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15 Rules For Women To Live A Safe Life In The Present World

This is the high tech world! You know almost everyone out there, may be via friends or through the internet. But, being a woman, life doesn’t come very smoothly to you. With the possibility of facing any kind of situation in front of you, you need to be prepared to fight whatever that comes your way. Be it a corporate meeting dominated by men or making your mark as an entrepreneur in the society, be it you showing off your well toned body or your skill as a home-maker to manage your entire mad family together. For a woman like you, Everything is possible. So to be in this world and to be known for your skills, you have to be one of a kind. Following are the rules that you should keep in mind to cope up with the day-to-day scenario.

1. Work Hard As Men & Still Be Different
In this world, it is very important for a woman to be independent. Do not cry and depend your whole life for a few pennies. Earn, Save and Invest wisely! Plan your future and be the bread earner. Stay financially sound.

2. Teach Yourself To Be Adaptive
Stay approachable to new thoughts, new age and adopt new things from the present. This will always help you to stay updated. Be social. Keep on sharing your thoughts. Make friends of all ages. Move out of the house and learn from the surroundings.

3. Say ‘NO’ To Fools
There would be a lot of people fooling around you to divert your mind. Say “NO” to such fools and live your life, your ways. Do not get carried away and then criticize yourself by staying in guilt. Stay alert and be aware about the frauds that can happen to you at any point of time. Do not get addicted to silly habits that other people suggest. Remember, your life is in your hand. Do not surrender to fools around you.

4. Introspect
Always remember, no one can know you better than you know yourself. It is very important for you to look before you leap. It is must to keep a check on your thoughts, actions and feelings at the same time.

5. Eat, Sleep, Exercise & Repeat
You must know that you are a woman at the end of the day and a lady needs more nutrients. You have to assure that you take the right diet at the right time. Make a schedule out of your hectic life. It is a must for you to exercise and take off the toxic substances and work pressure out of your body. Meditate, Sleep well and take ample amount of rest. Taking rest and sleeping properly will keep you fresh and energetic.

6. Be The Change That You Want To see
Always adopt the change in you first and then apply it to others. Always have an approach of doing the things by your own. Always stay a role model and set a bench mark for the others too. This would boost your inner strength to keep up the high spirits.

7. Encourage Good Deeds Not Just Good Looks
You have to ensure that you believe in good deeds and encourage to do so. Do not always concentrate on glitters n galore. Stay contented in the little things which please you and bring life to you. Spend few amount of your earnings for the poor and needy. You certainly need to groom yourself but have to be sensible enough as well. Volunteer and help people. Stand for some cause and contribute to it.

8. Judge & Then Trust
Every coin has two sides. Similarly there are good and bad people in this world. Do not trust everyone. Take your time, observe, judge them and if they prove their worth, trust them. Else simply kick them off. Do not trust anyone just like that. Make people realize your worth. People must not dare to take you for granted and play off with your feelings.

9. Gossip, Giggle & Go Solo
Girls always gossip and there is no harm if it keeps you in good mood and good spirit. Giggle, smile and laugh as there must be someone falling off for your smile. Party hard! Go on a vacation. Rejuvenate yourself. Pick up different destinations and explore.

10. Don’t Be Impulsive Try Patience
Women have a tinge of being impulsive every time. Control your anxiety levels and try patience. There are certain matters which take time and patience is the only way to reach through the ultimate. It will always make a huge difference in your personality. At times, impulsive nature would make you uncomfortable and unsatisfied. So, it is always a better to be late than never.

11. Demand Respect, Safety & Freedom
You are a sovereign soul and you have all the possible rights to speak and act as you wish. You must respect everyone and demand respect as well. Do not believe in gender inequality. Also, you have all the right to be safe. You have to demand safety in a way to move freely on your own.

12. Learn Self – Defense
You never know being a women when you may face many unusual things. So, in order to stay out and stay safe, it is important for you to learn self-defense.

13. Have An Optimistic Approach
You must always have a positive approach towards living a healthy and happy life. You must always handle failure in a strongly and always have a positive base for everything.

14. Don’t Reveal Your True Identity To Strangers
When you are new to certain places you must always assure your safety and for that sake you must assure that you do not disclose your true identity to the strangers. There might be an instance that strangers turn out to your worst nightmare.

15. Women Are Princess, Queens & Goddess By Blood
Women must feel proud about being one of a kind and must not tolerate any dominance. They would remain princess by nature and queens of their heart and goddess by blood. Nothing can be impossible for her to stop the way she walks, talks and carries herself. She has equal right to live her life. Women must always remember they do not need any hero as they are their own hero.

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