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7 Benefits of Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

As we get older, we often find ourselves in need of a change. Perhaps the large home that you raised your family in is getting too big for you to handle on your own, or there isn’t much in your area for seniors to get involved with. Moving to a retirement community can be an excellent option for seniors who want to retain a great deal of independence, but having an active social life and plenty of activities on their doorstep to take part in is important to them too. If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life, moving to an assisted living facility could be an ideal choice for you. Here are some of the main benefits of moving to an assisted living facility in your senior years.

Retain Your Independence

When you move to an assisted living facility such as Brandywine Living, your independence is a top priority. If you feel like you might need some extra support in some areas of your life but don’t want to feel like you are completely handing your life and independence over to a care provider, assisted living could be the ideal solution for you. Typically, you will have your own home to live in, but help will be just a call away whenever you need it. You can also opt to have somebody come over and help you with certain tasks that you might need assistance with, like cleaning, and many assisted living facilities have fully serviced dining rooms where you can get all your meals without having to worry about cooking – although you will have a kitchen at home if you’d prefer to use that, so the choice is yours.

Support When You Need It

One of the benefits of moving to an assisted living facility is that there’s always support on hand when you need it. Although you get to remain as independent as possible, you will only need to make a simple call for assistance with anything that you need. This provides you with an extra sense of security that might not be possible in your own home. Even if you have reliable and supportive family members, they might not always be free to help you right away with certain things, while the staff at an assisted living facility are there to do just that at any time of the day or night.

Social Life

Assisted living facilities often have a very vibrant social calendar with loads of different things for the residents to get involved in. Whether you enjoy playing games like bingo, hanging out with your friends at a bar, walking, taking part in group exercise classes or enjoying movie nights, there’s always something going on that you can choose to take part in. And, it’s a fantastic way to meet likeminded friends when you are living in a community of people who are in a similar position to you in their lives. If you feel like your social life has been lacking since living at home and meeting new people has become difficult, moving to an assisted living facility could be an ideal way to fix this aspect of your life.


If you’re trying to stay more active in your golden years, an assisted living facility can definitely help you with this. Trying to find ways to exercise on your own as a senior isn’t always easy and it can get boring if you don’t have anybody to share it with. If you don’t drive, getting to exercise classes or gyms in your area might not always be easy, and you might not like to rely on other people to take you there. Many assisted living communities have tons of different amenities and facilities to help you live an active lifestyle from on-site gyms and swimming pools to visiting yoga instructors, personal trainers, and exercise classes that you can choose to take part in. Finding fun and enjoyable way to stay fit is never a problem when you move to a good assisted living facility.

Save Money

Many assisted living facilities charge a flat rate for all of the services that they provide, which can be a great way to save money and make your finances much more manageable. Instead of paying separately for housing, food, exercise memberships, and everything else that you do, everything will be available to you right there at the assisted living facility. For many seniors, knowing that everything is covered with the one monthly payment that they make for their housing is great peace of mind.

More Free Time

When you move into an assisted living facility, you really can spend these years of your life focusing on yourself and having fun. Living at home means that you need to worry about things like housework and gardening, and let’s face it – you’ve done enough of all that by now. When you move to an assisted living facility, there’s somebody on hand to take care of those things for you, freeing up your time to do something that you enjoy more. It’s a great opportunity to take part in a new hobby or spend your time getting to know your new friends instead of having to do mundane tasks around the house.

Learn Something New

As mentioned above, assisted living facilities often have a packed calendar of activities for residents to get involved with. And as a result, this is a great opportunity to spend some time learning something new. Perhaps there’s a hobby that you have wanted to try out for a long time but never gotten around to; now is a great time to start. Assisted living facilities often have art classes, pottery classes, cooking classes, and plenty of other new things to try – and if something you want to do isn’t on the schedule, you will usually have the chance to request it.

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you might need a little bit of help sometimes but still want to be as independent as possible and focus on yourself, an assisted living community could be ideal for you.

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