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10 Things We Did As Children Which We Could Do Today!

Remember the days when we were kids? I bet just the mention of it must have brought a smile on your face. It was amazing. But what really made it that beautiful were probably the simplicity, innocence and unknowingness we had at that age. As kids, it was fair to do whatever you wished to without thinking about the world. But as we grow up, we start knowing things and that is when things turn complicated. So, to make things fun, a little less complicated and celebrate this Children’s Day, we are going to list down 10 such things that we did as kids and wish we could do today. So, take a look, try them and have fun! Happy Children’s Day to all your grown up kiddos!!

  1. Cry When We Feel Like

Crying Kid

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As kids, we didn’t really have filters. Did we? We could cry when we wanted without caring about the people around. That probably made us the happiest!

  1. Be Careless!

Careless Eating

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In our childhood, we didn’t have to look in the mirror to check how we are looking. So it was okay to have messy hair, dirty clothes, saliva dripping down your mouth. Being careless today can be fun!

  1. No Pretending

No Pretending

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When we were kids we didn’t really have to pretend. It was perfectly alright to accept things the way they were without worrying about the consequences.

  1. No Masks to Wear

Be As You Are!

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Kids never have dual personalities. They remain what they are, whether they are at home, a party or in any public place. Babies don’t wear masks and be themselves. We all wish we could be ourselves all the time!

  1. Forget and Forgive


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The only thing which made us upset as kids was when somebody took our chocolate or our toy. But the beauty about that was that as soon as we got it back, the tears stopped too. We wish we could forgive and forget things that easily today also. World would have been such a happy place!

  1. Walk Without the Fear of Falling

No Fear of Failure

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Today when we walk and suddenly fall, we look around to check if anybody has seen us or not which as kids we never did! It was a simple act to fall as we walked. Interestingly though, falling while walking was considered cute when we were kids but now it is funny.

  1. Unknown to the Ugly Side of the World


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As kids, we always thought that the world is the most beautiful place where everything turns out positive. But sadly, as we grew up, we get to know the harsh reality.

  1. No Deadlines!

No Deadlines!

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Kids never have deadlines to follow. They can eat when they are hungry, sleep when they wish to, cry when they feel like and loiter around all the time. Today, we are always abiding by a deadline.

  1. Biggest Task – Finishing Food

Finishing Food - A Task!

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The biggest task we had as kids was to finish our food. Our moms force fed us food we didn’t like. Today, we are dealing with monstrous tasks all the time.

  1. Love Unfiltered

Love Unconditionally

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The world today loves having a filter all the time. As kids we gave everyone the same amount of love, totally unfiltered, without knowing the person and most importantly without expecting to get it back.

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