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5 Ways Smartphone Apps Are Hampering Your Relations!

It was a Sunday Morning… all quiet and peaceful. Cheerfully, I was waiting for him to wake me up with his sweet voice and hug!! Damn…but the first thing I hear is the sound of notifications followed by the noise of typing a message! What a great start to a beautiful Day!! :/

There was once a time when technology helped us unite with our loved ones emotionally and spiritually. It was one of the simplest and most precious forms of communications which we cherish even today. But the same technology or rather little modified versions of these techs, particularly the smartphone apps such as Whatsapp, Hike, We chat, etc. are now being blamed for ruining your relations. Look around you especially when you are with your family to see who is doing what. Not quite surprisingly, you will see half a bunch of people lost in their mobiles, chatting with their college mates, office colleagues, friends, etc. What happened to your Family Time or your Romantic Date? Spoof…. it all Vanished into thin air just like that! So, here are 5 Ways how your smartphone apps are ruining your relations.

last seen

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  1. Last Seen at –

You may have read the forwards and jokes regarding this whatsapp feature. Interesting as it is, but it is also a basic reason for many to fight with their partners. Funny how people feel in-secured with such features.

“Why didn’t you call me last night?” “Your whatsapp shows last seen at 2.30 am”

blue tick

  1. Message Read

When you send a message to people, you expect them to reply you back. The double tick feature of Whatsapp is the perfect evil feature for it. You can now see people reading your message but not having the courtesy of replying you back.

Hide Last seen on whatsapp

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  1. Masking your Last Seen –

Well, if your Last Seen – feat didn’t cause you enough problems, the new masking feature introduced by the same Whatsapp can now instigate issues you never knew. This privacy setting allows you to mask your last seen feature, keeping you invisible only to make your friends and family doubt your whereabouts.


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  1. Silly Emoticons

You send a proper message, what you receive from the other end are just emoticons. A laughing face, angry face, clapping, etc. Half of the time, it gets difficult understanding the new emoticons which keep getting introduced in short time intervals.


  1. Group Chats

How many groups do you have in your whatsapp or hike messenger? Your Everyday Friends… Girls group… Boys Ghetto… College reunion group, school friends, etc. etc. The list is Never Ending and so are the Notifications that keep ringing all through the day.

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