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5 Things No Guy Wants To Hear In Bed

Bed time is always fun time for couples! Ok, don’t get me wrong when I say Fun Time! The cozy cuddly talks, hugging each other tight and sharing thoughts; well, for any couple spending time together on bed means all of these and also what I think you guessed :P. But, during such beautiful moments, it’s important that you keep control over your emotions and specially, your mouth. Speaking up too much or simply remembering your old affairs can get you and your almost perfect relation into deep problem. So, dear ladies who have beautiful partners and a perfect relation, here are 5 crucial things you should never say to your partner on bed.

The 5 forbidden talks include:

  1. Your Ex’s name

Never ever… utter the name of your ex when on bed with your partner. May it be during a simple chat or love-making, make sure you simply avoid remembering the name of your Ex.

A special tip: Go for… ‘Baby’ or ‘Honey’ or any of those common terms you use for your partner.

  1. Are you already in?

Size does matter! Ok, if it matters for you then it surely matters for your partner as well. Actually, the size issue is directly related to their size of ego. One wrong gesture and you can see your partner’s mood turn off or get flaming red. Comments such as, ‘Are you in’, ‘go deeper’ and all can actually demoralize your partner and crash his confidence completely.

  1. Let’s try the position from – Movie/ magazine/ porn.

For heaven’s sake…enjoy the moment with your partner rather than choosing or remembering positions from some porn video, magazine or movie. Remember just one thing, getting and staying aroused is not easy for guys. The more you think and have sex, less the fun you will have.

  1. Is it already over?

The most standard line for all women! Well, it has been scientifically proven that women fake their orgasms simply to keep their partners aroused and that they remain unsatisfied even after their partner ejaculates.

Ladies, remember, your guy is trying hard and that you need to keep his spirits up rather than demoralizing him by saying “Is it already over”.

  1. Where is our relation heading?

When on bed, most men avoid having talks or discussing about topics that cloud their minds with worries. Asking about your relationship status when on bed is perhaps the last thing he would actually want to listen to.

Take this straight Ladies; bedrooms are not for such heavy topics.

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