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10 Reasons You Should Avoid New Year Resolutions!

It’s New Year’s Eve…Time To Party! Forget about the sour moments and relive the beautiful moments the year brought us! And for most of us, it is also the time to make New Year Resolutions for 2016!

Really…New Year Resolutions? One fact about New Year Resolutions is – We Break Them! No matter how strong heartedly you had created them. But at the end… You break them!

Around the world millions will take resolutions to do this, Forget that, Quite this, Burn fat or Achieve This Goal….blah blah blah… But have we achieved anything? Let me guess, out of every 10 in those millions, hardly 2 stick on to their resolutions. Why? Why do we even make a fuss about something which we know we wouldn’t do it?

These are some of the reasons you should respect yourself and avoid taking any resolutions:

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1.Invisible Pathway

You always tend to break the resolutions, as what you see is just the goal and not the way to it.

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  1. Just Once Please

You are often tempted to cross the line. And you make a deal with yourself – Just one last time please!

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  1. What Are Friends For

You have taken a resolution but your friend hasn’t, that’s all! There are so helpful!

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  1. Procrastination At Its Best

Tomorrow is the right time to begin the resolution! That tomorrow is postponed for tomorrow!

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  1. I Don’t Care

Who keeps resolutions? We don’t! Because we think, we are perfect!

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  1. Destiny’s Child

You believe more into destiny results, than working on the same!

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  1. No Boundaries Please

Because you are a freebird, getting into limitations is not your thing.

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  1. Did I Take Those?

Those zestful resolutions you had taken, now seems damn unrealistic. Don’t they?

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  1. Not Anymore

Not having the required confidence in yourself for achieving the resolution.

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  1. I Am Living It

Because life is once and you do not wish to settle down with the given resolutions.

These are just random ten, imagine million people with varied resolutions! My God! How much do we lie to ourselves? Wait, instead of taking lofty resolutions, why can’t we just resolve what we already have in our lives?

Without a stronger resolve, you have no hope of accomplishing your resolutions.

Dear ones, cling on what you have decided to do, set aside a time to practise, show up everytime and then appreciate yourself for you can see the results!

Happy New Year – 2016

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