Signs Mr. Right

15 Signs About That Prove He Is Your Mr. Right!

Love is beautiful, benevolent, a blossom and blind! We all have heard many such adjectives to define love, which is complicated in the modern world. As people are getting more practical these days, it is difficult for one to choose the Right partner for life. Yes, you may spend some unforgettable memories with your boyfriend but how can you make sure he is the one? How will you realize that he deserves to be the only man in your life? How are his actions? Yes, his behavior, actions speaks a mile about his future intentions and the feelings deep down his heart.

Here are few signs to prove that he is the right guy for you. If your boyfriend does them all, marry him!

Make Her Smile

Make Her Smile

1. Understands!

He knows you are low for some reason just by reading your texts.

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2. Gentleman!

No matter what how boring your topic is, he will pay his attention to your talks.

3. Mature!

He can console you perfectly when you are broken.

4. Humble!

He respects your suggestions or at least would not make fun of your ideas.

5. Perfect!

Your birthday’s are very special for him, as he makes it so without any glitches.

Beside You

Beside You

6. Beside!

On a topic of debate between friends, he is there with you no matter how right or wrong you are.

7. Support!

He is the one defending you when entire world discourages you.

8. Decency!

He never crosses his limits with respect to his sexual advances and seeks your permission.

9. Extrovert!

He loves you the way you are, and do not expect you to change any of your weird likes or dislikes.

10. Noble!

Loves your family and friends just like you do.

Shows Affection

Shows Affection

11. Normal!

He isn’t hesitant to show his emotional side in front of you, for he knows you would understand.

12. Ambitious!

He respects your ambitions and never stops you to fulfil them.

13. Guide!

Whenever in trouble, he is the first person you approach after parents and siblings.

Secured and Happy

Secured and Happy

14. Jolly!

You feel secured and happy whenever he is around.

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15. No Ego!

He tries to remember every things about you, and if at times he forgets, he apologizes.

Cross check them all, if your guy passes 10 out of 15, marry him!

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