15 Problems That Only Girls With Specs Face!!

At times it’s great to be goofy, What Say? We all, at some point or the other, have had faced problems especially when it comes to wearing SPECTACLES. Yes! Don’t you really hate them when you have to wear them all day, not much like our style divas who wear specs only to look different.

Specs at many times put you in an awkward situation. Though, according to me its an amazing accessory that one should go for. But yes, there are moments when you just wish you didn’t have the additional 2 eyes provided to you by your doc. Here are a few interesting moments that you can relate yourself to, Especially if you wear spectacles.

foggy glass 1

  1. Yummy hot mug of coffee and a foggy glass!

Dizzy image… a foggy glass and a hot cup of coffee! every time you feel like having your fav drink, your specs help make the environment foggy for you.

loving wearing specs 2

  1. Kisses?? Oh Wait!!

Cuddles and smiles are all fine, but is your partner looking forward to kissing you?? Hold on, remove your specs to enjoy a kiss undisturbed by your glasses.

call by funny names

  1. Chashmish… Dadima…

Have you been nicknamed? well, people make it an obvious thing when you wear a specs. They become a stigma and you certainly feel irritated by the funny names that people call you by.

joke out of girl

4. Can you SEE??

People instantly doubt your vision once they notice you without your specs. Moreover, they start staring at your eyes, only trying to find out any possible visible defect in them. Dude… stop staring, i have specs so what??? its not a defect!

specs in rain

5. Wish you had wipers on your specs during monsoon

Walking in the rains or while driving your vehicle, you sooo wished that your specs also had wipers like cars to clean the glasses. but sadly, you simply cannot manage the task of wearing the specs during the rains.

Cover Image

6. Specs a fashion statement. Really???

You cannot simply look good when it comes to the wearing the glasses. Even if you want to look good and feel great about the appearance you simple can’t. There is a misconception in the society that women wearing specs looks more nerdy and shy. Looking bold and sexy is something that ladies at large simply cannot afford.

sleeping with specs

7. Sleeping and Watching TV: Impossible task

How you wished you could relax and watch your favorite programs and movies on TV!! Your specs become a constant problem, giving you a hard time watching TV.

grumpy specs

8. What’s the Numbers Of your Glass??

Even if people have nothing to do with your vision, they make it a point of asking you your numbers.

girl with glasses rejected

9. Marriage proposal rejected

There are morons in the society who feels that girls with specs are less confident. And for this silly misconception, the girl is rejected for marriage.

remark for not wearing specs

10. You Are Often Interpreted Wrong As You wear Glasses

Girls with specs are always taken other wise. People tend to interpret them differently. There are many chances where in people at large consider the girls with specs as inferior.

selfie without specs

11. No Specs While Posing For Selfie

Picture perfect!!! But cant pictures be perfect with specs?? How many times have you been asked to remove your specs while posing for a picture?

marks on nose due to specs

12. Specs marks – your best friends!!

What happened when you wear your specs all day? You get rewarded by specs marks that stay with you forever, until you stop wearing your specs.

waving hands to teses

13. Vision testing – How many fingers are these?

At times many of us have encountered that our friends and family members end up teasing you by showing the fingers from far and again make you count as well. It can be very irritating.

difficult to dance in specs

14. Dancing shoes are fine – Why no dancing specs??

Going to the parties and pubs its yet very difficult to dance when it comes to your eye-wear. The eye wear makes it so uncomfortable for you to dance.

3D specs over specs
15. 3D movie – 2 eyes 2 specs

The 3D movies are like something you cannot afford to miss, at the same time it is so much difficult to wear 3D glasses over your specs. But the sad story is the same you have no other choice but to do the same.

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