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11 Habits That Make You The Perfect Bahu!!

Marriage is said to be a new phase in a woman’s life. There are many changes in her life that she needs to adopt as a wife and as a daughter-in-law. But is it really easy to fit into a new family, a new surrounding? In the Indian society, for a new bahu, there are certain guidelines that she needs to follow ritually, every day. Once you follow these habits, you successfully get accepted and loved by your new family. One thing she needs to register now is that directly or indirectly, she is now responsible for the health and wealth of her new family. Inculcate these habits and see how you become the perfect new bahu of your new family.

1. Wake up Early

wake early


It is always mandatory for you to wake up in your own sweet time. But it is not always appropriate for you to carry forward this habit for future. Assure you get up early at least few minutes before everyone wakes up. Inculcate this as a habit. This would help you to start off your day in good spirits.

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2. Greet Everyone

greeting elders

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Greet the grand parents, your in-laws and husband. This would spread the positive vibes among the family members.

3. Prayers


Chant holy words. As in the many traditions it is very important to start the day with prayers in a way to have an optimistic aura around the house and within the individuals.

4. Express Your Needs

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It is a new place for you so there might be instances where in your needs are not taken into the consideration initially. This is the time you have to express your needs in a humble manner such that it would be easy for the other family members to know and understand you in a better way.


5. Motivate Yourself

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Be a self motivator. Do not let your spirits down. It is difficult to manage everything in the starting but you can always learn and explore the new phases. This would boost up your mood and make you feel good about yourself.

6. Pay Attention


Learn to take the responsibility with a wide smile and do not run away from the task. Always pay heed to the little things which can make the huge difference.

7. Never Forget To Compliment Your Partner


Always tell your husband that “you are glad to have him in your life”. Hug your husband whenever you feel like. Exchange good gestures to keep a healthy relation. Encourage your partner and support in the things that he does for you and your family.

8. Learn To Resolve The disputes & Misunderstandings


You are a grown up now. Do not fight for little things. Learn to digest the facts and then work it out accordingly. You need to be calm and less impulsive. Do not stretch upon the issues and resolve it in an appropriate way.

9. Show Appreciation By Doing Special

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Always have a habit to show the appreciation by affection or by conducting a small get together. Appreciate the things that your family members do by celebrating in simpler ways. Appreciate the people for “who” they are. This will develop a strong inner bonding.

10. Save The Money

Saving money

Finance is something of utmost importance that as a female you have to take into the consideration. Spend the money rationally. Think before spending the money unnecessarily.

11. Give Time And Space To Everything

giving space

This is the crucial time where you have to adjust as a wife and even he has to adjust as your husband. You both as a couple need some time to cope up with the prevailing circumstances. You must have to support each other especially the females of the house.

To all the newly married brides do not take the struggle as a hurdle rather confront bravely with all the possible enthusiasm and open-mind.

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