5 Tips To Cut Your Own Bangs

Women and their fascination for their beautiful tresses! It’s almost customary for women to be over conscious about their looks and their hair. Visiting the salon for a perfect hair cut, hair treatment and spa, is like their very second nature. But, if you want to avoid a few visits and still look refreshing with perfectly shaped bangs, here are some expert tips to cut your own bangs at home.

Make Small changes

If it’s the first time you are holding a pair of shears in your hands, it can be a real risky job. Thus, it’s always better to take extra precautions that can help hide your flaws. So, pull back your hair and comb your bangs carefully forward. Take a small portion of the center and make vertical snips. This will avoid hair falling on your eyes and give a better texture to your hair.

Fork it up

Take simple plastic forks and hold it vertically in your bangs. Use it carefully to separate the bangs from your face. Vertically cut small portions of your hair for a proper Y textured effect.

Mark the line

Plot your cut using a chalk. Comb your dry bangs ahead and then mark them with a chalk dipped in water. Use a comb to then hold your hair, and then start making vertical snips right along the chalk line.

Go half by half

In case you wish to go for a simple blunt look with a puffed up looking bangs, simply divide your bangs into two halves (top and bottom halves). Tie the top half upwards and then cut the bottom portion slightly shorter than the desired length. Now open the top half and slightly trim them to a length longer than the bottom half. This will give a more puffed up look to your bangs.

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In order to get a nice textured look, try chopping your bangs with a nice pair of sharp scissors. Side-swept bangs help give your bangs a longer and defined look.

Image Source: Beautyjunkees.com

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