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12 Must have Footwears in Women Closet

This is the age where flashy and stylish individuals would always stand out of the crowd. And if you want to be in the league you have to, not only concentrate on the clothes but your foot wear. It is said that an individual is always been judged by the footwear. So for every occasion, there is a different foot wear which goes appropriate with the theme. There is different type of footwear for social, personal and professional occasion. Read the following for your better understanding:

  1. French Heels:french heelSource
    The French heels have short heels and can be carried well in the professional environment. Women must have a French heel in the closet. These heels are short and curvy which adds a stylish look to your image and they are comfortable to carry.
  2. Flat Colorful Ballet:Flat Colorful BalletSource
    Ballets are said to be the most comfortable footwear for all women. These ballets are easy to carry and they give you a stylish look as well. You can always wear them when out for hangouts with friends or some dinner party. This can be casual and formal both.
  3. Rain Shoes:Rain ShoesSource
    It is must for you to have special foot wear for the rainy season as there might be instances wherein water can spoil your footwear. So this footwear is specially designed with special material for the monsoon.
  4. Long Boots:Long BootsSource
    The long boots can always save you from winters and it looks super stylish. You can always walk out with style you wish to flaunt.
  5. Canvas Sneakers:canvas shoesSource
    Canvas shoes are casuals one can wear regularly in college and even it’s good for the regular wear. They look smart & easy to carry.
  6. Wedges:WedgesSource
    Wedges are better stiletto in a way you can handle them. They will give you less stress when you put it on. On the other hand it will help you look taller.
  7. Sports Shoes:sports shoesSource
    If you are planning some adventurous trip it is must for you to have the sports shoes. The sports shoes would also help you in running while you exercise. It is a must thing in your closet.
  8. Flat Sandal:Flat SandalSource
    Flat sandal are the ones you can wear at home and nearby places to home. They are flat and can be used as a daily wear.
  9. Ankle Boots:Ankle bootsSource
    Ankle boots can look amazing if worn with skinny jean or leggings in party or clubs especially when chilling out with your friends.
  10. Nude Pumps:Nude HeelsSource
    Nude pumps are the most gorgeous foot-wear when it comes to attending some elite functions and gathering. The ladies must have those Nude Pumps to add charm to their overall personality.
  11. Sling Back Heels:slingback heelSource
    This is a stiletto with the support of strap above ankle. These can also be worn in the functions and occasions.
  12. Flip Flops:flip flopsSource
    Flip Flops are the most common foot wear. It is said that the flip flops are the foot wear that women can wear casually anywhere. They come in different colors and designs. It is easy to carry anywhere you go.
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