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10 Things That Damage Your Hair!

‘Hey, where did you get your haircut from? You look stunner! I would like you to recommend me that salon.’ ‘Please close the car’s window glass, the air messes up with my hair.’ ‘Hey, hey, hey wait lemme look at my hair once, before you click me in your phone!’ – Sounds something you have heard often? Yes it does, women more or less talk about their hair, it’s looks, style, color almost all the time! Why? Because we love pampering our hair and to take care of them in every possible way we could. Don’t we?

But at times we harm our own hair without our knowledge at all. Here are the certain things that you need to remember while dealing with your precious hair:

1.Too Much Brushing, Beware!

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Brushing is good, but once and twice not more than that! Brushing your hair too many times will make your hair root weak due to constant pull.

  1. Let Them Loose!

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Tying up your hair in varied hairstyles and ponies, will just make them constrained, being pulled for the excessive amount of time. It leads to weak roots of your hair. So let them breathe.

  1. Avoid Chemicals!

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Ah, I know these hair sprays, serums and all those lotions do wonders on our hair but trust me they do it temporarily. Excessive use of these chemical based products are harmful to hair.

  1. Leave The Wet Hair Alone!

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Wet hair are more prone to damage than the dry hair, so if you are looking to brush, tie up, hairstyle or even using any straightening machines on them, hold your horses! Let them get dry!

  1. We Know Your Love For Shampoo But..

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Do not over use it! Shampooing daily, may wash your natural oil from the scalp, leaving your hair all dry and rough! Also, not to forget your conditioners are for your hair and not for the scalp, so apply to hair length!

  1. Hot Water Love!

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It takes forever in Bathroom with hot water shower on, but let me remind you that hot water damages the texture of your hair, leaving your hair coarser! While cold water gives your hair a smoother texture.

  1. Avoiding Essential Oils And Food!

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Not every essential oil smell are amazing we know, but oil nourishes the hair root strengthening the same, while the right food nourishes the hair within. So no choice!

  1. Split The Split Ends, Yeah? NO!!

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We understand those split ends lures to pull them apart like nothing you think of, but remember pulling each split isn’t a solution, getting them trimmed is! Trims will also help your hair grow faster!

  1. Cover Your Head

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Sunrays gives us Vitamin D but hello not to your hair! The heat from the sun will make your hair rough without leaving no life in them.

  1. The Towel Story!

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Use your dear towel to pat your hair lightly, or just cover them loosely but, it’s a big no no to rub and dry your hair with towel as it generates friction between the hair causing more loss of hair!

So ladies, now that we have come across all those innocent torture we did on our hair, we are going to apologize! To Whom? To our hair by eating the right food and by oiling them and not doing the above things! Take Care of your beauty!

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