Break New Year Resolutions

5 Reasons Why It Is Great To Break Your New Year Resolution!

A lot of people believe in ‘New Year, New Me’ but according to the statistics, more than 90% of people fail to fit in their ‘New Me’. New Year Resolutions are quite tricky to choose and very hard to follow. Thus, people don’t wisely choose a resolution and end up falling out of it in just a few days. Due to this people end up feeling like a failure.

But we are at your rescue. We found studies that prove breaking your New Year resolution isn’t that bad after all. We, below have listed the top 5 reasons as to why breaking this resolutions are the best thing that could happen in this New Year!

  1. Quitting makes you better

Your failure starts being your feedback and help you to indulge in self-evaluation. It can help one to understand on what went wrong and try to adjust your resolutions accordingly for next time.

Many resolutions are gradual and can take a while to reach there. For instance, when you resolute to quit drinking. Every time when you attempt to quit, you get better at it while giving yourself the opportunity to introspect on the true reasons behind a failure and overcome it.

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Woman Happy

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  1. Set realistic expectation

Some people are just dreamers as they set superficial or unrealistic mission for their New Year. While setting-on such a mission is a good sign of being ambitious but chances are that your unrealistic heart is set on a goal that is already dead. While it seems fun in the beginning but it takes heaps of motivation to keep such a goal fuelled, and when you fail, your real critic storms in, your inner self. You steadily fall into self-doubt and divert from the resolution.

All this will help an individual to contemplate about the failure and take it a notch down to form realistic expectations from self. One can break their huge (realistic only when given long-term to fulfil) goal into mini realistic goals that makes this superficial goal, doable.

  1. Sets you free to many other goals

Sometimes, resolutions are formed out of a fear of being alone or what others might think about something. Such goals are the most unlikely to fall through. It is far more better to be okay with yourself and accept who you are.

Goals formed with keeping others in mind cannot create your own happiness. People get so engrossed and focused on one resolution that they forget to see more opportunity and scope that working a little on many things can bring. Thus breaking a resolution lets you do a little on many goals.

Break Resolutions

Break Resolutions

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  1. Saves you from resolutions that cause pain

If your resolution is surrounded by growth on the cost of hurting yourself then you will never be able to stick to the New Year resolution and you will quickly fall out of it. Rather people should adapt to a more pain-less wellness plan. Committing yourself to ‘now or never’ is not going to help. You should instead give yourself some time to adapt to change and do things when you are ready.

  1. A reality check: Things cannot change over night

Pressure of doing something because it is New Year’s should not be the driving factor to jump to resolutions. People forget that in this fast changing world, they only have limited time. So expecting a fast change is impossible as the significant changes take time to happen. Thus you can never wake up to a new person in just a night. Breaking out of such resolutions will actually make you come to your senses.

If you have already broken your New Year resolution then we just hope that this article brings you a little ease.

Have a happy New Year!

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