20 Things That Suggest You Are A Dancer

Footloose!! Dancing has always been one of our favourite Hobbies!! But, for a few it’s more than a hobby…it’s rather a passion. But are you aware that you are passionate about this so called hobby?

Here are 20 such things that suggest you are a natural dancer. Well, you may not be a born dancer, but once you realise your love for dancing, you may get trained and become the next Dancing Star!

  • In childhood, your mom and dad’s favourite way of introducing you at any gathering was “Beta, uncle aunty ko dance karke dikhao!”

dancing for family

  • As a kid, you used to dance on every music possible without feeling awkward. Even advertisements!

 kid dancing on advertisement

  • Most of your childhood is spent dancing in front of the TV. And teenage in front of the mirror.

 kid dancing in front of TV

  • You know the signature step of every Bollywood song!
  • You are the unofficial sangeet choreographer at family and friends’ weddings.
  • sangeet choreographer

    • You regard every famous choreographer as your idol.
    • You are the highlight of a baraat video because you are the best dancer.

    nagin dance

    • You are always the first and last one on the dance floor at a wedding.

    last on the dance floor

    • You can never listen to a song peacefully because your mind is always thinking about choreographing the song.
    • You worry about not getting a step right than anything else. It’s depressing!
    • You do not really need to practice and you can start dancing anywhere!
    • You deeply believe that it is impossible for anybody to not love dancing.
    • You take it as a challenge when people say they have two left feet.
    • For you, GK is about knowing about all dance forms and updating your dance vocabulary.
    • You aim to be flexible like Prabhu Deva some day!

    prabu deva

    • You either really love or really hate Dance Reality Shows.
    • Your HDD is full of dance movies and videos
    • Dance is your stress-buster and your daily exercise.


    • You generally count dance gear as your daily wear.
    • You dream of becoming a famous choreographer or opening a dance school some day!
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