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6 Important Health Checkups For Women Not To Be Ignored

You are the life-line of your family. You are the one who nurtures your kids, cares your parents and loves your husband, making sure you fulfill all their requirements. But when it comes to your health, why do you have to take things easy? Are you not the most important person in the family? To all the lovely ladies, it is time you care for your health most along with taking care of your family. So, here are 6 most IMP health checks for a woman that ensure your good health. Know about them, talk to your doctor and undergo them for a healthy and beautiful life with your dear ones.

1. The Cervical Cancer Test
It is must for any lady to go for the ‘Pap Smear’ test. This test should be taken at the age of 21 and must be repeated at an interval of every three years. This test is done to detect Cervical Cancer. This test would help to remove the abnormal cells before it becomes cancerous.

2. The Breast Cancer Test
The cancerous lumps start developing after the age of 40s. But it is advisable for the ladies at large to get their check up done in their 20s and 30s. This is a test which can also detect the symptoms prior it develops. The Doctors recommend Mammograms (X-Ray) to screen the breast and other tissues around it.

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3. The Skin Test
The skin problems are the most common problem among the women aging from 20-30 years. Melanoma is another name of skin cancer is even more threatening to women. In this case to avoid such sever conditions, it is must to consult the dermatologist. The dermatologist would give you a full body examination of skin from head to toe.

4. The Heart Disease Test
Majority women, among one third from all the ladies die out of heart diseases. Women at large do not even know that they are suffering from heart diseases. It is advisable for all the women to go for heart check up/ cardiac diagnostic test in their 30s. It is always recommended to the women to quit smoking and do exercise regularly. Cholesterol, blood pressure, heart aches are some of the common heart issues that a woman suffers.

5. Bone Mineral Density Test
As women age the essential minerals from their bones start depleting. And such depletion can lead to sever problems. Women reaching menopause must have to assure that they undergo this test. The reason is that the bones become weak with the time and osteoporosis can be the main cause. The mineral density in the body decreases resulting into bone deterioration. It is always a good idea to consult your orthopedic surgeon.

6. Ovarian Cancer Test
Many women are usually unaware about this form of cancer which also leads to death at a younger age. On the other hand if there is any case of breast cancer or ovarian cancer in the family history there might be the chances for their siblings to suffer from it. Usually, during the screening, doctors perform a pelvic exam for the confirmation of cancer in uterus and ovaries. The risk of ovarian cancer increases if there is a case of infertility and history of cancer in the family.

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So, go get yourself an appointment with your doctor and get these check-ups done. Think for your life…and that of your dear ones. You are precious!!

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