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5 Ultimate Reasons For A Woman To Have Guy Friends

We usually see girl friends hanging together, sharing secrets and enjoying their company together. But, then we also see cat fights between two ladies, back-stabbing and friends spreading your secrets around, secrets that were just to be shared between you and her. So, can two women be best friends of each other OR do you think men prove to be better friends to women than another lady?

The society we live in, has had a very old belief, a belief that a MAN and a WOMAN can never be JUST Friends! Come on, for heaven’s sake we are now in the 21st centuary and as a woman, I have already experienced my share of cat fights and bitching in my college days. That’s when I opened up my circle of friends, allowing a few boys into my life, but yes they were all JUST FRIENDS. And guess what, I experienced the fun of my life talking to them about all my thoughts, sharing secrets and coping with life without the slightest fear in my mind of being back stabbed. Today, years after our friendship, I can still hold on to their hands and take their suggestions and help for sorting my problems. So, if you think that a woman and a man cannot be friends, it is utter nonsense. Here are points that prove to you that women need men as friends in their life.

  1. You learn about a man’s nature better

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With a man as your best friend, you get to learn about their different nature and behavior. And trust me, you cannot learn about this by just reading men oriented magazines. It is only your guy friend who can really teach you about understanding a man’s nature. And this knowledge is something you will never learn from some other place.

  1. You enjoy their extreme sense of Good Humor


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Did you enjoy girly talks with your girl friends? Well, if you did then it is time you experience the thrill of being a part of a guy’s talks. They have the best humor in the world and can make you crack into a laughter riot with just their comments. Their jokes can revive you from your darkest thoughts and make you enjoy your time like none another.

  1. You see them sort your problems with EASE

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Agree to me or not, but men have the best ability to sort problems as compared to that of women. They can handle all sorts of issues with a smile on their face and this is one reason why we call them born warriors. Women, on the other hand, discuss their problems to several other people, get everyone’s suggestions and end up getting more confused.

  1. Sincerity you never knew

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Men are less demanding and have a sincerity you never knew existed. Ok, here by saying they are sincere, I don’t include men who ditch women for their benefits. All I mean is, when you find yourself into problems, your guy friends can be the most trustworthy people you could expect around you. You can tell them your darkest secrets and still feel safe about them. Reason, they value your friendship more and have the ability digest the facts easily.

  1. You feel confident with themfeel confident

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Your guy friends care for you, are rational and as friendly as possible. Your friend will not stop from calling a spade a spade, even if you don’t like it. Although he is your friend, he will not hide his emotions and give you a practical answer to all your questions. You will feel safe and always cheerful with them around you. And, this will overall make your life happy and colorful.

However, there is just one disadvantage, you cannot discuss your woman problems with them.

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