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7 Home Decor Tips For A Romantic Ambiance

Usually a man is in a different mood, when he returns from work, he is relaxed and all smiles for his wife! But, today the distractions are many. Probably a match or news broadcast on the TV has drawn his attention. If the scenario does not change in a day or two, then you have to do something about it.

You have tried everything to attract him, but all in vain! You get Not even a single compliment on any of your efforts or your new outfits. Thus, if life in the home front is normal – then perhaps re-positioning few furniture pieces may trigger his mood and a zing too. Try some of these home decor tips mentioned below, which might work out for you.

  • Red is Romantic: The atmosphere and setting has to be apt for the mood to set in. As red stands for deep affection work with different shades of the color. Spread red around. It might work wonders.
  • Soft Comfy Fabric: The tapestry and other textile in the rooms should be subtle and suggestive. They should match the surrounding too. You can always opt for the fauna patterns. These patterns are soothing and give an appealing look. Arranging your bedroom exclusively may be rewarding.
  • Avert Disorder : See to it that everything in the room is in its place so that the relaxation is easy and not hampered. Used linen and clothes should be in the laundry bag. In short, nothing should be out of place.
  • Picture Perfect: If you have couple snapshots make it a memorable moment by getting the best one in a large size on your wall. Position it in a visible angle. Each time you look at it would bring you happiness, makes both of you share the moments again. In fact, keeping an exclusive side of your bed area for the special moments that may not only revive the thoughts but kindle the reliving spirit both.
  • An exclusive Drink Area: A special, cozy area designed and equipped with your choicest drinks may be a wonderful idea. Play his favorite tune and fix a drink or two for you to share.
  • Lingering Scent: Gentle smell around the place and aromatic candles will be nice, as these sensual smells melt a heart of man. The smell adds a spark to the romance. So remember to have a sweet fragrance around the house. To be specified, ‘Your’ room more so!
  • A Special Couch: A special relaxing sitting arrangement in your room may invite him to spend more time being close to you.

Last but not the least, have glowing, subtle lights around the place. Spread red rose petals in the master bed. More inviting isn’t it.

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