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8 Facts About Your Periods You Didn’t Know

By this time, you are an expert when it comes to discussing about periods or your menstrual cycle. With decades or years of experience, you probably know every single aspect of menstruation. But, to your surprise, here are few unknown facts about periods you may have missed out. Read them and update your knowledge about your womanhood.

Normal and Heavy flow

A woman with an average period duration usually emits just around 2 to 4 tbsp of blood, irrespective of whether you have an average or heavy flow. But, it is just the water in the blood that makes you feel like you have lost galloons.

Egg House

If you are tired of planning your pregnancy and are worried about not conceiving, well, simply relax. A girl is born with almost 2 million eggs. This number slowly decreases to 40,000 until she reaches her puberty. From these 40,000 only 500 get used in her lifetime. So, if you are worried about not getting pregnant, remember you will never run out of eggs.

Anytime Irregularities

Periods can always become irregular. A regular menstrual cycle may last about 28 days or also to somewhere around 21 to 35 days. As a result, there may be conditions when two periods may come very close to each other, or you may miss out on one period. Weight fluctuations, stress, etc. can also affect your cycle.

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Pregnancy during periods

Periods are the safest time to avoid a pregnancy! Ok, so this is a myth. There are chances of you conceiving even during your periods, especially when you have sex during the last days of your periods. If your ovulation is just around your periods, then there are chances of you getting pregnant easily. So, if have been enjoying sex during the end of your periods, then sorry to break that truth to you!

Skin glow during ovulation

The smell of ovulation in a female attracts men naturally. The smell of a female during her ovulation surges the testosterone levels in a man higher than that to a non-ovulating female. This is one universal fact and also the reason behind us having babies.

Sex drive during periods

During periods, the hormone progesterone reaches its lowest levels, increasing your desire to have sex with your partner. So, the next time you feel the need for sex during your periods, don’t be shy and enjoy it with some protection.

Menstrual cramps can attack any part of the body

Menstrual cramps are killing. But if you thought they are just restricted to your abdomen or legs, then you are absolutely wrong.

The truth is, the network of nerves around the pelvic region is all interwined. Thus, you may suffer pain in any part of your body, including your lower back, legs, hands abdomen and more.

Not changing tampons or pads regularly can be life-risking

Hygiene during periods is extremely important. If you don’t change your tampons or pads regularly, there is a huge risk of a bacterial infection being conceived. These bacteria release toxins called the Toxin Shock Syndrome (TSS) that are life threatening. So, make sure you clean yourself regularly and change your pads for a safe menstruation.

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