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7 Types of Men You May Encounter In Your Life

Most of the time I hear girls say out that ‘All Men Are Dogs or All Men Are Same’. The main reasons for such outburst may be a recent breakup, eve-teasing or molestation or some rape incident featured on a news channel. Yes, you have the right to be upset or hurt because of it but at the same time you must remember the fact that all men aren’t same.

Being a man, such outburst on us disappoints me most of the times. Recently, there was a video on YouTube that went viral where a girl while showcasing the state of women in India completely degraded men and blamed us fully regarding the unsafety of women in the country.

Moreover, she also went on to state that the women don’t need the help of men but wants them to stay away. Now that’s never gonna happen. A man needs a woman in his life as much as a woman needs a man, given the fact that they are straight. Also, irrespective of what gender we belong to, there are people who will jump in and help the other no matter if it’s a man, woman or a child.

All I am trying to say here is that, just as there are different types of women out there, you may encounter different types of men in your life as well.

Here are 7 types of men you may have encounter in your life:

1. Understanding Men

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Now these men are very rare to find but you will find them among the crowd for sure. These are those men who believe that gender discrimination is baseless and completely unethical. They believe that both men and women deserve equal status, rights and opportunities to choose their lifestyle. They don’t categorize women based on their attire, behavior or habits. They will always stay close but won’t make others especially women rely on them for finances, safety or care. The behavior pattern of these men is often the same whether they are hanging out with a group of men or women or a mix.

2. Shielding Men


Although these men are similar to the understanding ones, they are a bit too overprotective and always try to shield women. They do value the equal rights and status, yet they also feel that women are a weaker sex and always need their support. Their behavior patterns are clearly different when they hang around with men and women or both. With women, they often provide the sense of protection, support and follow every etiquette you find in a gentleman’s guide.

3. The Hypocrites


The hypocrites are those men who have a different set of rules for both men and women. They strongly believe that both men and women can’t cherish the same independence or freedom. They also strongly advocate that women must stay inside the four walls of their houses as much as possible and should only go out in the company of a male counterpart who is either her father, brother or husband. However, the men can go out as much as they like, wherever they want, do whatever they like and come back at home whenever they please according to these hypocrite men. In short, they have designed a set of rules for men and women. Unfortunately, our Indian society comprises of many such men or you may say, the majority lies in this category of men.

4. Medieval Men

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The beliefs of medieval men and the hypocrite men are almost similar yet they are way too different. Although both the medieval men and hypocrite men believe that there are different set of rules for men and women, the reasons backing up these beliefs are different. While the hypocrites have developed such mindset in regards to respect, honor and dominancy, the medieval men follow the age old traditional customs. That’s the reason why I have categorized them as medieval men. These men don’t want to adapt to the new age thinking of the modern 21st century. Instead, they wish to stick onto the age old custom and rules which were biased towards women.

5. Religious Extremists

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If medieval men relied on age old customs, here’s another breed of men who are too much extreme towards religion and are often seen putting regulations on women in the name of religion. Although it is not that severe in India compared to what’s happening in Taliban, Afghanistan and other places. It may not be severe but religious atrocities on women going through menstrual periods, the widows and the manglik are way too heavy as well. These religious extremists in the name of God have successfully implanted wrong beliefs against these women among the people. Such religious extremists in India may not be as violent as the ones in Taliban or Afghanistan but still they are no lesser than a terrorist according to me.

6. The Opportunists

Now this is the breed that the women must always be watchful of. These are the opportunists who disguise themselves as the Shielding men and try to win the heart of woman just to get inside you, you know where. They would follow every etiquette that’s inscribed on the gentleman’s guide book and often try to treat the woman as a princess. Their only motive is create an opportunity to have sex with the woman they are targeting. So, be cautious if you find such men around.

7. Men without a Backbone

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No, these are not just the men who don’t take a stand but these are also those men who molest a girl, rape a girl when she’s alone, throw acid on her face, or try to defame a woman at the first opportunity. These men often hunt in a group and often flee the scene once they have done their task. They are simply cowards who target a woman when she’s most vulnerable.


Now as you could see, there are different types of men around you and it is up to you how you can assess them or categorize them. All the above categories of men are different because of their mindset or thinking. Some follow certain ideologies while some don’t have any ideologies.

No two people are alike and it applies to both men and women. So, next time if a man molests you or misbehaves with you, please blame that man and take action against him instead of losing trust in all men, as all men are not same.

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