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10 Reasons Why Guys Prefer Dating Geek Girls!

She wears glasses, reads books, is always well informed about the latest news, an introvert and takes least interest in how men look at her.

There is something really intriguing about nerdy girls, every time you see one. Behind those glasses, are some of the most beautiful eyes which can look deep inside you, into your soul. But when it comes to guys and their girlfriends, most of us think of girls who give you updates of fashion, talk about the latest trends and have a shallow IQ. Yes, have you checked the IQ levels of the hot chics who spend more time working out on their body rather than their brains? It’s best if not discussed here. But, in contrast to these stereotype girlfriends, there are the studious and geeky girls who are now the most preferred options of almost all guys. Brainy, smart and cool in nature!

So, here are 10 reasons why men nowadays prefer dating geek girls.

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  1. She is understanding

A nerdy girl understands the thoughts and decisions of a boy better than other girls. She doesn’t prick her guy over small issues, and tries to support him in whatever he needs.

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  1. She shares your tastes

How many times do you see a guy and his girlfriend fighting over small issues such as cricket matches, playing video games against the typical serials? A lot! But when you have a nerdy girlfriend, such fights never happen as they share the same likes as their men. She will understand you better, your choices better and you will never have to hide the fact that you are still a die-hard fan of Batman.


  1. Chooses you the perfect gift

Hearts and flowers! Do men really like such gifts? Not really. A geek girl gifts you a perfect gift which suit their likes aptly. It can be a techy gadget, a classic pen, a software, etc. anything that involves a man’s attention.


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  1. Loves gadgets just like you

If men are gadget freaks, most nerdy girls also fall into the same category. They love gadgets just like men and share the same enthusiasm. It may be a latest apple gadget, a software, a car, or any such thing.

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  1. Great companion

Geeky girls are great companions. They are good listeners, understanding in nature, have a balanced mind and also share with you a lot of similar hobbies. Whether it is about playing a video game together or helping you in your college project, they can be great companions.

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  1. Balanced personality

Don’t be offended by the fact that nerdy girls have a more balanced personality. It is a fact, and needs to be accepted by all. They have a proper understanding of all the situations and take decisions just the way a guy takes, practically rather than the emotional touch.

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  1. Reads books to stay updated

She loves reading books and can get lost in it completely. This keeps them updated about the recent world news and the latest best sellers. Guys, love women who are always updated with the latest news, whether it is political or knowledge based.

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  1. Gives you space

She is not anything like the regular women who stick to their partners all the time, not giving them any free space. Whereas, a geek girl is matured and understands the needs of all men. She will give you space and let you relax and not jump into you at all times.

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  1. Doesn’t Expect much from you

She is all independent, doesn’t like to rely on people or her partner for things. She is smart, intellectual and very much capable of handling her issues herself. In mere words, she doesn’t expect anything from you.

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  1. Gossiping – Not her Cup of Tea

Women are born to gossip, except the females who come in this intellectual category of geeks. She loves utilizing her time for reading, enhancing her IQ, doing creative things, etc. but never Gossiping. It is just not her cup of tea. Less gossips, fewer the problems between couples.

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