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7 Embarrassing Moments When Your Child Pops Out Your Secrets!

I know kids at times, ‘naak main dum kar dete hain’, but they are cute isn’t? They are so innocent, with their chubby cheeks and innocent smile they make us forget the world around. But wait, all these evaporates the moment your kid speaks the unspoken and reveals your secret to the people.

This is the situation where you feel like someone just dropped a bucket of ice water on you, and all you can do is shiver with embarrassment. But, kids, are sweet as pie after all and thank them for making us go ROFL. Just read how dangerous they really can be:


And The Dad Is Fired

A doorbell rings.. Mother opens the door and welcomed her husband’s manager only to hear her 5 year old daughter saying:

“Mommy was so scared after looking at you from peephole that she even hid my daddy in the store room.”


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Because My Mother Says, “There Lives A Thief In Your House.”

My friend’s 4 year old daughter often visited her neighbour’s house with beautiful barbie dolls and toys only to get robbed by her neighbours daughter. My friend had advised her not to visit her and this happen one day:

“Hey cutie, Why don’t come and see Kavya? She really miss you.”

“I cannot come to your house, as mom said there’s big thief living in and you like her.”

The Pokey Aunty

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The Pokey Aunty

Our family had a member who loved to poke her nose in almost  everything. We often mimic her free advices and named her Pokey Aunty. We regretted it later when my son heard my aunt saying:

“Hello Dear, As per your weight, I think you should keep that cupcake back on the serving table. I am your well-wisher.”

My son repeated, “Hello dear, “As per your weight, bla bla bla… Pokey Aunty!!” and laughed out loud clapping his hands.

door bell

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Because The Kids Don’t Lie

As the doorbell rang, I peeped into the door hole to find it’s my landlady, who has come to collect the rent. I told my 6 year old to inform her that, I wasn’t home. And this happened! 

“Hello, Is anyone there?”

“No.. I am in here and my mother has asked me to tell you that she is not home.”


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The little lad is unaware how he was born! Obviously he is just 7.

My 7 year old son was watching movie on loud volume and all of a sudden there was a steamy scene screening with woman moaning. Everyone became silent for few seconds and attention drew there. I rushed and asked my son.

“Can you please switch the channel and reduce the volume? You are a good boy, you shouldn’t watch all these.”

“I am only watching these. I have seen you and papa doing this yesterday night.” Doesn’t that make you more bad?”


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Was that really required?

At a friend’s gathering, our kids were talking with each other and then one of them farted loud to which my daughter said, “My mother farts the best, she once farted for so long.”

A grumpy, naughty child

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The Poopy Lie!

This one is gonna make you laugh for sure. How many of you moms have to leave your lunch and dinner just because your 3 year old pooped at the same time? And you must have said…. “Kriya… I am so angry, why do you have to poop when mom eats?” Guess what she just told it to all my guests at dinner… “I can’t poop as mom gets angry on me when I poop during her food time.” :/

I loved these tiny conversations only to be reminded that my kid can also spill the beans in public. So folks, be alert and quick to cover your secrets that just got revealed by your kids and not to forget laughing 😀 😀

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