7 Reasons Why The New Generation Is Avoiding Marriage!

Marriage… A notion that has constantly evolved with the passing time and generations! When I say evolved, I mean the meaning of marriage and its rules! With the changing time, marriage has evolved from the sati system to the current generation same sex marriages! But what remains unchanged is the sanctity of marriage. However, the new generation which loves its freedom and inspires to reach the top of the world, doesn’t consider marriage an important part of their life anymore. With the increasing number of divorces, separations and cheating partners, it all seems as if the new generation has no more faith in the institution of marriage.

Here are 7 reasons that justify why the new generation is perhaps scared of marriage and its vows!

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More Career Orientated

I aim to be the CEO of a company… I wish to start my own business empire, etc. etc. We all have dreams and are ready to put in our blood and sweat to achieve these dreams. And marriage… well it only holds us back or clips our wings. Once you get married, your priorities change, your expenses, lifestyle and dedication towards work changes. This is enough for any individual to choose work and career over marriage.

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No conditions – No compromise

Ask any of your married friends about marriage and they will tell you, compromise is a part of it. But for the new generation, is compromise even a solution?

Ask a female if she is ready to compromise her job or likes for her marriage partner? Or ask the guy if he is ready to compromise his lifestyle for your relationship? Well, compromising for a happy marriage, is now an ancient notion. Accept me the way I am, or move on!


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Who am I?

What is my identity in today’s generation? Have I achieved all that I wanted to? No? Then surely marriage is off the cards for now. We are more obsessed with the ‘I’ factor today. And this is one reason why people prefer living alone and independent, free from family responsibilities.


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Fear of Commitment and Responsibilities

Hooked for Life? Can I live with the same person throughout my life? Is it Love or an infatuation? Is there someone else who is more understanding and loving than him/her? Well, these are some of the questions that keep running through our minds when we think of commitment and relationships. We are not afraid of taking career based responsibilities, but when it comes to taking responsibility of a family, it is scaring.


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Adarsh Bahu — Who?

She cooks, cleans, looks after family and also works! Are we talking about the multi-tasking bahu or maid? Well, if you think the new age bahu’s will be doing all these things for you and your family, well you may be partially wrong. They will take care of your families and love you always, but not at the cost of their career and personal ambitions. And this is one reason why most women keep marriages at the backseat, giving more priority to their career.


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Happily ever after – Life is no movie!

Life is no Sooraj Barjatya film where you have the perfect family, perfect partner and perfect life. Well, it only happens in films, and life is surely no film with the perfect script.

With the number of cheating partners, lack of trust and faith, there is a constant increase in the number of divorce cases throughout the country. Earlier, people would let go and compromise on small issues and fights between their partners. But now, there is no word like Compromise and happily ever-after in a marriage.


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Finding my True Love

We are all obsessed by the concept of love marriages and are in search of a perfect partner who will understand your dreams, your ambitions, your desires and bring a stability in your life. But, waiting for such a partner might take way too long, leaving you alone.

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