10 simple DIY pedicure tips you must try!

Walk-ing, run-ing, stand-ing, stroll-ing, danc-ing and no wonder how many ‘ing’ our poor soles have to bear with each day! They get tired and scream for attention and a little care. But, surrounded by a hectic schedule, family, kids and work, not many of us actually get time to enjoy a good pedicure. So, if you haven’t pampered your legs and soles rightly for a long time, here are 10 handy pedicure tips to help you get a perfect pedicure at home. Follow them step by step and you will surely see your happy feet smiling at you.

  1. Remove nail paint:
    remove nail paintSource
    Before you start with the pedicure, make sure you clean your feet properly. Remove any nail paint you have on your nails using a good quality nail paint remover. In order to remove the glittery nail paint, dab a cotton ball into a little nail polish remover and then place it on the nails covered with foil. After a while, you will see the nail paint coming out slowly and easily.
  2. Use only warm water:
    feet soaked in warm waterSource
    For pedicure, use warm water. Too much hot water can make your skin go dry. Also add some bath salts, essential oils, rock salt and then soak your feet into the arm water. In case you don’t get most of these products at home, simply add a little lemon juice to the warm water. This will cleanse your feet well, and also remove the cuticles. Soak your feet for a while in the warm water, at least 15 minutes and relax.
  3. Foot scrub:
    foot scrubSource
    Choose a refreshing and creamy foot scrub to keep your feet and soles moist. You will find a huge variety of creamy fruity scrubs that smell fresh and also exfoliate your skin well. Go for a scrub that will remove the dead skin cells from your feet and also leave back a refreshing smell on your feet.
  4. Smooth the skin of your feet:
    pedicure toolsSource
    Now that your feet are clean and well soaked, simply towel dry your feet. Use your pedicure tools to remove the cuticles, ingrown toenails and cracked heels. Cut your nails if needed and shape them well. Make sure you don’t scrub your skin too much as they can even damage the skin.
  5. Filler:
    For the sharp nail edges, use a filler to file the nails. Also use a buffer to buff the nail cuticles and give them a shiny look.
  6. Massage your feet with a creamy moisturizer:
    foot massage
    Choose a moisturizer that has a small amount of citrus extracts and smells refreshing. Massage your feet with this moisturizer for a while, until the cream is completely absorbed deep into the skin of your feet.
  7. Applying nail paint:
    nail paint
    Pat dry your feet and choose any nail paint for your feet. Make sure you keep the nail paint remover handy and wipe your nails using a remover to remove any dirt deposit.
  8. Applying nail paint:
    For good, smooth and long lasting effect, apply the nail paint in 3 long strokes, starting from the center. Choose a good quality nail polish for better results. Apply 2 coats to give a perfect look.
  9. Toe divider:
    toe divider
    Use a toe divider to make sure you apply the nail paint perfectly. This also helps avoid smudging. Once done, dip your toe nails into cold water. This helps the nail paint dry off faster.
  10. Apply cuticle oil:
    applying cuticle oilSource
    Once all the pedicure procedures are done, remember to apply cuticle oil to your nails. This will add shine to your nails and also make them strong and healthy. In case you don’t have cuticle oil, you can also use olive oil for your nails.
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