than Greece. Located in the southeastern seas of Europe, Greece’s location alone makes it one of the best places to visit. Situated among thousands of islands, there is always room for tourists on at least one of them. Apart from its history as one of the earliest establishments of some of the most influential people in our times, many modern features make it enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds. With this in mind, let’s go over ten more reasons why Greece is one of the best tourist destinations for travelers.


#1: The Food
As with any popular travel destination, one of the highlights of a location is the food. More specifically, the local cuisine is what most people look for. In Greece, people can look forward to eating many amazing foods such as bougatsa, greek fava dip, and feta me meli. Even better, most cities in Greece have special offers for tourist in restaurants and local food spots that make eating in Greece budget-friendly.

#2: The European Hospitality
Another important factor when it comes to picking a travel destination is choosing one that is welcoming. While all travel destinations are usually welcoming, the reality is that some locations are more welcoming than others. In Greece, European hospitality is one of the main qualities that people have. No matter where you go in Greece, there will always be someone who will smile at you, treat you to some food, and overall just be a nice person.

#3: The Rich History Of Greece
As mentioned before, Greece is one of the most important places in the history of our civilization. It has been home to some of the smartest philosophers, scientists, and thinkers of our day. Without Greece, it is safe to say that our world would not be as advanced as it is today. The reason this makes Greece a hot spot for tourists is that many historical artifacts show this side of Greece.

#4: The Beaches
In reality, most people choose a vacation spot according to its beaches. Warm white sands and blue waters are common staples among the most popular places on earth. That said, these qualities are also among Greece’s many bright spots. Surrounded by islands with easy access to the ocean, there are also many different ways to enjoy the beaches such as cruised and water sports.

#5: The Coastline Estates
Speaking of Greece’s beaches, one of the things you will find alongside them are beautiful estates. Estates such as the Villa Fabrica estate make the tourist experience better than expected. With top of the line customer service and attention, there is nothing not to live about these estates. Not to mention, they also come with their unique features such as infinity pools, personal chefs, and comfortable living rooms.

#6: The Local Village Experiences
No matter what place you visit, finding local hotspots is something that everyone wants to do when traveling. This gives you access to local foods, people, and simply gives off the most genuine experiences. In Greece, these experiences are made even more interesting as there are many different hot spots scattered throughout the country.

#7: The Local Drinks
We can’t talk about the food in Greece without talking about the drinks. More specifically, Greece is known for having some of the most underrated liquors in the world. They are usually overlooked because many people don’t associate Greece as a drinking country much like Italy is. It is also home to locally crafted beers and wine as well.

#8: The Greek Festivals
One thing that people do always associate with Greece is the Greek festival. This festival is a gathering of both locals and visitors that combines food, dances, and everything else a fun festival usually has. Even better, it usually involves entire cities in and towns into one giant party everyone can enjoy.

#9: The Amazing Whether
Greece is also a popular destination thanks to its whether. Its location gives it a perfect combination of the warm sun with a breeze from the ocean. Worth noting, this is a feeling that surrounds the entire country so you can enjoy it no matter where you go.

#10: The Cost-Effective Travels
As far as travel costs are concerned, Greece is one of the most cost-effective travel destinations to plan for. This only gets more cost-effective the more local you get into the country. Think about it, what destination combines all of these qualities into a cost-effective tourist destination that won’t break the bank?

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