3 Magical Uses Of Glycerin And Rose Water For A Beautiful Skin!

Who doesn’t wish to have a silky soft and smooth skin, especially in the winters when our skin looses all its moisture and goes all dry. No matter how much you care of your body’s beautiful sheath, it never retains the glow and health it should naturally. So, here are magical age old Granny’s skin therapies using Glycerin and Rose-water, which work wonder on your skin. Rose-water works as an astringent while glycerin protects your skin keeping it healthy, moisturized and shiny.

The Benefits of using Rose Water and Glycerin include:

  • Good skin Moisturizer
  • Treats various skin issues
  • Balances the “Skin pH level”
  • Revitalizes the skin
  • Controls the excess of oil
  • Has a Aroma therapy effect
  • Has swelling reducing quality
  • Cleansing
  • Facial Toners

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Now that you know about its benefits, here are 3 ways in which you can use the Glycerin and rose-water on your skin. Follow them closely and see the benefits.

  1. Moisturizer

Moisturizing qualities of both, glycerin and rose-water, can be used to have a maximized effect on the skin. The property of attracting and retaining the atmospheric dampness that Glycerin has, is enhanced by mixing the rose water. As a result, skin remains glossy and supple. Moreover the combo also shields the skin from severe climatic situations.

  1. Cleanser

Various skin problems like eczema and dermatitis’ can be cured. Effects of a ‘dry, rough and scaly skin’ that is caused by these skin problems can be removed by the Glycerin – Rose water mix. The inborn antibacterial and cleansing qualities of rose water helps in removing marks and other inflamed spots (pimples) on the face.

  1. Toner

An imbalanced ‘PH level’ makes the skin look dull and unhealthy. It also causes various skin issues. The Glycerin- rose water lotion helps tones and rectify the problem. It also helps to keep the skin shiny and fresh all through the next 365 days. Revitalizing the skin as one grows old is important to keep the wrinkling and other old age signs at bay. This is effectively managed by the Glycerin – Rose water combination. The skin is well nourished and looks refreshed and less oily with the use of this mix.

Besides having these properties, this lotion is economical and can be easily made at home.

How to make Glycerin – Rose water mix at Home?

Blend a quarter measure of Glycerin with One and a half measure Rose water. Keep the mixture in a sprayer, spraying it on the skin as and when your skin needs to be moisturized.

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