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6 Top Reasons That Make A Woman Cry!

It is widely known that women burst into tears very easily than men, be it any situation sad or happy. At times men even get irritated or laugh upon women being too emotional on things which are so light to consider. But ladies, no worries it is not your fault. Only few understands, what a woman has to go through being a daughter, sister, wife and mother. Moreover, there are certain natural things which makes you shed those drops of salty water.

It is not her weakness but her emotional attachment with the small things you have done or have said to her. Women have a soft heart and are very expressive. This can be one of the reason for their unconditional love but wait, here are several usual things which makes women cry.

1 romance

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  1. Romantic Movies

Romance is always the IN thing for any woman, be it in a relationship or single and watching a movie packed with struggle in a love relation followed by a happy ending. It all makes them feel realistic as if it is they who are playing the protagonist. Ask any woman, had she cried watching Titanic?


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  1. Why Hormones? Why?

Being a woman, hormonal changes happens like every month. A woman would be more emotional on days which are nearer to her period date due to hormonal shift. At times, she may over-react on silly things, can be a reason for a fight and followed by which she may cry but please this is not something to blame her.


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  1. The Newborns

A feeling of holding a newborn has the potential to make anyone cry, even the animals show tremendous emotion to any baby. But having felt or to be felt motherly feelings makes woman go one step ahead than anyone who gets emotional. It is not necessary the baby should be theirs, even if it is someone else’s, woman have that soft corner for them.


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  1. Ahaa These Weddings!

The most important phase in a women’s life. That excitement to begin a new life with the person you love and that sad feeling of leaving the most important people behind, your parents, is the most heavy moment a woman has to surpass. Thus, be it anyone’s wedding she is going to cry digging into her own memories.


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  1. My Loved Ones

It is evident that women are more emotional and connects very easily with the people she loves the most. Seeing any of her loved ones in trouble or tragic moments, woman aren’t the ones who can stop shedding their tears. It’s that even she felt equally bad for the thing that might have happened.

heart break

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  1. Those Heartbreaks

The most sensitive topic for any woman in love. Falling in love, having a great bond with the partner and building a bridge of dreams is what I guess every woman does. For some reasons if the great relation doesn’t live, woman are the most affected. Crying is inevitable. Losing someone she loved naturally for life, is also one thing that makes her cry easily.

There are a group of women, not everyone though who bursts into tears when talked upon good memories, when tensed, when gestured emotionally, bidding see off’s, when angry etc.

So ladies, if you are crying for small things, be assured it is normal. Do not let anyone get irritated or laugh at you, at that time.. make them read this article. Smiles!

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