5 Surprisingly Healthy Products We Forget In Our Menus

When the topic comes to healthy eating, we always remember those standard products like fresh vegetables, fruit, oatmeal and chicken breast. And it is great!

However, many other products that are not only healthy but are also very nutritious, somehow remain forgotten. Spring encourages people to turn a bit more to a healthier lifestyle, so include your menu with more varied diet. And below we are going to share five fantastic products which should be the first ones included in your list! Get some good use out of these Amazon coupons shared by your new friends at ChameleonJohn, and start shopping for the following five healthy products cheaper right away!



These vegetables are very low in calories – in 100 g of it, you can find only 30 calories. Moreover, broccoli is just perfect to eat both with meat and a variety of whole grains or stews. You can also eat it raw, steamed, boiled or baked – it is all a matter of your taste! If that is not enough, broccoli is also rich in minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, and selenium which protects us from cancer. Furthermore, in broccoli, there are 2.5 times more vitamin C than in other green vegetables. Therefore, this small and delicious beauty is just perfect for all of us.

Bean sprouts

bean sprouts

These amazingly delicious green beans are also undeservedly forgotten, but after all, there are rich in minerals, vitamins, folic acid, and fiber. These vegetables positively affect our digestive and nervous systems lower sugar level in blood. Moreover, bean sprouts help the body to remove salts, toxins, and other noxious substances. So – definitely include these magical beans in your diet and enjoy being healthy easily!

Colorful cabbages


If ordinary white cabbage is a frequent guest in our kitchen, various other colorful cabbages (like the red ones) somehow are seen much less frequently. And it is worth to taste all kind of cabbages for sure. Not only because of the vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances but also because of beta-carotene. In fact, red cabbages are four times richer with this amazing mineral than white cabbages. Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that prevents aging processes, positively affects the skin, hair, nails, protects against the risk of cancer, strengthens the immune system and helps to overcome a myriad of diseases. And the more you get it – the better you feel instantly.

Quail eggs

quail eggs

Although very tiny but very healthy – they have 2.5 times more mineral materials than hens’ eggs. Amino acids and various vitamins are also found in there, and they help the body to eliminate bad cholesterol, rejuvenate, and, most importantly, strengthens our immune system. Quail eggs are also perfectly suitable for children because it helps to improve mental activity as well! It is amazing how much such a small thing can gift us!



The true heralds of spring – spinach – fascinates with its potential to improve any dish: salads, soups, cottage cheese, pasta, various grains and many other products we love to eat every day. Spinach fastens our metabolism, strengthens the blood, also helps the body to eliminate toxins and slags, strengthens our heart and eyes and has thousands of other great benefits for our health. And, the most importantly, spinach is definitely delicious and can be used in many different cuisines freely. Try it out!

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