Kids loft ideas

5 Amazing Bedroom Loft Ideas for Kids!

A typical couple usually starts with a home that’s just enough to accommodate them, without realizing that eventually, they will be needing a much bigger space for children. If you have kids of your own, having a small home may cause you to feel too crowded. However, turning a loft into a child’s bedroom can be a practical, space-saving idea.

When planning to have more space in your house, you probably have two options: to move out or to renovate. Between the two, moving out could be costly. Therefore, maximizing the space that you already have may be the better option, especially if you have a loft.

Kids Room Ideas

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5 Ideas for A Bedroom Loft That’s Perfect for Kids

Knowing how to convert loft spaces can definitely save you some money, as you plan to create a new bedroom for your kids. It’s also a good opportunity to squeeze out those creative juices, allowing you to decorate the loft any way you want, for as long as it adds life to your home.

Here are some creative and fun ideas you can use in building your kid’s bedroom loft:

  1. Your child’s personality on display

The bedroom is probably the area of your home where your kids will spend most of their time in, and so designing it properly will definitely make a difference. When thinking about the bedroom loft design, consider what your child’s personality is. This will cause them to love their bedroom a lot.

On the flip side, designing a kid’s bedroom based on your own preferences may not necessarily earn the appreciation of your children. They probably have different home design tastes as you do, and so you need to know what they like.

  1. Bedroom and study room in one

Encourage your children to study, by incorporating a study room within the bedroom loft. You may tickle their minds by designing the bedroom so that they can have fun and be more inspired to study.

  1. Wonderland of dreams

Any little girl would simply feel enchanted being in her own wonderland. Create a castle-like loft for your little princess and make her feel very special each day.

You can do this by using a bed frame in the shape of a castle, adding decorations inspired by fairy tales, or using regal colors such as gold, red, and blue.

  1. An outdoorsy look

Some kids want to feel close to nature. Consider creating a bedroom loft designed with tree branches with colorful hues all over the room, just like living in a storybook adventure. You may also put real plants inside the bedroom, although you might want to check first if your child is allergic to pollen.

  1. A home within a home

Some children want to feel like they are adults so much, that they mimic whatever they see from their parents. In this case, you may build their bedroom loft that looks like a small house. You can pull off this design idea by adding a small sofa and putting a kitchen play set.

Here’s a great tip to make sure that your children will love their bedroom loft: Let them join in decorating the room. This will allow them to not only show their creative skills, but also to learn the value of being independent and responsible.

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