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5 Lessons I Learned From ‘Dear Zindagi’

‘Dear Zindagi’ is the perfect weekend watch for all of you. In this stressful ambience of demonetization playing on everyone’s mind, the film manages to bring a smile on your face. And here, it is worth mentioning that Shah Rukh is certainly back in his elements and gives an exemplary performance by playing the character of Jug with finesse. He is all that he used to be in his films some years back, like ‘Swades’, ‘Chak De India’ and many more. The charming character of ‘Dr. Jehangir Khan’ urf ‘Jug’ played by him gives life lessons to a troubled teenager Kaira, played by Alia which are worth remembering. Alia is equally amazing in the character of Kaira and noticeably, she has matured massively as an actor.

I was so inspired by the film, that instead of reviewing the film I decided to make a list of things I learnt.

  1. It is not always important to take difficult decisions in life. Sometimes easy decisions make more sense.

There are times in life when you are to decide between a difficult and easy path. Though you might be compelled to take the tough path to get better results but easy decisions provide you comfort, peace of mind and most importantly keep you happy.


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2. Life decisions should be treated like selecting a chair. Keep trying different types of chairs until you find the one which is most comfortable.

Life decisions should be treated like selecting a chair. Keep trying different types of chairs until you find the one which is most comfortable. Especially when choosing a partner to live with. It is okay to swing between multiple partners, it is okay to break up multiple times until you find the perfect person for yourself.

3. It is important to cry your heart out at times. If you cannot cry your heart out, then you will not be able to laugh out loud too.

We as human beings today have not only forgotten how to smile with any pretence but also forgotten cry often. We have developed this unusual habit of not crying and curtailing emotions. So cry when you want without thinking about the world. Crying is good, helps in letting out the troubles inside.

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4. Love the people around you, care for them with all your heart and all will be fine.

Cherish the people around you. If you fail to cherish them then one day you might regret when you lose them. Love the closest people around you and you will be assured that you will never have a low moment.

5. It is okay to be crazy and it is absolutely okay to visit a therapist to seek help.

Be crazy, be mad, be whatever you want to be and not be ashamed about it. No matter what the world has to say about you, do whatever you feel is right. It is also okay to visit a therapist if you are facing trouble in your life, it is good to talk to people who can help you revive your life.


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