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5 Points to Confirm Before You Buy Sanitary Pads

The world is going all organic these days! Right from the vegetables and fruits you eat to the essential oils and even sanitary pads, people are choosing organic products over the cheaper, chemical based products that are swarming the market. The reasons are simple – increasing number of cancer patients, increased amount of adulteration in commodities in the name of costing, fake brands, quality issues, and more. Even sanitary pads, a basic and essential product used by women has become a matter of intense discussion and thought.

Brands offer you sanitary pads at different costs! Have you ever wondered why? The lower quality pads have more plastic and chemical content than the expensive ones. However, the result for both will be the same. With the expensive pads, you have a lower possibility of having cervical cancer which otherwise is higher when you use the low priced sanitary pads. Either way, you are surely at a risk of conceiving cervical cancer as it is. But with the Green Revolution taking up pace across the world, the biodegradable sanitary pads are now fast replacing the regular pads. And there are a number of reasons why you should wisely choose the best sanitary pads for your menstrual cycles.

Here are 5 points that you should consider before buying sanitary pads for your chums.

  1. Composition of the pads

Next time when you go to buy sanitary pads, check the composition of the pads or the products that are used to make them. Apart from the high quality cotton and plastic sheet used, there are chemicals and scents used to increase the absorption power of the pads. However, these chemicals prove to be toxic for our health and lead to cervical cancer at a later age.

This is one of the major reasons why a lot of women are now opting for chemical and toxin free sanitary pads! The market can now be seen swarming with a number of organic and biodegradable pads that are made from 100% natural materials. These pads are made from the cellulose of plants, corn starch and also bamboo fibre which makes them absolutely healthy and Safe for use!

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  1. Safe and hygienic use

Women in India have always considered menstruation as a Taboo! Even to this date, women have and still continue to use cloth in-place of pads in several rural areas due to a number of reasons. Using cloth for your menstrual flow leads to rashes and even infections in the vaginal area. One of the main reason for women to use cloth for their periods is the issue of pad disposal. This is yet another reason for women to check if the pads are easy to use, safe while travelling and easy to dispose.

  1. Environment Friendly

Facts can never be avoided! According to research, a woman uses almost upto 17,000 sanitary pads in her lifetime which finally ends up into landfills. These pads take about 500 to 800 years to be completely decomposed. Are these figures enough for us to choose bio-degradable pads over the regular plastic or synthetic sanitary pads.

But how do you choose the best bio-degradable pads for your use? Well, check the composition of the pads! Learn about their disposal and their decomposition! Make sure that the pads you choose have a faster decomposition rate and is environment friendly.

  1. Skin Friendly

Check the material used to make the outer sheath of the sanitary pads. Plastic and synthetic pads cause uneasiness in the intimate areas and also lead to rashes. Choosing bio-degradable pads with a cotton sheet is skin-friendly and also prevents rashes in your near your vagina.

  1. Costing

Finally costing! When you choose biodegradable pads, make sure you compare the quality and cost of these biodegradable pads. The variation in the cost is immense! You will find biodegradable pads that are cheaper while there are also pads that cost 300Rs for 10 pads. So, when you choose to buy biodegradable pads, remember to compare the different pads for their cost and reviews before you make your purchase.

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