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5 Exercises to Keep your Breasts Firm

For a woman, whether she is a fashionista or not, whether she loves staying in shape or not, her breasts are her most important assets. Her wish to have perfectly shaped breasts is natural. In her teens, a girl is happy about its size and perfection. But that does not last! With growth, they start drooping and that’s when shape-up bras and breast exercises fall into our regular schedules, apart from the surgical treatments, oils and medicinal treatments. There are many exercises to better the breast size and slow down the ‘sagging’ tendency.

Allotting a few moments for the breast toning exercises daily will help the muscular area tone up over the breast. Ladies pleased with breast shape, preserve it by practicing these simple workouts at home.

  1. Push-Up Exercise

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There are almost thirteen exercises for firmer, raised and shapely breasts, but the main three exercises to be practiced at home are “push-ups, Chest Presses and Dips. According to experts, the ‘push-ups’ cause tremendous tightening in the upper torso. Arms and shoulder area also get stronger. 3 sets of fifteen to twenty push- ups daily should help greatly.

  1. Crisscross foot & Knee Exercise

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With each foot crisscross at ankle, kneel down on the flooring. With knees pressed put your hands on the floor, in front of and away from the shoulders.

Make sure that your ‘knees, hips and shoulders are in alignment. In a slow movement, bring the torso above the waist to the ground level and pushing it back to the starting position. If you cannot do a complete ‘push- up’, then for a start go as far as you can and back up slowly.

  1. Chest-Press Exercise

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Next in line is the ‘Chest Press’. For doing this exercise you need heaviness. 3 sets of this exercise with twenty repeats in each will help you shape up your breasts better. You can do the exercise weekly three times.

  1. Lying Chest Fly

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Resting your back on the floor, bend your knees and feet in front of you, lift the dumbbells. Keep the arms straight and the hands back. With unlocked elbows bring your arms down forming an L shape, then back to the start. Wait for a few moments before each repeat.

  1. Dips Exercise


The other exercise to do is ‘Dips’. This not only strengthens your torso, but also your stance. 3 sets of this with twenty repeats, done three times weekly will do the needful.

Position your back close to the backside of a chair. Foot apart put your palms on the chair back, go down till your ‘arms and knees, are at right angles. Slowly go back to the original position and make your arms straighten and remain unlocked.

Alternating the workouts and consulting your physician before starting the session is necessary. Do not perform all the exercises at one time. Interchange! Before you start on any exercise, make sure to consult your doctor to rule out any health problems.

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