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13 Most Common Teenage Fashion Mistakes

Mirror Mirror on the wall…Who is the Prettiest of them all??

Oh… how much we all loved dressing up like our youth icons, imitating their hairdos and clothing fashion and every single thing. After all, as a teenager, when our body is completely under the control of our hormones, it gets difficult choosing what we actually want to dress like and what we don’t. As a teen I saw Britney Spears bring the fashion of wearing short skirts. And guess what…most girls started showing off their beautiful skirts and sexy legs just like her.

Today, I guess there are many who follow Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, and other stylish artists just to look perfect. But, somewhere in this effort, we end up making silly fashion flaws or mistakes which we surely never noticed as teens. Here are 13 fashion mistakes I guess most of us made as teens. Read them and recollect your silly fashion blunders for a laugh!!

  1. Wearing platform shoes



Those ugly platform shoes that we wore only to compromise the look of those stylish heels that your parents never allowed you to wear!

  1. The famous bell-bottom jeans

bellbottom jeansSource

The bell-bottom jeans and your ill-fitted top and your wide body – A total fashion disaster!

  1. Panty lines

panty linersSource

Oh hell!! Wearing the tight butt-fitting pants and almost forgot about the panty lines? Did you ever make this fashion blunder?

  1. The stary glittery jackets like rockstars

denim glitter jacketSource

Jeans shaded jackets with stars and glitters all over them!! Most teenagers loved wearing them simply to copy their Rock Gurus. But in reality, did the glitter really give you that star look?

  1. Cutting your Own bangs


Oh these bangs look absolutely beautiful!! But cutting them yourself…It’s a bad idea. How many of you tried cutting your own bangs and then looked like a mentally ill guy from an asylum??

  1. Piercing


May it be nose piercing or body piercing… most teens love getting them done! But, hey… they look really hideous when you grow smarter. They surely do no good to your fashion statement.

  1. Noticeable transparent bra strips

transparant bra strapsSource

Wearing the halter neck tops and stylish dresses is the dream of all teenagers. But wearing those not so perfect transparent straps looked a really hideous. They are not transparent…gal…they become more noticeable.

  1. Wearing tops that show off your flabs


So, did you wear tight jeans and tight tops to highlight your figure? But what about your fatty flabs?

  1. The synthetic lycra leggings

synthetic lycraSource

Wear them in your gym and no where else!! Did you wear them all around the city?

  1. Jeans below a party dress

jeans under dressSource

Ok…So your party dress is a little bit short! But did you wear a jeans pant under it to cover your legs? Gross!!

  1. Ill-fitted trousers

formal pantsSource

Remember…Trousers are made to give you a sophisticated look not to give you a shabby look.

  1. Wearing very few clothes

showing off skinSource

So, how to look sexy? Shedding your clothes and wearing micro miny skirts and tops is surely not a good idea.

  1. Colorful rompers and Dungarees


Rompers have been in fashion earlier…but surely not the ones your hero Govinda wore! Did you wear the yellow, pink, green and orange rompers as a teenager?

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