7 Temptations That Can Affect Your Relation

Relations, Love, Flings and Breakups! Is this the story of all lovveey doveey affairs? Well, we do know certain happy endings and also some sobby endings, but did you know that you can ruin your relation yourself just because of certain temptations?

Temptations aren’t bad, but need to be controlled to a limit. Here are 7 temptations that happy couples need to keep a watch for, especially if they want their Relation to last for a lifetime.

  1. Lying

lying partner

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It is easy to hide some facts from your husband or boyfriend for a short while, but how long can you keep running from yourself? The fact that you have hidden the truth will disturb you constantly. Even the strongest of relations can falter due to lies.

  1. Deceiving your Partner

cheating partner

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A temptation that most partners cant control these days! Being in a committed relation, you are supposed to be truthful to your partner. But, if you choose to complicate it by loving another person, you can surely see your committed relation falling apart.

  1. Pocketing your partner’s assets


In a long term relation, trust between partners is the pillar of strength. However, if you are tempted to steal your partner’s assets such as cash or even clothes, be sure that you are messing up your relation. Even this small act can cause fights and misunderstandings between you.

  1. Enjoying more with friendswith friends

Spending time with your friends is a great way of relaxing and enjoying your time. But, if you overdo it by not giving enough time to your partner, you may expect differences, fights and separations soon. So, prioritize your relations and spend time beautifully with your friends.

  1. Not Nurturing your relation

boring relation

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Getting into a relationship and staying in it for long is not easy. You need to nurture it and make an effort to keep it strong. No relation can survive if you don’t nurture it with time.

  1. Fights and Nagging

fight and nagging

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Mood swings, fights and differences are all a part of life. But, that doesn’t mean you bring your relation to an end. Understand your partner, give him/her time to relax and then talk over about your problems to sort them. Fights and constant nagging can ruin your relations.

  1. Not valuing your partner

not valueing partner

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His feelings and love for you is precious. He may thoughtfully strive to please you doing things for you. But, if you don’t appreciate your partner’s efforts, then there is no way he can put up with you or your relation. Not appreciating your partner’s efforts can also affect your relation.

Cherish your relation, see it flourish and last for a lifetime by avoiding these temptations and mistakes.

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