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15 Inches Of Hair Make A Wig For A Cancer Patient: A Reason Enough For Babita Jaishankar To Go Bald!

As a woman I know how many questions I answer myself before going to a haircut. Hair happens to be one of the most beauty defining aspects in a woman. But I was astonished to have come across a woman, who runs a business in the field of fashion and image building, when she decided to go completely bald for a cause!

Babita Jaishankar, a Fashion Designer, an Image Coach, Founder at WSol Fashion & Image makeovers Pvt Ltd and a Creative Director at BAJA, has come forward with the courageous move by shaving her head to prove beauty isn’t more of an exterior thing. Being an image coach, she always told people at various events that, one should not worry about the appearance, if they have the inner faith to carry themselves confidently, it defines being beautiful. However, it made her think that she preaches the definition of beauty but has she understood it rightly first.

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“While I am talking to people saying it’s just hair and they give me a look when I have this long beautiful hair, it doesn’t sound right. So I challenged myself before I talk to people about it.”

Ms. Babita’s courageous move is not just a message for the outside world, it is more of a message to herself first, though people have been too much inspired. According to her, it is very easy to tell people, to preach about something but first it is very essential to impose the same on yourself. “People call me and convey that my move is so filled with an inspiration, they message her stating that, it is clear that you don’t need your hair, skin to be confident from inside or being yourself.”

Bold, Bald And Beautiful BAbita

It wasn’t easy for her to let go off her beautiful hair, but she wanted to feel the pain of a cancer patient, what it is to be like without hair. She says that, no doubt it is temporary but at least there is one aspect she could relate their struggle with. “Somebody said it requires a 15 inches of hair to make a wig for a cancer patient, so I said, if it is about donating then I will go to the extreme by donating all my hair.”

This strong woman had to even fight with her family’s emotions. Her younger daughter was little apprehensive about her mother taking this step. She thought what will happen if they will not grow back? She was worried what her friend will think, how students will tease and make fun about her mother being a bald. Babita says that, her elder one was like “Seriously? you will do this? I think I will be very proud of you.”

As soon as she posted her photographs on social media, she received calls and messages from family and friends who had mixed emotions but Ms. Jaishankar was sure that her act was for a good cause and it will surely leave its effect and it did! “Amidst all of this, a girl came to me and asked if she could hug me. I never knew her, but she had followed me on social media. She said that she had lost her mother who was suffering from cancer, a year ago. She said she never thought she could also feel closer to her mother by shaving her hair off the head. She shared that she could feel what her mother went through. I was surprised to know that my act had inspired so many people in different ways.”

The act made her feel independent upon her exterior beauty which is temporary. “The no hair part is like a lot of freedom, I don’t know to explain it but it is like I am spiritually on a high, there is absolutely no worries about the appearance.” There’s one thing she would like to tell every cancer patient around that, there is a help for them. Through her sessions and anything besides that, she will make sure that their image, self esteem, their confidence in themselves will be boosted up to get them back to life.

Ms. Babita says, physical beauty shouldn’t be your identity, if you are beautiful inside you will definitely become the same outside. ‘Believe In Yourself’ is the message she has given to every woman around!

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