6 Independent Ideologies Every Woman Shouldn’t Be Apologetic!

Being a woman we have taken ourselves granted, be it anything… you are good at compromises, good at being guilty for silly reasons which doesn’t even make much difference. And mistakes are a part and parcel of every human, it happens and are closed with apologizes but not every mistake are worth worries, not every mistake results into a guilt. Well, I shouldn’t call them mistakes but Independent Ideologies, for which you should never ever feel apologetic!

Mark this as a note pretty ladies, here are few things a woman should never be sorry for:

1. For Being A Woman!

Never feel sorry for being what you are: short, tall, dark, fair, skinny or fat! For being a girl, nothing should ever stop you. Make no one feel you are ashamed of yourself, just see in the mirror and say ‘Love You, often!! Believe you are the most beautiful yet so strong creation of universe and nobody has right to destroy your dreams and image. Don’t think what society has to say about you being a woman, just be you! So be a lady, happy and proud wali.

2. For Pursuing Studies, Even After Marriage!

Because you are girl, you cannot pursue long term studies, is a lie… Is a myth! Hold on to your dreams and chase them until they are achieved, irrespective of whether you are married or not! Marriage anyway shouldn’t change the life you love to live, hold on to what you loved before marriage as well. Pursue everything that is good for your heart and soul, those who doesn’t like it will anyway get a topic to chutter putter at free time, but who cares and do you even have time? Just fly high!!

3. For Having Sex Before Marriage

Oh yes, I am not a virgin… Many of our friends are afraid or taken aback the moment they are asked about having tried the world’s most pleasurable exercise! But why? Why is there any problem to disclose that you had a good time with your partner, and that too before marriage… Women who do not have sex before marriage can be, I said Can Be.. little awkward but definitely not you! It was right for you, so you did, and hence don’t be apologetic!

4. For Saying NO!

Don’t want to wake up this morning say NO, Don’t want to have sex tonight say NO, Don’t have enough money to lend say NO, Not in a party mood, of course say NO and at the same time do not be apologetic! It’s your life, you should know what you love to do and hence saying no for anything that seems not so interesting to you is justified!!

5. For Not Marrying, at all!

Oh yeah, the most important topic of society and relatives. Yes marry whenever you feel like you are ready and if you are never ready, do not stress out… just be easy and lovable as being single for lifetime has its own charm. So, if you do not believe in marriage for now or forever, not a big deal… do not get married and don’t be sorry for it, to anyone! It’s your life after all!

6. For Raising Voice Over The Rightful!

Truth isn’t the bed of roses all the time, it can be the deal breaker too but is definitely something which stand by you for rest of your life. Hence give voice to the rightful things, speak the truth and defend if challenged not being a little apologetic for keeping your chin high!

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