7 Tips That Make Your Flowers Last Longer!!

Their sweet scent… the beautiful colors, the positivity they spread around, all make flowers a very important part of Home Decor! Having flowers in the house or your office, adds a refreshing beauty to its ambiance. But, the only thing that bothers us when buying flowers is how quick they perish. A day or two… and then you have to replace them with fresh ones. This is where you need these excellent tips to make your flowers last way longer than they usually do. Follow these tips and see your beautiful flower vase stay full of happy and blooming flowers for a few days longer!!

  1. Soda Magic

Yes… We love drinking soda.. don’t we?? But, did you know that by adding 1/4 cup of soda into your flower vase will make your flowers blossom longer? You may add clear soda such as sprite or 7-up as well.

  1. Hair Spray

Hair sprays a must in every girl’s vanity! They not only help you fix your hairstyle but also help you keep your beautiful flowers stay fresh for a longer time. Just spray a little amount of hair spray on the bouquet, particularly on the petals and leaves,

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Whether they are your favorite roses, lilies or the orchids, you can make them bloom for a longer time by simply adding 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with 2 tbsp sugar into the flower vase. Also, make sure that you keep changing the water with the vinegar and sugar every few days.

  1. Vodka

A little vodka for the flowers! Well, this is one very good trick to keep your flowers alive for a few extra days. The vodka reduces the bacterial growth in the water, thus providing apt amount of nourishment to the flowers. But, make sure you change the water every other day, also adding the sugar and vodka to it.

  1. Aspirin

A medicine used widely to keep away your headache, Aspirin when crushed and added to your vase allows your flowers to stay alive for a few more days.

  1. Sugar

A very natural preservative, add 3 tbsp sugar with 2 tbsp white vinegar in warm water. Cut the stems of your flower stalks and keep them 3-4 inches submerged into the water solution. The sugar will nourish the flowers while the vinegar will keep the bacteria away.

  1. Coins

Did you know that by adding copper coins to your vase along with a cube of sugar can help your flowers blossom for a longer duration? Try it… and see how your flowers stay beautiful and refreshing for a longer time.

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