11 Must Watch Bollywood Movies Every Woman Should Consider!

Being a big time movie freak, I watch movies of every genres; it makes me entertained and glued to the screens. Most of them manage to get into the one time watch lists, some were for giggles and repeats them while for some movies I have created a different folder which says, ‘Women Oriented’. These are movies that have messages, which ends with a question and motivation. I have no other options but to watch these movies over and over again and to share it with more women I know!

Here are some of the Bollywood every woman should watch at least once in their lifetime:

1.Rudaali rudaaliImage Source: rediff.com

It’s a movie that earned a National Award to Dimple Kapadia for her role of Sanichari, a professional mourner. A woman who had nothing but just misfortune in her life falls in love with a upper class man, who loves her back but she is unable to ask him money though how miserable the life was. Her life changes when Bikhni, another mourner enters her life.

2. Bandit Queen


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The movie is about the dacoit Phoolan Devi who rose to power from poverty. It is about how life makes you a person you might have never expected to be one. It’s about the situations in life that makes you a bad person for others for you defend yourself from the world toxic. Watch how a bandit battles her rapists and still a good person in her lives, is a crux of the story.

3. Margarita With A Straw


Image Source: indianexpress.com

If you are still in the cage and believe that certain dreams are just dreams and not reality, watch this movie and go inspired. From power packed acting skills to social message that this movie leave behind is something worth our time and money. Coming out for yourself, living and loving the way you want is what the first thing you should learn.



Image Source: ahan.in

The movie is about the woman whose love was killed in a conspiracy. She fakes, manipulates, plans and finds out the killer of her husband. It is about the ferocious and intelligent side of a woman who can go to any limit to avenge her love. A must watch movie. At the end you would have one word, ‘What a woman!’

5. Queen

queen-10aImage Source: santabanta.com

Queen, the name itself asks you to be the queen of your life no matter king come and break your heart, you shouldn’t let him take away your smile and happiness. Marriage isn’t the only destiny, there’s more in the world to live in. It might be difficult at the beginning but beautiful if you try and come out of it as soon as possible. A solo honeymoon in Paris of a woman who was betrayed on her wedding day is what every woman should watch once in their lifetime.

6. Zubeidaa

zubeidaacoverImage Source: geocities.ws

Zubeidaa is a movie about freedom, freedom of pursuing what one adheres to. It is about a woman who fights all odds of Indian traditions and patriarchy and also about the cliche that every Indian women is expected to follow. The movie shows how a woman pays off for following her dreams, and is a true sense of what freedom is for many women in India.

7. English Vinglish


Image Source: filmymantra.com

Many Indians do not know English and there’s nothing bad about it; however being the largest country to speak English as a second language many of us struggle to learn the same and that struggle of an Indian woman is shown in the silver screen. Adding more to it is a never giving up attitude of a woman besides handling a family.

8. Black


Image Source: santabanta.com

Blind and deaf Michelle McNally do not suffocate her life to her abnormalities but finds a way to be happy just like normal people. She even got her a degree and there’s nothing that could stop her from being a happy woman. Her teacher Debraj Sahai is there to break free the bonds of obstructions for her freedom is something so precious.

9. Gulaab Gang


Image Source: utsavpedia.com

Inspired by the real Gulaabi Gang of Bundelkhand, this movie is an epitome of women as victims, perpetrators, fighters and saviors. The movie shows the real power of a woman which hardly only few recognizes within them. It is a movie to stand for yourself and fight back for your rights and avenge yourself for all bad things that must have had happened in your life.

10. Angry Indian Goddesses


Image Source: bollywoodtimes.co.in

The movie that gives us friendship goals, which also proves that there isn’t just Bromance but there’s Sismance too! They vacationed together, lived their life and even if required took revenge for their girl friends. The best part is that it plays the conventional status of Indian women, where we are looking for a revolution which I feel is somewhere began. Not to forget how combinely they tease men, just want every other woman must have thought so to do!

11. Dor


Image Source: talkbollywood.com
Women’s patience, their dedication and loyalty is not hidden from the world and it is proved through this movie where one woman seeks forgiveness from another widow for the former’s husband had accidentally killed a the latter’s husband. It is how both shares the bond, one helps another to come out of the old society that binds from the freedom eating traditions.

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