3 Best Excuses Guys Use To Avoid Marriage

Congratulations! It’s absolutely commendable that your relation with your fiancé or boyfriend is sailing smoothly and steadily. So, is marriage the next thing in your mind? But before you go ahead and pop-up the question to your partner, make sure you know that your partner is absolutely ready to commit to the wedding.

Women love getting committed and start a family. But men, on the other hand love their freedom and stay away from commitments and responsibilities. So, if you want to know whether your partner is trying to run away from marriage, here are 3 excuses that men usually use to decline the proposal in a simple way. Also know the solutions on how to manage these commitment fears in your partner.

1. Finances

The first and most widely given excuse amongst men to run away from the marriage is the Financial status. Until you were single and going out on weekends, things were fine. But, soon as you pop the question for an engagement or marriage, arranging finances, expenses and related issues creep up into the mind of your partner. According to an old review, people spend almost the entire 2 month salary on their engagement alone. So, planning a wedding after this is surely not a cheap thing to do. As a result, most guys give the excuse of not being financially tough to live an engaged life with their partner.

Solution: If you love your partner, no matter you give her or how much you give her, she will be happy with you. But practically, if you want a decent engagement or marriage, you need to start saving money a lot prior to when you decide to get married. You need to plan your expenses, plan the wedding, plan the family and every single thing that is related to a marriage and a happy life. So, instead of avoiding marriage due to finances, its time you start saving money with your partner and enjoy a simple and yet blessed relation ahead.

2. Religion

Ok, now religion is not a question for a lot of people. But , for a few it is a big matter that needs to be sorted with care. If you don’t look at it with care, it is sure that the entire matter can get extremely messy.

I am Jew and you are a Christian! Or I follow Islam and you follow Buddhism! Well, religion in today’s time is not a big issue as most people now have an open mind and accept partners of other religion easily. But, if this question comes up between you and your partner, you need to know the right way to manage it.

Solution: In case you and your partner belong to different religions, then it is important that you create an interest in each other’s religion and understand the beliefs. This will help you respect each other’s religion and also create a stronger bond.

3. What if she changes?

Men love the open thoughts, responsible yet carefree attitude of their fiancés. They expect you to stay the same even after marriage. On the other hand, women love being cared and caressed by their partners after marriage. They need their partners to stay home with them and spend quality time. This change in thoughts after marriage is one of the biggest fears and also the prime reason of men who avoid getting into marriage.

Solution: Accept the fact that your partner will change, but this change will occur in both of you, together. Or you may say, you both will mature with time and learn to accept the changes happily. Don’t let the fear overcome your love for your partner.

Image Source: Kavitajpatel.com

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