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7 Things Your Urine Says About You

Flush!!! Every time you pee, you directly flush it out, without a thought of looking down. We feel disgusting to see down and take a glance on our own urine when we hit the washroom. But, now is the time to have a quick glance over your release, before you flush it down. It is because the color, odor and the consistency of your urine will leave a clue about what’s in the body that is wrong! Here are 7 alarms you should learn of, when you go to pee:

  1. Sweet Scented Urine

Sweet scent of the urine, doesn’t have anything to do with the dessert in dinner last night! “Sweet-smelling urine is often an important clue in the diagnosis of diabetes,” says Holly Phillips, MD, a women’s health specialist and medical contributor for CBS2 News in New York City. And for people who know they have diabetes, the sweet smell can indicate that their blood-sugar level is out of control.

  1. Cloudiness of the Urine

Rush to your Gynecologist as it may be an indication of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). “The cloudiness comes from the excretion of bacteria and leukocytes, which are cells that fight infection,” says Phillips. Even if you otherwise feel fine and have no UTI symptoms, pay attention to this; it could be the only sign that an infection has taken hold.

  1. Presence of Pink or Reddish Color

Though red-burgundy-purple hued  vegetables and fruits like beets, blackberries and Jamun are responsible for the color but it can also indicate the presence of blood in your pee which is not a good sign. That’s a symptom of a UTI, kidney stones, or in rare cases even bladder or kidney cancer, says Phillips.

  1. It Smells Foul

Urine isn’t supposed to smell like Jasmines,  but if the reek is pretty foul (think: rotten fruit or the bottom of a pond), it’s your bladder’s alarming way of telling you there’s an infection, says Phillips.

  1. You Feel Burning Sensation

Stinging or even pain while you pee can be caused by a UTI or an STD such as chlamydia or gonorrhea, says Phillips.

  1. You need to GO is the only feeling

This is a definite sign of a UTI, which causes the lining of your bladder and urethra to become inflamed and irritated, leaving you with the feeling of constantly having to urinate, says Phillips. It can also be a symptom of interstitial cystitis, a condition that results in chronic bladder pressure or pain.

  1. You’re Peeing like Every now Then

It can be Pregnancy! It’s an early sign caused by hormonal changes that speed up blood flow from the kidneys, says Phillips. If you are sure you have chance of conceiving then it could be caffeine and alcohol that can make you pee more frequently, check in with your Gynecologist as this could also signal diabetes or a tumor.

As the monsoon is ready to set its foot firm, it is very essential to take care of your body. So read, share it with your dear ones and implement for a healthier monsoon.

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