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7 Silly Things All Mothers Tell Their Kids!

Being a mother is undoubtedly the most difficult task ever. You are responsible for every cute act of your kiddo and also equally responsible for his naughtiest pranks. After all, it’s majorly a mother’s task (also partially of the fathers’ and the grandparents in the house) to shape the behavior, attitude and life of her child. But at times, you come out with certain patent dialogues that can be really hilarious when thought about later. “Oh god…was that really me talking?” or “Oops…Did I really say that?” Well, here are 7 such silly, or you may say funny dialogues that almost all mothers use in their daily life. Read them for fun and recall your experiences.

  1. “Well, because I said.”

Kids have more than 100 questions a day, in my case, perhaps a thousand. Answering to each of them is a tricky task. But at the end of the day, the only answer that most mothers have, after a series of “WHYs” is “Because I Said.”

  1. “Listen to me or I will bang your heads together”

When you have two kids in the house, the house rather seems like a playground for them where there are no rules. Keeping them silent and engrossed in activities is not an easy task. At that time, the only thing that seems would make your children quiet is a dialogue such as this one.

  1. “Be a good child or you wont get any gifts”

How many of you bribe your kids to do things by offering them gifts? Well, I do it at times. But it’s different in every case. This one surely goes top of the list, with almost all moms saying it once a day at least.

  1. “Please can you learn to share?”

Kids and sharing? Never! Well, we love to teach our kids good habits and bad habits. But are they really interested in learning it? You can see them fight and cry over this topic. No sharing toys, no sharing chairs, no sharing anything. Its all MINE!

  1. “Cut it out!!”

Ok, this one is quiet funny. Whenever my mom used to shout at me and my brother and ask us to cut off our fights, we would always end up making her angrier by imitating her words with our action of cutting it off with an imaginary scissors in hand.

  1. “Let’s see who can be the Quietest of all?”

Wherever there are kids, there is a lot of noise. While walking down the road, you can actually make out which house has a kiddo inside. In such cases, playing this game may sound interesting to the parents but not the kids. For them…its like who cares?

  1. Mixing names

For moms, life is never easy. Managing work, home and kids can actually manipulate their minds. And the first sign of a tired or quickie mom is mixing names. Even if you have just 2 lovely kids, she will always call you by the others name.

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