7 Ways You Can Teach Gender Equality To Your Kids

We all are aware that the world is fighting Gender Equality spread across varied fields and is necessary for the welfare of society. But, isn’t debating on this topic, abusing people who do not respect equality or joining an organisation to fight for one, are latter steps one has to follow? To bring a change we need to work from basics: Change has to begin from home! And, who else but parents can do it better? Thus, we need to teach our kids, the importance of Gender Equality who are the future of the world.

Here are simple seven steps to add Gender Equality into your family:

  1. Equal Work Distribution


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It is very important to support each other in a family in day to day life. Make sure you always assign same amount of work to your kids without any bias towards gender. If it is your daughter or a son, don’t make them feel the difference. They can handle same amount of work.

2. Equal Freedom To Both


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Give same freedom to your daughter that you are giving to your son. That is how a son can understand about equality and he will follow the same rule for his wife. It can bring a lot of difference.  

3. Equal Savings For Both


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When you plan your savings, policy, insurance – it should be equally distributed to a girl child or boy child. Both of them deserves the same love and benefits from you.

4. Equality In Education


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Give both an equal exposure to study and to participate in any extra curriculum activities irrespective of their gender. They need to compete in this world equally and it is their right to enjoy the exposure and freedom from family.

5. No Partiality


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Always be neutral to all your kids, no favoritism allowed! Boy or Girl, you should love them equal and also punish them equal.

6. Respect Both Genders


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Teach them to respect each other without keeping any pre-conceived notion about any gender in their minds. Make sure they actually understand and feel that we are equal. 

7. Maintain Equality In your Relation


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And very importantly, maintain that equality in your relationship with your husband. Eventually they will learn from the family and the surrounding. Always give each other the required freedom and respect each other’s views.

Happy parenting!!

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