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10 Things You Will Understand Only If You Have A Sister!

Sistalove is what I call a relation, so underrated. It is always brother sister, husband-wife and Saas-Bahu, oh common.. there’s so much love, naughtiness, tenderness hidden in a sister to sister relation that I had to write this and eventually it made my eyes water.

Oh, I miss her so much. I have written these points that I had loved spending with her. Now that she is married, I will have to send this write up to rejuvenate our old memories. Aren’t you going to do the same?

The secret keeper sister

  1. The Secret Keeper

You have a crush on someone? She is the first one to know in the family!

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The protective sisters

  1. The Protective Shield

Repeatedly have scored less marks in school? Not to worry, she handles the angry parents!

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What's mine is your's sisters

  1. What’s Mine, Is Your’s

You liked something she purchased for herself? All you have to do is, Can you please give this to me and it’s yours.

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Cooking food and story _) Sisters

  1. A Story That Was Cooked

Cooking food together was never so much a fun. Isn’t it?

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You share everything with sisters.. everything

  1. All I Wanna Know Is…

Your elder sister is just married and you bombard her with all those questions.. you know what I mean!

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Sisters on phone

  1. Mobile Balance, Always An Issue!

One of your mobile balance eater is your sister, aha those never ending talks!

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Trip with sister

  1. Those Terrific Trips

That travel trip would have been incomplete without your sister – who would have accompanied in gossiping, taking crazy selfies, eating everything that you come across?

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Telepathy sister

  1. Telepathy, You Know!

You understand her mood without even she conveying it to you. Do you?

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  1. Run For Life

If there’s someone who has made her upset, that person has to run for his life.

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On sister's wedding

  1. Because You Love Her

You were the person who cried your eyes out in your sister’s wedding and wished if she would never go.

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Okay, I am posting this on her social media accounts or just say call her and read all the points? It will be so much fun to know how much we love each other. I bet she is going to remind you some of the old memories… so just go and give her a call.

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