7 Reasons Why Draupadi Should Be A Role Model For Every Woman

Draupadi, born out of fire, was the major cause for Mahabharata. At a time when women were suffering from the Sita syndrome, Draupadi was the only woman to have had shed the image of the ‘abla nari’ and had stood up and fought for her rights and virtue. So, here are a few things which suggest that she is ‘The Ideal Role model’ for the women of today:

  1. She broke traditions: She was married off to 5 men. For kings, it is okay to have more than one wife, but if it’s the other way round, it’s a big No No. Even more, she had a male friend who was none other than Lord Krishna.
  2. She fought for her rights: Fought with her father who refused to accept her as daughter, and later the world termed her as a ‘Vaishya’ because she had married 5 men. But later, went on to be samradni of Indraprastha Empire.
  3. She fought for her virtue: She was disrobed in front of the whole court, robbed of her virtue but that didn’t silence her. Instead, she proclaimed a war on those who had dared to do that.
  4. She questioned: She questioned her husbands, she questioned the society, she questioned the noble men of the court and she questioned the law for remaining silent while she was being disrobed in front of their eyes. She also questioned their silence on atrocities done on a woman.
  5. She avenged: She promised death to everyone who had disrespected her in court. She didn’t remain silent thinking about the society and the consequences. Instead she was brave enough to avenge herself.
  6. She was fearless: During dyut sabha where women were ordered not to enter the court, she was the only one who had dared to stop it when she got know her husbands were tricked into it. She was brave enough to talk about rights given to a woman.
  7. She was independent: After she came to know that her husband had put her on stake, she opposed the whole idea because she said she wasn’t an object to be put on stake. She refused to change her behavior just because it was not accepted by the society at that time.

Draupadi was one woman because of whom ‘Dharma-yudh’, The Mahabharat was fought. She was one woman who had the ability to change the whole society. She knew the true meaning of womanhood. So, if Draupadi alone could bring about this change, it is for us to think of how vast a change each woman in India can bring to the country if she imbibes Draupadi’s qualities.

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