5 Most Daunting Jobs For a Woman

Do you think that your job is the most stressful one? According to a recent study by Careercast.com, here is the list of the most stressful jobs of women:

Commercial Airline Pilot

Every time you fly you have a responsibility of nearly 200 people. You have to be very careful each time you land an airplane, as it is the most difficult part of being a commercial pilot. Besides landing the airplane, there is weather turbulence sometimes making things more stressful.


Photo-journalism is a male dominated field. So it is extremely difficult to make your own identity. Besides this, documenting death, natural disasters and death is also very stressful. Sometimes it becomes difficult to cope up with the current situation.

Newspaper reporter

Working for long hours, stress of writing to the deadline and high competition in the field makes this job very stressful. Getting exclusive stories and being on site for long hours is very difficult for a woman.

Police Officer

This is quite a hectic job as one has to investigate crimes, attend security programs, be present at court hearings and along with that have to maintain and follow law and order. One has to be on toes all the time and on duty 24 hours a day.

PR Executive

Life of PR person is stressful as they needs to maintain a perfect balance between work and life. They are expected to be available on Sundays and on vacations. Maintaining relationships is sometimes not easy and thus it makes you feel stressed.

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