12 Things That proves Brother-Sister Bond Is Greatest of All!

Relationships are always gratifying, a thread of those sweet and sour memories that binds us together. Relations that connects us through the bonds of parents, partners, friends but nothing can beat the most mischievous of all, the one with whom you cannot live in a same room for at least a day.. at the same without whom your life is empty like a shell, yes you guessed that right, the Brother-Sister Bond!

And today is the day to celebrate this most revered connection of all, Raksha Bandhan, a strong protective relation between a brother and a sister. But hey, this bond isn’t sweet as you read here, it’s packed with full of nautanki… lot of fights and lot of nok-jhoks. Here are few instances:

1.Strange Enemies

Strange enemies - Rakshabandhan

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They are enemies, but add a word ‘sweet’ to it.

2. Me, Mum’s Love!

Mom and son

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Your Brother always wants to prove that he is your mother’s favorite.

3. Let’s Play!

Brother's Prank

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Playing pranks is like taking a fresh air after a stressful day. Right?

4. Take A Damage


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At times, people think you guys are couple and all you feel to do is PUNCH!!

5. Just Checking


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When it comes to dating, you both become the ultimate scanners, CID men. Haina?

6. The Temporary Enemies!


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You both are enemies at home but friends to die for when step out.

7. We Make A Team!


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When together, you can bring the world down on kneels to you.

8. Who’s The Favorite?

I am the best

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Your childhood and teenage life is all about, getting the most attention from parents.

9. A Blood Relation, after all!

Brother and sister

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As you grow up, your rivalry decreases and you guys get too much attached emotionally.

10. Just A Bit More Hungry, Always!

Just a bit hungry

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No matter what’s the age, you want an equal or more part of your favorite dish.

11. Daddy’s Daughter!

Whats-the-situation-if-you-borrow-a-friends-carImage Source: safecar.info

If you are a sister, you know how to make your brother jealous! Just tell him how your father let you drive his car!

12. The Ultimate Truth!

Bro sis bond

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But at the end, there’s nothing strong and protective than a bro-sis relation.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to everyone!

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