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8 Habits That Kill Your Man’s Sperm Count!

I know, I know I am married since 4 years and haven’t yet given ‘The Good News’, but just stop dragging me to doctors every monthly anniversaries, though I come out all fit. Blame it to the Indian Society or the Indian mentality! The moment people realise it’s been a couple of years and you haven’t welcomed a bun in the oven, it’s all your fault. You know what I tell these people? “It can’t be women always! There’s something called ‘Sperm’ responsible to make you pregnant, if the sperm count is less, the chances of fertility narrows!”

I am sure you are wondering what makes the sperm count go down! Stop overthinking, and looking for precautions as I tell you the right reasons for a decreased sperm count in men. Once you know, ask the love of your life to curb these habits:

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  1. The Scary Sunscreen!

Yeah, you read that correct. The Sunscreen lotion that your man applies turns out to be a problem giver and not taker! According to a study, the skin absorbs chemicals which filter out UV rays, like BP-2 or 3OH-BP causing 30% reduction in the sperm count. It is advisable to washout the lotion once he is out of sun’s reach.


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  1. No More Laptop On Lap!

Men who are working/enjoying laptops making them stable on their laps are just killing a possibility of having children one step closer. The heat that is released from the laptop directly affects the temperature of the testicles which are actually out of the body to remain cool.


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  1. Give The Guys A Little Room!

Wearing tight underpants will again heat up your scrotum leaving the possibility of unbalancing the sperm count, which would evidently be lower to what is required.


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  1. Drinks Does It Too!

Beer belly is not the only side affect your guy has, drinking as many as 5 pegs, directly affects the Testosterone levels decreasing the sperm count and also the quality of the same making them weaker.

Soy Products

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  1. Total Tata To Tofu!

Men all around, we understand how painful this is but he should avoid having Soy or for that matter any products made of soy! It mimics Estrogen in the body causing the initiation of female hormones which decreases the level of men hormones affecting the sperm count. A half of the soy serve has the capacity to effect the sperm count.

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  1. Bid An Adieu To Hot Baths!

Yet again, your scrotum which has to be cooler than the body temperature loves no heat. Hot steaming bath just makes their temperature levels higher causing the sperm count reduced!

No Sex

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  1. He’ll Correct This First!

SEX!! Not having sex for longer period not only decreases the sperm count but also it changes the sperm shape, the sign of the sperm being stale. What are you waiting for? Tell this to your partner and you can help him cure this!


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  1. Smoke The Smoke!

Tobacco smoke can cause the defective mobility of the sperms, causing them to move very slow. Cigar/Cigarettes/Hookah/Beedi increases the free radicals in seminal fluid. Something majority of men do!

I am sure now that you know the reasons behind bad fertility, you will not let this happen to your happy married life. Tell your man to take precautions and I am sure he will understand your concern. After all, who would not love ‘Parenthood’. Take Care!

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